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Welcome to day 28 - David Bowie Day!

“Don’t you love the Oxford Dictionary? When I first read it, I thought it was a really really long poem about everything.” 

We have a few traditions during flash fiction month.  One of them is here today. 


It’s David Bowie Day, kids!  It’s time to pay homage to the bizarre, androgynous, enigmatic and innovative world of the man born David Robert Jones by completing another CHALLENGE.

This year, you will be awarded DAVID BOWIE POINTS for getting your Ziggy Stardust on and dusting off your Aladdin Sane. 


Your CHALLENGE is to write a piece which scores at least 150 David Bowie points overall by incorporating a few, many, some, or all, of the following challenge elements into your piece inspired by the cinematic and musical outpourings of David Bowie:


Score one point for every letter “Z” in your story.


Score 10 points for each:

:bulletred:David Bowie song title

:bulletgreen: …quote of more than three words from any David Bowie song

:bulletred: …character called Ziggy, Major Tom, Aladdin, Jareth or Jean

:bulletgreen:…made up word


Score 20 points for including a:

:bulletblack:magic dance

:bulletpink:…goblin king

:bulletblack:…spaceman or raygun

:bulletpink:…spider from mars


Score 50 points if:

:bulletorange: Your piece is 565 words long (“David Robert Jones”)

:bulletblue: Your story features an androgynous character, or a character who changes gender or sex

:bulletorange:Your story features a man who fell to earth

:bulletblue: Your story features a man who sold the world.


Lose 100 points if:

:bulletpurple: You comment that you have never heard of David Bowie

:bulletpurple: You comment that you dislike the music of David Bowie

:bulletpurple: You comment that this challenge is too hard


Lose 200 points if:

:bulletpurple: You comment that this challenge is too easy. :evillaugh:

:spotlight-left:Make sure you give your David Bowie Points score in your post below.:spotlight-right:


Each day in July, write one piece of flash fiction (55-1000 words).
Paste a link to the piece you've written for July 28th in the comments below.  If you've done the challenge, say so!
Read and enjoy the pieces written by others. If you like a story, do let them know. We get by with a little help from our friends.


To learn more about Flash Fiction Month, go here: Flash Fic Resources and FAQ
To sign up for Flash Fiction Month if you haven't already done so (and it's never too late to do so!), go here: FFM 2015 SIGNUP
To talk to other writers and readers, go here: FFM Chat
The stories must flow! To ensure this, go to the comments on a FFM piece and let the writer know how much you enjoyed it!
Don't forget to contribute to the Prompt Bank, where you can inspire further insanity: Official FFM Prompt Bank 2015

One word prompt: CODPIECE

Music prompt

Bowie FAQs

  • A story told by a fantasy creature encountering humans for the first time.  CatLeo9894

  • Abducted by aliens, who turn out to be humans from another planet. The-Livewriter

  • Visiting with your future self.  distortified

  • Aliens have invaded your backyard and are demanding your entire stash of bacon. shadowdjinni

© 2015 - 2021 Flash-Fic-Month
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SarcasticCupcake5's avatar
CHALLENGE. 419! I procrastinated then got carried away! sarcasticcupcake5.deviantart.c…
joe-wright's avatar
IntelligentZombie's avatar
FFM Day 28- Tripping on Major Tom 

One hundred seventy-five billion three hundred and eighty seven Bowie points. 
pheaux's avatar
The-Inkling's avatar
DBD CHALLENGE: FFM 2015: We are the dead with 500 points. :dummy:
Ozuchi-Kozuchi's avatar
THE DAVID BOWIE CHALLENGE with a whopping 153 points!

Dancing Magic
FirekatArcher's avatar
Challenge entry for the day, with 204 David Bowie Points: Raining Spacemen
distortified's avatar
CHALLENGE! Exactly 150 points, which was way harder than it sounded.
Tobaeus's avatar
Challenge: As the World Falls Down
Bowie points: 190
vigour-mortis's avatar
challenge - Folly (
150 points
WizardandGalaxy's avatar
Challenge, with a total of 203 points!
FieryDownpour479's avatar
If I did my math correct, my story came out to be 781 points (mostly because of all of the quotes I had).
Augmented4th's avatar
Move On

Challenge results:
  • 3 Z's (+3)
  • 15 song titles (+150)
  • 1 quote (+10)
  • 4 characters of significant names (+40)
  • 2 made-up words (+20)
  • 1 spaceman reference (+20)
  • 1 Spider from Mars (+20)
  • word count of 565 (+50)
  • inclusion of a gender-changing character (two of them, but the way it's worded, I think I can only count this once) (+50)
  • a man who fell to Earth (+50)
  • a man who sold the world (+50)
Total: 463. Is it good, though? Eh...
DamonWakes's avatar
AGMeade's avatar
Challenge 167 points

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