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Official Battles


Flash Arena 7: Traszka vs. Laminae

30% Progress Button by ButtonsMaker: rough animation wip

Swamp themed member contest. Gore warning.

Battle Length: 3:30
Release Date: ?

Flash Arena 6

Acheroraptor vs. Triceratops

Inspired by Dinosaur Battlegrounds (cancelled) and Saurian! Hell Creek fight.

Info: Two families clash together in a battle for territory.

Length: 6:14

FA5: Aftermath

Mega vs. Cera

Info: The third battle in continuation ~(-w-~)
Songs by Purple Planet Music

Battle Length: 4:51
Release Date: 5/10/16

Flash Arena 4

Kronos vs. Vitriol

Animator: raptorkil
Info: This time, in the fourth battle, we have original creatures of moderators: raptorkil and animatrocities. Open area, with some bunker-like structures made to fit competitors' sizes. Warm weather, evening, blood. eue
Song by Kevin MacLeod- The Complex

Battle Length: 3.5 minutes
Release Date: 8/31/14

Flash Arena 3

Quetzacoatlus vs. Megaraptor

Release Date: February 21, 2014
Animation length: 2.46 minutes
Animator: raptorkil

Info: Very dynamic, thanks to Droideka's song Human Error. Mega, a Megaraptor hybrid faces off a Quetzalcoatlus, nicknamed Mr. Flying Bastard by the Flash Arena community .u.

Flash Arena 2

Spinosaurus vs. Giganotosaurus

Animator: raptorkil
Info: Two popular species meet in a swamp/forest arena. Half the film was reanimated due to file corruption

Flash Arena 1

Carnotaurus vs. Ceratosaurus

Animator: raptorkil
Info: First official Flash Arena animation. I actually had one before this one, but, once again, file corruption T_T Oh well my very first one sucked anyways XD

Gallery Folders

Noctis Headshot Commission by animatrocities
Godzilla Redesign by animatrocities
Red by animatrocities
Pacific Rim meets Godzilla by animatrocities
Fearripper three fourths view by Rainpelt100
Avarice - FA8 Contest Entry by CalamityFortune
[Finiraptor] Haki by DemonFox3125
FA8 contest : Lasz by IGNEELTHEGREAT
Epilogue: There is always a bigger fish by thatdrawinguy
First Encounter by hunterdominique
Chapter 18: enemy of my Anemone by thatdrawinguy
Is That A Challege (remake) by DodoRupter666
Beasts Digital
[Art Trade] Milky way Guardian by hunterdominique
Zilon, Kaiju-Sona (Remade) by ZilonKing
Arctic Claws by NeonNeoDragon
Frankenstein's monster by InterfectorFactory
Beasts Traditional
Retro Redesign Day 1 - Reptilicus (1961) by MasteroMonsters
Retro Redesign Day 2 - Rhedosaurus (1953) by MasteroMonsters
Outpost ten: Chapter 3 by thatdrawinguy
King Malu, updated by thatdrawinguy
Holy shits its a GIF by Toxical-Toon
Animated Commissions (closed) by raptorkil
Dodoraptor roar gif by DodoRupter666
Indo by raptorkil
FA Fanart
Rapt0r Man by SaltySerpent
Mega [Artfight 2019 #12] by DragonessAnimations
Artfight 2019 Mega by InterfectorFactory
Improvement by HerothTheDragon
Character References
Paper wasp by rebeccaryderofficial
Atomic Spinosaurus Full Body by Tyrannoraptorrex123
Aster by InterfectorFactory
topaz ref by grapejuice-dragoon
Work in Progress

Mature Content

Rex animation by DodoRupter666
spino/mosa/rex hybrid (mosino rex) wip by DodoRupter666
Forest Dragon by TheCrocArt
Official Battles
Flash Arena 6 by raptorkil
Flash Arena 5: Aftermath by raptorkil

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Flash Arena
A group and series dedicated to animating dinosaur / hybrid / monster fights

Upcoming battles:

FA7: first member contest: traszka vs. laminae

FA8: -

FA9: -


:bulletblue: Have fun! If you want to draw some over the top dinosaur fights or monsters goring each other, the group is for you. No rules in the dinosaur world.


:bulletred: BEASTS: One or more characters, non-combat

:bulletred: DUELS: Two or more characters fighting

:bulletred: ANIMATED: Finished animation

:bulletred: WIP Work: Unfinished/work in progress

:bulletred: CHARACTER REFERENCE: Character info, charts, etc. (please no lone drawings)

:bulletblack: Animation is frame by frame meaning everything is drawn by hand and by one person, so be patient with new battles.

Contests are a chance to feature members' OC in an animation. You'd have to compete for interesting designs and concepts against other members, with 2 (or more) finalists.

have fun~





Hi all! It's a pretty tough decision but I don't wanna delay it any longer. I appreciate everyone participating, they were so many good ones that it was really hard to pick two, but I went for the ones I found most interesting and unique in abilities with a good design that made sense, but also with my intuition on what would make a good fight. Honestly I'm thinking I could do a round two with some of the creatures submitted that didn't win.

I judged based on this: balance of power, meaning not overpowered in everything, but strengths in some department and a number of weaknesses that could be exploited. It wouldn't be fun to fight something op. I was looking for a design that fit the swamp environment and looked like it was a creature that could have been. I was looking for design believability but also niche believability, so the entire purpose of the creature should've been believable and made sense, even if it's something alien, if I were to look at it I wanted to believe that on an alien world somewhere that thing exists. What it ate, when it slept, how and where it moved, how it reproduced, etc all should've went into consideration when designing the creature so it would feel like it had a purpose. I was also looking for something interesting and unique. If you look at the animal kingdom, there are so many evolutions of defenses and weaponry and senses to take from. Animals have creative ways of murdering each other. So I was looking for abilities that would be fun to watch in action. Also I think the point distribution was a more important aspect than I anticipated, because that's where the creature ability is displayed and the thing that I can deduct a battle from. Something well rounded was kind of boring unless the creature has unique abilities to compensate (that made sense regarding its niche and weren't over the top).

So yeah, hope that made sense. I wanna go through every submission and say everything I like about it but also what I would've done differently, or just pointers on how to improve (I'm no expert on character design though). There's also been a few dinosaur-esque submissions, which are fine, but wasn't what I was looking for. Maybe I haven't made it clear enough, but this was a creature design contest, meaning new species. There were also some really amazing in art quality, but then again, I was looking at design and not art skill. Maybe in the future I'll have more dinosaur centered contests, I'll try to be as clear as I can.

So, the two that caught my eye. There were others, but I decided to go with these, they complimented each other well, they look like something that exists, and I could see a battle scenario forming, so I went with them. Also, a third one I might cameo :-0  (and please don't feel bad if you didn't win, this really is tough to choose so I had to use my instinct a little on what would work for a fight ;0; )

Traszka by ShadyPotatoDragon                               Laminae(?) by ChiChoose

Speed: 6/10                                                                                                       Speed: 2/10
Strength: 8/10                                                                                                   Strength:3/10
Logic: 2/10                                                                                                        Logic: 7/10
Pain tolerance: 5/10                                                                                           Pain tolerance: 2/10
Hide toughness: 4/10                                                                                         Hide toughness: 3/10
Bone density: 4/10                                                                                             Bone density: 2/10
Sight: 0/10                                                                                                        Sight: 7/10
Smell: 1/10                                                                                                        Smell: 7/10
Hearing: 10/10                                                                                                   Hearing: 7/10
                                                                                                                        *I'm not sure if that's its name
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:bulletblack: to start with the first one: I love the design, it gripped me. It really looks like something that lives in a swamp, something between an anaconda and a croc. I love the extra 4 legs it has and how there's space between the torso and them, it'd be fun to animate it move. Not too over the top design and the colors, even though dull, are pleasant to look at and stand out still. You sold me on the no eyes, no teeth, tri-mouth, and the slime. I imagine this creature would live in total darkness most of the time. I'd still like to know what organ it used for sensing and maybe what sound it makes, if any. ShadyPotatoDragon, congratulations!

:bulletblack: the second took me a bit to consider because I was sold on a different creature previously, but a few things sold me. I really like the tail cover idea, I haven't seen it before and it looks like it works. The overall design, even if nothing too crazy, is balanced and looks nice. It looks like a proper hunter, I'd imagine it acting like a cougar. The stats: I like how it's pretty weak, and it's only real weapon are its defense spikes and a venomous bite, otherwise it's at a disadvantage in both speed and strength. It contrasts the other opponent well. There were a few intelligence based submissions, but this one looked the most disadvantaged without its brains, so I like that. ChiChoose Congrats!
*you said you'd be ok with me simplifying it, if you don't mind, I want to play with the color patterns a bit, on arms and maybe snout, maybe do something with that double stripe on the tail, to make the colors look less blocky and more natural.

:bulletblack: overall, I think these would make a good fight, and use a lot of their environment to get an advantage. I could cook up something interesting from this. Thank you for participating! :heart:

also they are both venomous in some ways so both would have a tough time using venom to fight each other which would lead to confusion
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There's another that grabbed my attention, I might cameo them or have them be a third player in the fight somehow. I like their abilities and they look like they'd fit in.

Avarice by CalamityFortune

they have infrared vision, which would make for scenarios I haven't done before. I wanna put them in as long as you're ok with it, of course

Speed: 3/10 (land)  4/10 (water)  5/10 (trees)
Strength: 5/10
Logic: 5/10
Pain tolerance: 3/10
Hide toughness: 3/10
Bone density: 4/10
Sight: 8/10
Smell: 4/10
Hearing: 3/10

:bulletred: To the winners, note me anytime about your creatures and any info you'd like me to know, or about anything. Anyone could note me of course if you'd like, but it may take me some time to get to you. I'll redesign the creatures a bit for animation and show them to you for approval. @raptorkil

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once again, big thanks to everyone for participating. It's more people than I anticipated and I hope you had fun with designing your creatures. I'm excited to be able to do this, to bring creatures to life so to say and share what I see with the world and just have fun. Excited to see where the future of Flash Arena is heading and to animate prehistoric scenarios, to show what could have been with life that was or may be somewhere out there (or just completely bizarre scenarios for fun). I want to do contests like these maybe every 10 FA episodes, which I'd call a season. Maybe do something more with FA than just fights (-:  As I said, every submission will be shown at the credits with credit given, and the ones from twitter and instagram too (and the ones who noted me), don't think I looked over you guys. The two winners will be displayed in the beginning with their stats, both their original submissions and renditions drawn by me.
(also just a reminder, even though the contest was called FA8 this will be FA7, I haven't had the time to animate a fight inbetween)


- RK out
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Dinos are awesome amarite? ;D


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