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Wall-E and EVE Icons



I saw Pixars Wall-E the other night. Brilliant movie. As i was strolling home in the warm Copenhagen summernight i felt inspired to attempt to iconize these adorable creations.

At first i was just trying to challenge myself and see if i could get the textures right. But as the hours went, Wall-E started to take shape. By the end of the night i had around 500 layers in photoshop and one grimy little robot.

What i find particularly interesting with the character design of EVE & Wall-E, is the huge contrasting dualism in the shapes and textures. These guys could hardly be any more different - and as an aspiring iconist that was just too good a challenge to pass up. I hope you like these guys and put them to good use. Ofcourse all credit go to Pixar and Disney for their wonderful work on these amazing characters. You inspire us.

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