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My Bio

@FlashFictionMonth is a month long Flash Fiction writing event that has been running since 2009. Every July we ask you to write 31 pieces of flash fiction, providing you with numerous prompts, extra challenges, prizes, and an overwhelming amount of community love and support. For the last few years we have also organised these efforts through our group @FlashFictionMonth .

:ahoy:For the remaining 11 months of the year, you are welcome to share ANY and ALL (FFM related or not) flash fiction stories (under 1000 words, or thereabouts) to our "General Flash Fiction" folder for the edification of the masses.

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Flash Fiction Month 2022 Is Upon Us! by Flash-Fic-Month, journal

FFM 2022!

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More Information

If you're looking for more information about the event, we suggest you take a look at the links below:

FFM is run by a multi-headed, ever-changing roster of anonymous volunteers and past FFM participants, who are known collectively as HYDRA - hence the plethora of serpent/tentacle/Cthulhu/dark overlord references you will likely encounter during your time here. But we're a relatively friendly multi-headed be-tentacled cosmic entity, promise. ;)


Due to the ever changing nature of our lineup, we are always in need of volunteers, and it's never too early or too late to offer up your time. Below we will list some of the ways that YOU can help FFM to continue.

:bulletblue: Judging! Do you enjoy reading very short stories? Are you (mostly) available for the month of July? Consider volunteering to be a judge for Flash Fiction Month! As long as you're of a literary inclination we're happy to have the help!

:bulletgreen: Community Spirit! FFM is what it is because of the writers and readers who take part. Every contribution matters, and helps to foster the community spirit that makes this event so special.

  • If you're a reader, follow the group! Every day during July there are dozens of new stories uploaded for the daily prompts, and a kind comment goes further than you could possibly imagine.

  • If you're a writer, join in! Write whatever you want - our only hard and fast rule is that you keep it between 55-1000 words.

However you are willing to contribute and for however long, FFM has a place for you. :dummy:

:bulletyellow: Donations! All FFM prizes are funded by our community. Have a few points to spare for some literary altruism? Throw them out way by using the "gift" option at the top of the @Flash-Fic-Month profile page - we promise to put them to good use.

:bulletpurple: Hydra-tion! As any past participant knows, FFM is run by an anonymous multi-headed collective (of varying numbers) behind the scenes. These daring individuals risk sleep and sanity every year to plan everything that goes into the running of the event; starting in June, and only resting once the final judging results are in and the winners are announced.

We always need more Heads, and every year they are (mostly) lopped off, only to grow anew from different locations for the next event. This means that sometimes there is only one person left carrying the FFM torch.

So if you have participated in at least one full year of FFM in the past and you want to help keep FFM alive, consider lending a hand. Send us a note at @Flash-Fic-Month declaring your intentions and we will absorb you into our scaly ranks. ;) Many Heads make light work, so the more volunteers we have, the more smoothly the event will run.


Donation Pool

FFM 2022 Prize Pool!

Spare a few points for your friendly neighbourhood Hydra? We promise to distribute all the proceedings towards are poor, beleaguered flash fiction month participants in the form of wonderful PRIZES. :coffee: V2

1162/5000 points

2021 Winners!

FFM 2021 Challenge Winners! by Flash-Fic-Month, journal

Hark, the herald angels sing; GLORY TO THE FFM. Again, and again, and again we rise in righteous glory to bring forth the most anticipated literature event in the world*! Yes indeed, wordsmiths, littérateurs, and scriveners, we are here to celebrate the THIRTEENTH annual sojourn into the wild depths of madness to write for thirty one days straight– WELCOME TO FLASH FICTION MONTH 2022! *Our lovely Hydra-lic world. Here. On dA. Flash Fiction Month kicks off this year on Friday the 13th! Actually, it's the thirteenth on the first. Well, more accurately it's Friday, July 1st, the 13th year of Flash Fiction Month. Haven't signed up yet? DO IT NOW. :stare: MOREOVER! You may have noticed a theme in the last sentence. Yes! Precisely! It's Flash Fiction Month. For the thirteenth time. Don't know what Flash Fiction Month is? Find out the answers to your burning questions right here. 2022 News for Veterans and Newbies alike: 1. Scales et al.: We are working with a skeleton crew
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Hark! Yes, you read that correctly. Flash-Fic-Month is in danger! Hydra, the all seeing, all powerful beast is on the brink of extinction, and with that falls the mighty Flash Fiction Month, this delicious literature event that we've been running since 2009. We need volunteers in order to make this year happen. We need Hydra heads and we need Judges, but we can only look for judges if we have the infrastructure to run the event. Now, before you starting jonesing for it, please read the koalafications below. Hydra Head Requirements :bulletblue: COMMITTED: #1, first and foremost, above all things, hallelujah amen, Actually Available. Almost nothing else matters but this. Quite literally. Can you read? Doesn't matter. Be here. Now, we get that people have lives, because it'd be weird otherwise unless you’re a blob of neurons floating in space (no offense to any neurons floating in space, please apply), and truly that is why we have an evil, er, magnificent council of flesh--no
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You'd almost given up hope, but here it is at last... These last couple of months have broken our hearts and maimed our limbs, but at last the (slightly worse for wear) Hydra have crawled back from the brink to deliver unto you the final FFM 2021 announcements. After great delay, and many hours of toil and judgement, we are delighted to bring you winners of the SECOND annual Golden Mug Awards!! (On account of Eclipse, this is best viewed on a computer; we can't guarantee the behavior of formatting gremlins in any other format. ) After last year's success with the inaugural Golden Mug Awards (or GMA's for the cool kids) we wanted to go big, and go bold! We asked the community for suggestions, and stocked the category shelves to the brim, and well... honestly we all probably got a little carried away. :giggle: But we have no regrets! We're going to start things off with the returning categories from last year, and then we'll dive into the new story/genre specific categories.
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Heyo! Was just wondering since FFM is this close: is it ok to post the FFM stories on some other platform and link to said platform? Or would a hybrid where the challenge entries are posted here on DA and the rest are posted only somewhere else be better? I'm trying to see how much I can avoid Eclipse in the following weeks when I get swallowed into the world of flashfic :XD:

Our policy has always been open to people participating from different venues, so sure, go for it! As long as links are provided, and there's no need to sign up somewhere else to view it, it's all good. ;)

Fantastic! Thank you so much! :D

Hi! I'll be looking forward to this, though I have no idea where I'll be come July xD I will definitely be writing stories every day tho, maybe some short ones with added poetry :D
That's the spirit.:la: