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Welcome to Flash Fiction Month, day 27.

The end is so close now, you can almost taste it. Just a few more days and you'll be free. But it isn't over yet. :eyes:

Enjoy the calm before the proverbial storm.




Flash Fiction Month is about writing – and posting – a story between 55-1000 words in length every day during July. Each day we'll upload a deviation where you can post your story for the day, with optional prompts, and the occasional optional challenge.

Paste a link to your flash fiction piece for July 27 in the comments below.

If you write a story every day this month, and complete every challenge, you will enter the annals of FFM history as the most dauntless of scribes, and you could also win a prize!



Dr. Hydra recommends a comment a day to keep flash fiction ennui at bay. The more comments you give to your fellow writers, the more comments ye shall receive in turn.

Unburden your mind! Take all those strange thoughts and devious notions floating through your head, and put those dastardly things where they belong - the 2020 Prompt Bank!

Join us on the FFM Discord Channel, meet your peers, and frolic beneath the gaze of your dark overlord.

Still haven't signed up for 31 days of flash fiction insanity? It's genuinely never too late. You could sign up on day 31 and we'd still love you. So head on over to the 2020 Sign-Up Page, and peruse our FFM FAQ where all will be revealed!

Flashback Prompt

Secrets revealed at a funeral threaten to keep a family together in spite of everything - by ShadowedAcolyte (Year 2012)

Standard Prompts

Children are hatched from pearls. - by bookcrusher
Of course, it came as no surprise that the King of Thieves and Queen of Rogues were rivals and lovers alike. How they fought and flirted was a bit unusual, though. - by CassidyPeterson
"It's hard to kill Franklins and Jeffreys. They have multiple souls." - by WizardandGalaxy

Audio Prompts

Visual Prompts

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"Losing to the Sun"

Hah hah I am reading Native American legends and wow they give me a license to be upfront and weird about gods.

SarcasticCupcake5's avatar

No, I definitely didn’t skip 2 weeks of stories and randomly jump back in today. You must be mistaken.

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