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:bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletblue::star:~.:target: RULES :target:.~:star::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletblack:

The most important rules that you have to stick to are ..
random roses signature thingy by KookieBean random roses signature thingy by KookieBean random roses signature thingy by KookieBean random roses signature thingy by KookieBean

:bulletblue: You may submit ONE (1) artwork per day to each folder .

:bulletyellow: You have to respect all the members , watchers and admins .

:bulletgreen: If you submit your work to the wrong folder , we will decline it. If you keep submitting to the wrong folder all the time we have the right to kick you; rest assured that we will use it .

:bulletred: If your manipulation is available as a print or as premium content you have to write in your description that you got all the required permissions to sell from any other artists you may have used stock from .

If you don't know where you should submit your artwork click on this :
" :star: Where artwork should be submitted to :star: "

:bulletorange: If any member want to suggest anything then he/she welcome to do so .

:bulletblue: Please help us so we can help you ! try to find new membersand watchers, invite your friends to the group and Donate to us so we can support you and your Art .

:bulletpink: In the middle of each month we will hold a contest, and they'll be different from one to another. ( For example, the first contest will be for Digital art and the second will be for Traditional art...etc .) ..
The winner of the contest will get points + the position of best artwork for five days .

:bulletpurple: Please submit your best artwork that you are proud of so that this group can become a place for artistic minds and filled with creativity .

:bulletgreen: If you want to affiliate with our group , you are most welcome to send an affiliation notice to our group .HOWEVER your group MUST be Active .

Group Info

A group for all arts and artist that include " Graphic art , Flash art , Fun art , Digital Art , Photography , Artisan Crafts , Traditional Art , Css , Literature...etc" in this group you can submit all your artworks , also you can learn the art from this group.

We accept all type of art and we welcome in your suggestions ..

:heart: We will support your art :heart:
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Mar 6, 2012

Middle East

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Art Collection

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All type of Art

447 Members
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:heart:We welcome in your Support and we will support you :heart:

Gallery Folders

Carly by Dragoness17
Break Dance (After Edit) by Th3EmOo
The Cloud Of Unknowing... by MoodyBlue
Change the world? by SweetlyPeachy
-- Before and After --
Mario Mieli portrait by Berty0Berty
Bar in Rome by takmaj
Southern Europe Cities by takmaj
Algarve by takmaj
Digital Art -+- Photomanipulation
Silver Nightclub Party Flyer by n2n44
Voices From The Other Side by KarinClaessonArt
Spider Queen by Corvinerium
Moon Fairy by Corvinerium
Digital Art -+- Flash works
DJ Mix Nightclub Flyer by n2n44
Kawaii International Party In Japan Club Flyer by n2n44
Hiphop Eve Flyer by n2n44
A2d Header by MADFox-prod
Digital Art -+- Drawings N Paintings

Mature Content

Afternoon Bath by MissMonie
Cake Topper by MissMonie
I've Been a Good Little Angel by NovaCaster
Not okay by Liroxes
Digital Art -+- 3D Art Work
ID Card Club Badge by n2n44
Rock Night Flyer by n2n44
Saint Patrick Irish Day Party Flyer by n2n44
Modern Bikers Ride And Party by n2n44
Digital Art -+- Other works
African Night Flyer by n2n44
Saint Patrick Day Celebration Party Flyer by n2n44
May She Rest In Peace Reloaded by skywalkerdesign
Bowling Nights Flyer by n2n44
Traditional Art -+- Drawing N Painting
Transits by Berty0Berty
Self Portrait 2 by Berty0Berty
100 Years Fila Company Drawing by Stefered
Horses by Ciryu
Artisan Crafts -+- Handmade works
Orcus by Yarkspiri
Rad(s) Party Lamp by tobaal
chopping knife sheath by tobaal
Hey Sugar Show Me All Your Love by Kokili
Resources + Stock Images
Calice2_Goblet2 by Berty0Berty
presence of silence by ionWill
Icons - Stamps - Logos - Banners
How to keep one's ear open by Berty0Berty
Journal --+-- For all journals
Frozen past contest and light challengeUpdate 06.02.21 : it's time for the results ! Thanks to everyone for this beautiful experience ! It was really cool to see all you can do with these stocks ! Thanks for your time, your creativity and your beautiful works ! First place Beacon-of-hope by kynlo,My comment about this creation :This work is absolutely stunning. I like the way the face was so well done. I can absolutely recognize myself. The work on light is amazing. I also like the story behind this. Itís like an angel in hell who brings light there. The light seems also to be made by fire himself on the choker. Itís an amazing effect ! The purple and yellow are wonderful and the sweet glance is perfect to fit with the theme. We donít know if we are in hell or in paradise, a perfect interpretation of the ę sweet but dark Ľ rule of the contest. Congratulations, you win the first place ! Second place The Mystical House by BrietOlga,My comment about this work :For the second place, I chose this fantastic work. I really like the story we can imagine by seeing this photomanipulation : a fragile girl lost in a dark world. She looks naive and hypnotyzed and doesnít seem to realize that she is in a creepy and awful place. I like the details of the insects, the blood on the nose, the big glowing eyes, the giant spider, the smoke. The surreal and creepy light on the background is amazing too and it brings something to the general atmosphere. Congratulations for the second place ! Third place Fortuneteller by Shennikin,My comment about this work : For the third place, I chose this lovely work. I really like the aesthetic of this. All the pink, white, purple and blue give a wonderful atmosphere and the mix between darkness and light is amazing. I like how the artist worked on the dress with these glitters and the change of colors. The artist also improve the make-up on the face in a beautiful and simple way. Itís sweet but also dark in the theme and there is a story behind this : sweet or dark magic ? We donít really know. The flowers, colors and sweet face make us think that itís sweet magic but the full moon, the cards, the night and the malicious glance makes us belive itís dark magic. Congratulations for the third place !Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for all you've done ! I will give you the prices I have today and if you offer something to them, please don't forget to give them what you promised. I hope to see you in another contest as soon as possible. And if you want to give some points for a futur contest, please do to help me. Update 01.02.21 : someone asked for an extended deadline (just a couple of days), results will come after receiving this participation. Of course, if you're late, you can still enter until the end. Hi everyone ! I though it could be nice and warm to hold a contest, share our creativity, give some positive feedbacks to artists and make us dream in this strange and sad period with the covid. I know itís been a while that I didn't hold a contest and not a lot of people still have to look at my journal and maybe not a lot are still interested by contests buuuut let's try ! Rules - Make it full of LIGHT, make it shine : it's your challenge ! (see exemples and inspiration below). Learn (or just do it if you can) to play with light to make a surreal glow. - Use one of my stock featured in this journal (required).- Make it dark and creepy BUT sweet (find a way like adding flowers or pastel colors per exemple). - Be CREATIVE ! Be as crazy as you want, I like creativity when it's insane ! --> Exemples : turn the eyes in white, make a sweet dia de los muertos, a dead and frozen Marie-Antoinette lost in an eternal winter... as you wish and feel inspired !- Digital and traditional artists are allowed to enter ! Photomanipulations, digital paintings or traditional one, all is welcome ! - You can enter with two entries (and even more) if you want but keep an eye on the fact that it's better to have one finished work than two works done too fast.- Post the link of my picture used in your picture's description (not only my name) and put a link to the contest too, it's important to promote it The most important words that you have to keep in mind : LIGHT USE / CREATIVITE IDEAStock required (your choice between the one featured here) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Inspiration ,,,,,,,,,,,Where to see the participations ? Here is the folder where you can find the participations : click here ! Deadline 31th january 2021 Extended if you ask for and/or until they are 20 entries. So ask your friends to join us. Prices As my teacherís job allow me but you can still donate if you want (points, free commissions, llamas, features...). You can also donate for a futur contest since it's my latest points here. 1st place : 850 points with features and premium stocks :300 points from me 100 points from mshellee200 points from the nice Fiendcute 250 points from the awesome SecretDarTisteExclusive stock pack by the lovely kuschelirmel-stock Feature from the sweet lauraypabloStock premium surprise by lauraypablo Premium stock from mshellee 2nd place : 400 points with features and premium stocks : 200 points from BisBiswas 100 points from me 100 points from the nice Fiendcute Exclusive stock pack by the lovely kuschelirmel-stock Feature from the sweet lauraypablo Stock premium surprise by lauraypablo Premium stock from mshellee 3nd place : Feature from the sweet lauraypablo Stock premium surprise by lauraypablo Exclusive stock pack by the lovely kuschelirmel-stock Premium stock from mshellee Good luck !...
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CSS example by Diaminerre
Literature - Poetry - Prose
Don't know where to submit your artwork
Basilica Palladiana by Berty0Berty
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Our group accepts all types of ART .. " Digital Art , Animations , Traditional Art , Photography , Artisan Crafts, Resources + Stock Images , Css , Literature ...etc .


But first you have to check all folders to know where you should submit your artwork ..

:star: Please read these ..

:bulletred:Journal By Th3EmOo Where the artworks should be submitted ?
:bulletblue:Journal By Th3EmOo Instructions For all members

If you want any help or ask anything ! you can go to the Founder or Co-Founder down below ..




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creative ring bulb by Andrea1981G creative ring bulb :iconandrea1981g:Andrea1981G 34 15 Dancing with the Lights by LG-Design Dancing with the Lights :iconlg-design:LG-Design 62 27 The slow house trailer by digitalessandra The slow house trailer :icondigitalessandra:digitalessandra 5,267 610 C'KEDTLER M4 - Low Flight by HeauTou C'KEDTLER M4 - Low Flight :iconheautou:HeauTou 35 2 Rocky Environment by Narandel Rocky Environment :iconnarandel:Narandel 202 19 red as yore neck by philsh red as yore neck :iconphilsh:philsh 14 7 Let it Burn by MirellaSantana Let it Burn :iconmirellasantana:MirellaSantana 557 175 Pursuit by EmeSso Pursuit :iconemesso:EmeSso 16 11 The Witch King by zememz The Witch King :iconzememz:zememz 236 69 Emerald Reverie by SilenceNocturne Emerald Reverie :iconsilencenocturne:SilenceNocturne 165 45 Fairy Princess by moiFontaine Fairy Princess :iconmoifontaine:moiFontaine 319 184 The Face of Fear by Paulo-Bert The Face of Fear :iconpaulo-bert:Paulo-Bert 646 213 Restitution by pharrell-id Restitution :iconpharrell-id:pharrell-id 9 6 Ofelia by irinama Ofelia :iconirinama:irinama 166 86 Kitchen design 2 by Ultrarender Kitchen design 2 :iconultrarender:Ultrarender 92 38

Instructions For all members

:star: Original Journal :star:


:iconsparklesplz: W by Th3EmOo E by Th3EmOo L by Th3EmOo C by Th3EmOo O by Th3EmOo M by Th3EmOo E by Th3EmOo:iconsparklesplz:
random roses signature thingy by KookieBean:iconkokorox::iconsparklesplz::bulletpurple::iconsparklesplz::iconkokorox: random roses signature thingy by KookieBean

.: Hello and welcome everyone :.


. : Some Instructions : .

My dear new members and old members we are happy that you submit your best artwork over here and also we are so grateful that you try to improve our group ..
BUT if you want really to support our group , then try to do this :-

:bulletorange: Try to invite your friend , watcher to our group .

" in that way you'll support the group finding more artist and support yourself + other artists to give them a chance to share their artwork with the other artist " .

:bulletgreen: Try to submit your best artwork and in the right folder .

" in that way you'll support the group by make it the best place for the best artwork and when you submit it in the right folder you'll support us to not take a time to move + declined and comment ( give the reason of declined ... etc ) so just lookout for one minute maybe less and see which folder is appropriate for your artwork " .

:star: If you don't know or not sure where to submit your artwork then click over this and read the journal :star:

:bulletblue: Donate for us to support you and upgrade our group to super .

" in that way you'll support yourself by holding a contest every month in our group and every time you donate, the prizes will be more precious also by your donation you'll support the group and everyone in it ! , we will upgrade it to super and we will have more properties to do also the artist will start to come over when they hear that we give points for the active members and start to holding two contests each month !! ( so try to donate , even one point is enough and appreciate from you ) .

:star: You can donate on my profile by click over here :star:

:bulletyellow: Join to Contributors team of our group !

" by your joining to contributors team of flartograph group you'll help us in different ways ( some of them is to comment on artist submissions + favorite their artworks + encourage them to perseverance on what they do and submit more and more ) , also contributors will help us to welcome + submit a good artwork that made by other artist not joined to our group yet " .

:star: you can apply for joining by send a note to our group and say why we will chose you but you must be active :star:

:bulletpink: Please read our rules .

" by reading our rules that you can find on custom file in the home page you'll support us ! , because for real we don't like to declined any artwork or to remove / kick / block any member , our rules is too simple and don't take from you that much time to read it :) , so please read it before do anything or any movement inside this group " .

:bulletred: Our schedule ! .

" we have a schedule for everything and we will start to application it from this moment and the schedule is as flow :-

    1.) Every end of month we will have a featured journal for one week for the best artworks in each folder in our gallery and for 3-5 artworks outside it .
    2.) Each month we will have a contest after 7-10 days from the begin of the month .
    3.) The contest remains for 10-15 days and then we will determine the winners .
    4.) The winner of the contest will be featured for his / her artwork for five (5) days that he / she won by it .
    5.) Each five (5) days we will choose Favorites and their number is ten (10) " the Favorites will be as flow (five from inside our group + five from outside our group) " .
    6.) Each two days we will choose a featured artwork from our group that an artist submitted it newly in any folder of our group folders .
    7.) After the two days finished we will choose a new artwork in the featured and the old artwork will goes down with the description ( as you can see right now in our home page ) .
    8.) Maybe you'll see a journal about another group holding a contest or something like that ( it's ok ) we contract with some groups to write down what we need and what they need BUT our schedule will stay as we plan for it and if we need to write down any new journal then we will write it and the both journal will stay on the home page as we do right now .


. : that's all what we want to say for you our dear members : .

:iconsparklesplz: T by Th3EmOo H by Th3EmOo A by Th3EmOo N by Th3EmOo K by Th3EmOo - Y by Th3EmOo O by Th3EmOo U by Th3EmOo:iconsparklesplz:
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Welcome to #flartograph Group ..

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