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Air Mail

By Flarup
Yeah, i know - tampering with the all mighty hawkwings icon might make me unpopular, knowing there's people who litterally swears by their icon, and due to a number of productivity reasons never would think of changing it.

I've always liked those old Air mail envelopes with the red and blue stripes on it. Theres something 'old worldish' to them, a sense of importance. Mail traveling around the world extraordinarily by plane, in these specially flagged envelopes. I think it's an underappreciated quality that seem to have been forgotten in our inbox filled, electronicly busy everyday lives.

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Is there anywhere you can get this icon now?  It's currently not available on your website.
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Hey I had downloaded this icon pack from your website a few years ago but have since deleted it and it is not in any of my backups.  Is there anyway I can redownload it somewhere?  I tried your website but it doesn't seem to be available.
Thanks for great icon! Commercial use is acceptable?
Thanks for great icon! Commercial use is acceptable?
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I love your work!! Been using this as my mail icon for some time now. I especially like the hard drive icons you've been showcasing on your Dribbble account. Keep up the great work! :D
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I like this - thanks for sharing. (:
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may i get the png?
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Can you share the psd or ai file. If you accept I would like to use it as a background of a "mail sent" page..?
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I've been combing the internet for something like this off and on when looking for GUI stuff.


Exactly what I was looking for for my mail icon.


I love it.
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in use :) .. thanks a lot, that's what i was looking for :)
I love em', thanks a bunch!
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Makes me think of a cross between a Vista Mail icon and a Mac Stamp from the Mac icon.

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not a manilla envelope? hehe j/k, great work :)
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Great work Michael, haven't had a chance to follow-up on your email (thanks for the tips)...
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Quite detailed, well done!
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Awesome mail icon! ;)
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Thanks alot :)
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I see so I'll wait for PNGs.

Thx for responding anyway :)
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I only get a 16*16 icon and two mac files when I download... Can you make a good old png 256*256 ?
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You must be doing something wrong Keyser, it's two packed icon files one for mac and a perfectly normal .ico file for windows. I will include the .png files (6 sizes where used to do this icon) at a later stage, but right now im really busy. Hope you get it to work.
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You really should try and get a job at Apple. They always need awesome designers like you! :D
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Haha, i wish - thanks for the vote of confidence Solitude. I am for hire though, so if anyone knows someone who needs icon or other graphical work done don't hesitate to send them my way =) That goes for you too Apple Rep. accidentally reading this. lol.
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Lol! I wish Apple was reading this. Maybe I'd have an opportunity too! I'm suprised they didn't update the mail icon much in leopard. Ah well, this is awesome!!

Now all I have to do is get a mac. :(
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