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Camino Icons

A few icons for the Mac OSX super browser Camino, 5 colors and a retro look for your favorite browser.
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They are very nice, but you need to put them in a folder as individual icons. They can't be copied w/o the whole square being copied as well.
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oh! thanks ...attractive
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They look great!
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Nice! Very attractive.
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When I download them and copy/paste them into the camino info, the icon ends up looking like the icon with a white rectangle behind it. I'm using Leopard, any idea how to make it look like an isolated icon?

very nice :)

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these are awesome!
but how do I use them?
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Its PNG files so you'll need to import them into Pixadex (or another converter) and then export them as icons. You can use a program like Candybar to change the icons in your OS/Apps.
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looks good, but I dont see where the one with the firefox icon is?
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what one with the firefox icon ?
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Pro looking icons :)
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lovely :w00t: Camino ROCKS!! :)
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it sure does! :D
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