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In a flash of light, he appeared in a small room. All he can hear is a voice.
Mario:   Eh? Battle?
Mario:   Uhhh…okey dokey…
He does, then is escorted down a dark hallway. Beside him is a large stone tablet. There are several figures fighting on it, some looked familiar to him.
Mario:   This….uhh doesn’t look like a Bowser’s castle….
He walks through a large stone, standing before a huge colosseum of people cheering.
Mario:   Definitely in another castle…..
A door opens beside him, a familiar blue hedgehog walks out.
Sonic:   Not the weirdest thing I’ve seen….just look at fan art.
Another one opens, a cloaked figure in white walks out.
Altair:   What time is this?
More figures arrive, fifty in total. Each one confused as to where they’ve been taken. The voice returns….
:iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 6 3
20 out of 50 confirmed for Battle Royale by FlareEmerald77 20 out of 50 confirmed for Battle Royale :iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 0 4
How the Dark Phoenix Trailer should have ended
Beast:   This is all your fault, Charles.
Charles:   Really? Jean is gonna destroy everything.....and I'M the douche?
Beast:   Well you did lie to knew about this...and-
Charles:   Shut up, Hank! I have enough problems as it is! Ok? I'm in a wheelchair, I lost my damn hair, chances are Erik's gonna turn evil...AGAIN...for like the fourth time now....I'm responsible for countless deaths of past X-Men...and the icing on the bloody cake..... Jean's turned evil.....I feel bad enough already! You're one of my closest friends, and you're doing this? I mean....seriously? How about instead of acting like a Wampa, you act more caring and friendly like the beast in that disney movie!
Beast:  Uhhh....
Charles:   And before you say anything...YES...I CAN make that reference! So please.....I really could use your support right now!
Beast:   Wow....sorry Charles...I....I didn't really think of it like that.
:iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 2 4
Sub-Zero vs Gray Fox
Several bloody corpses cover the halls of the Lin Kuei temple. Each a trained ninja, butchered like cuts of raw meat. Whoever committed such brutal acts was beyond human compassion. This was the work of a skilled killer. As the doors to the grand sanctum slowly open, an invisible presence takes form in a spark of electricity. What appeared was a man, or as it seemed, covered head to toe in a cybernetic exoskeleton. In his hand was a gleaming steel blade. As if the blood of his victims vanished in an instant. This was Gray Fox, a former soldier forgotten to time. The original cyborg ninja of the Patriots. His mission seemed simple enough. Retrieve an ancient artifact of power, eliminate all casualties. However, one man would stand his ground to make certain that the cyborg paid for disturbing this temple’s presence. He appeared from the shadows, each step taken formed a patch of ice. His blue eyes gaze at the intruder, descending into a defensive stance with his fists clenched. He
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General Grievous Interactions- Battlefront 2
General Grievous:   Lord Sidious! It has been quite some time since we last spoke.
Emperor:   General, what a surprise. Still collecting lightsabers?
General Grievous:   Pitiful Jedi don't deserve such weapons. Only worthy within my collection!
Emperor:   Do not fail me, General.
General Grievous:   As you command, my lord.
General Grievous:   Jedi....your lightsaber will be a fine addition to my collection.
Luke Skywalker:   What is he? I sense a soul within that droid's body!
General Grievous:   Another lightsaber to my collection! HAHAHAA!
Luke Skywalker:   You'll have to kill me to take it!
General Grievous:  Of course!
General Grievous:   I was trained in your arts by Count Dooku! You are nothing to me!
Luke Skywalker:   We'll see about that!
General Grievous:  Sending a child into battle? How pathetic!
Rey:   Who are you calling child, rust bucket!?!
General Grievous: &
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Count Dooku vs Kylo Ren
The temple was hidden for a reason. Nothing good would come of using its power. Of course, that was suspected for the First Order. Upon entering, Kylo Ren and a small squad of Storm Troopers stood before a large triangular gateway. The knight sensed its presence from orbit, aboard his own Star Destroyer. His master warned him of the dangers of this temple, yet refused to leave it unnoticed. Especially with the First Order’s recent failures with the destruction of their super weapon, Starkiller Base. Kylo alone walked to the gateway, his troops on standby until the first sign of danger. Echoes filled his mind, voices he recognized, of his past. A glowing red beam surged through the temple’s walls. As if the temple itself was aware of Kylo Ren’s presence. His gloved hand clutching his lightsaber, sensing a strong presence of the darkside of the force on the other side of this gateway. In a sudden flash of light, the knight of Ren now stood in a field. The chard remains
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My Messenger by FlareEmerald77 My Messenger :iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 3 4
Opening theme-
The end of another foolish plan by Dr. Robotnik, better known as the Eggman, had just been foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog. His space amusement park was being torn apart, and all his efforts to contain the power of the wisps was at lost. Only for him, as it was just the beginning for Robotnik’s lead scientist in the study of Wisp Biology, Dr. Crystal. The old man was able to contain a large portion of his research, including several live samples of wisps. When he managed to escape the collapsing amusement park, he immediately returned to his lab on the outskirts of Station Square. It is here he gave birth to three almighty and powerful biological weapons.
“Cloning is the way of the future! Flesh and blood, multiplying cell by cell, through sc
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Vs Contestants-Choose your character by FlareEmerald77 Vs Contestants-Choose your character :iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 5 20
Death Battle Bio- King K Rool
Bowser, Ganandorf, Wolf O’Donnel, Ridley…….each of Nintendo’s legendary heroes comes with their own legendary villain, and the same is for the lovable banana eating monkey, Donkey Kong. This…is King K. Rool.
Leader of the crocodile race known as the Kremlings, K Rool has had two goals in his entire life. Steal every banana among him, and defeat Donkey Kong. He is an overweight, self-obsessed, maniacal, and sometimes dim-witted crocodile, with a definite superiority complex. K Rool prefers to let others do his dirty work for him, sending his endless armada of kremlings to battle DK, and every single time, it ended the same way……with one…..single….
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Luis explains Post-Credit Antman and the Wasp
Luis:   Ok, so I was helping my homie Scotty do some mad science, alright? Not talking like frankenstein mad science, although Frankenstein is a pretty sweet ass film, shame it can't get a decent reboot. So anyway, this cool scientist named Professor Pym just got his wife back, and he's all like "damn girl, I'm so glad we back together. You still so fine!" And she's like "I love you and your crazy science, man!" So my boy Scott is like "Yo, send me to the Quantum Realm!" And Pym is like "Ok, but be careful, cause there's some real crazy stuff down there, you know what I'm saying?" So they send him down there and I'm like "Man, I'm hungry, you guys wanna get some Burger King after this?" And I don't get a response cause I'm thinking "Damn, they must not like Burger King." Which is messed up since you can get some damn good meals for half the price you could get at a McDonalds. Although McDonalds does have really good shakes and fries. I ate there last week with my cou
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WANTED- The Lady Vixen by FlareEmerald77 WANTED- The Lady Vixen :iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 7 154 You really wanna fight me? by FlareEmerald77 You really wanna fight me? :iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 7 50
Days of the Great Leon-Part 1
He wakes up to the sound of blaster shots heard through the wall. Followed by the grunts and screams of some poor bastard pleading for his life. Something makes him think he’ll be in that same situation still. Tied to a wooden chair is a young yellow furred rabbit. Blood was stained on his coat, remembering a struggle, running from someone. Obviously he didn’t get away. There were no windows, but could tell he was still on Corneria. More specifically in the slums. He could tell by the smell. It was horrible, but horrible was like the smell of roses compared to the dumps he’s already been shipped to. He looks around trying to find anything that could cut his restraints. Damn place was barely lit, floor covered in trash, spiderwebs on the ceiling. There was a bed there, but looked like no one had slept in it for a century. Thats when the fear started to kick in. No one goes to a place like this for an interrogation alone. Place like this
:iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 3 3
MORE FACTS ABOUT MY OC- Frida the Ferret
At the age of 16, living in India, she was trained in several forms of combat, and forms of lust for 4 years by the Red Fox Assassin Seductress Leader known as Jackie Molotov. One exercise was for her to battle Jackie's other assassins who worked for her. For the next twenty days, she tried to beat them in combat, refusing to eat or sleep. And Jackie had trained thirty other women how to fight. Eventually she was able to finally beat them, now three months later. Jackie trained Frida to become a master with any weapon she could get her hands on, even crazy weapons like a crossbow or a freaking chainsaw. Another exercise was for her agility and senses. She was given a type of herbal drug from a rare leaf found only in India. It caused severe hallucinations, but Frida was forced to take it every second she could like the air she breathes. Eventually her body was so used to the drug that it increases all her senses time ten. She then practiced dodging several shurikens and small blades th
:iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 7 44
SSJ3 Gohan vs Majin Vegeta
Ever since the tragic death of his father and friends, Gohan never stopped training. His battle against Cell proved there was so much more power hidden within. Achieving Super Saiyan 3 was just the beginning. Every chance he had for the next seven years, Gohan pushed himself past his own limitations. No matter the constant yelling from his mother, Gohan refused to stop. Even his own father, watching from Other World, tried to convince him to slow down. Cell was just the beginning. He knew someone stronger would always appear, and he was right. After the recent World Tournament, Vegeta had made a deal no one ever expected. Promising to be forever loyal to the wizard Babidi, Vegeta was given the power to rise above all his rivals. To become the vicious prince he once was before he ever set foot on Earth. After slaughtering several people in a single blast, he challenged Goku to an all out battle. When it seemed like the battle would go on forever, Vegeta knocks out Goku, preparing to ful
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In a flash of light, he appeared in a small room. All he can hear is a voice.


Mario:   Eh? Battle?


Mario:   Uhhh…okey dokey…

He does, then is escorted down a dark hallway. Beside him is a large stone tablet. There are several figures fighting on it, some looked familiar to him.

Mario:   This….uhh doesn’t look like a Bowser’s castle….

He walks through a large stone, standing before a huge colosseum of people cheering.

Mario:   Definitely in another castle…..

A door opens beside him, a familiar blue hedgehog walks out.

Sonic:   Not the weirdest thing I’ve seen….just look at fan art.

Another one opens, a cloaked figure in white walks out.

Altair:   What time is this?

More figures arrive, fifty in total. Each one confused as to where they’ve been taken. The voice returns….


Luigi:   M…M….Mario? I wanna go home….

Mario:   Don’t a worry, Luigi. We don’t have to a fight if we a don’t want to….


Dragonborn:   Then so be it.

Fox:   Now hold on a second! Whatever this voice is, it wants us to fight to the death for his amusement……its master hand all over again.

Snake:   The talking fox has a point. We need to stop this before it begins.

Spy:   Correct….besides….no use killing you all if I don’t get paid for it.

Scout:  Yeah….lets just…wait a minute….oh god…PYRO NO!


He runs over to the nearest living thing, Jigglypuff, and lights him on fire using his flamethrower.

Jigglypuff:   JIGGLYPUUUUUFF!!!!!!!!

The poor innocent pokemon was now reduced to a melting puddle, like an overcooked marshmallow. Pyro began laughing maniacally, as his fellow teammates look upon him in disgust.

Demonman:   GOD DAMMIT, PYRO!


Solider:   Anyone else smell roasted marshmallows?


Mario looks over in shock as he’s tackled to the ground by the white cloaked man. A hidden blade appears from his hand, inches away from the plumber’s neck.

Altair:   This isn’t personal, but it must be done. ACK!

He’s shot off Mario by a wave of energy. Mario looks behind him to see a familiar face. Samus Aran, the galactic bounty hunter.

Samus:   No use are those Smash games if we’re all dead, right?

He gives her the thumbs up.

Mario:   You make a good point.

Altair gets back on his feet, facing Samus.

Altair:   Never seen armor like that before. But it won’t protect you from me.

He charges toward Samus, who fires another blast of energy using her arm cannon. But this time, the assassin saw it coming, leaping out of the way and hurling a small knife into the cannon just as Samus was charging another attack. It began to malfunction, sending sparks flying, which knock Samus off her feet. Altair leaps into the air, his hidden blade revealed once more, but Samus quickly takes her ball form and evades the attack. Meanwhile, another fellow assassin, Ezio Auditore, is battling the marital arts fighter, Ryu, in hand to hand combat.

Ezio:   You’re quite good, do you perhaps consider sharing your skills with others?

Ryu:   You’re not worthy to possess such knowledge. HADOKEN!

Out of his hands appears a blue wave of energy, to which Ezio dodges with a swift back flip.

Ezio:   Is that so? Such a shame….

From his wrist gauntlet, Ezio fires a bullet straight into Ryu’s shoulder, causing him to collapse. He then reveals his own hidden blade, preparing to finish off his opponent when he too is suddenly knocked off his feet.

Ryu:   A true martial artist doesn’t resort to cheap tricks.

Ezio:   You call them cheap…I call them…life savers….

In his hand are smoke bombs, which he throws down by Ryu’s feet. His surroundings are blinded by the smoke, taking a defensive stance to avoid any sneak attacks.

Ryu:   Coward….show yourself!

Ezio:  AGH!

The smoke clears, with Ezio on the ground. In front of him was none other than Solid Snake.

Snake:   True martial artist, you say?

He takes the stance of his signature fighting style, CQC, as Ryu prepares for round 2.


Before the skeleton was a little man wearing green boxing gloves.


Using a swift uppercut, Little Mac launches Papyrus’ skull clean off his body.


He lands somewhere on the other side of the colosseum.

Papyrus:  Well…this is embarrassing….eh?

The skull is crushed by a large furry leg. Donkey Kong stood tall and proud, pounding his chest in glee as he prepared to face his opponent in battle.

Sub-Zero:   Ape….I have no time for this….step aside….now!

He throws a punch at the ninja, who easily dodges, and grabs the gorilla’s fist.

Sub-Zero:   You leave me no choice.

In the blink of an eye, Sub-Zero freezes Donkey Kong’s whole body, then shatters it to pieces in a swift kick.


With his mini gun in hand, the Heavy Weapons Guy opened fire on the blue child in body armor before him. He quickly leaps into the air, firing what appeared to be energy blasts in the shape of lemons out of his arm cannon, knocking the gun out of Heavy’s hands.


He charges at the blue bomber in rage, before being turned to ash by a simple blast of the mega buster.


This is all Yoshi could say as he was being slammed into the wall and ground repeatedly by a smiling skeleton in a blue sweatshirt. When he got tired for a second, he let the small dinosaur go, who quickly fires his tongue out at him. To his surprise, however, the skeleton grabs the tongue, and starts to laugh.

Sans:   What’s wrong, dino? Cat got your tongue?

He looks over to see Little Mac, standing before the headless body of his brother.

Sans:   Today’s your lucky day, dino….

He says as he slams him into the wall one last time. But as he walks towards Little Mac, his eye starts to glow.

Sans:   But as for you, human, I see nothing but baaaaaaad times ahead.

Luigi:   WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!

The green little brother to Mario is running for his life, with the psychotic Pyro behind him.

Pyro:  MMMPH! MMMPH!!!!!!!  MMMMMMMPH!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, three gunmen try to take out the Lone Wanderer, protected by their bullets thanks to the defenses of the power armor he was wearing.

Leon:   Can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I miss zombies.

Jill:   There has to be a way to get past that armor.

Chris:   I got an idea….this should do it.

He takes out a grenade, and hurls it under the Wanderer’s feet. An explosion instantly goes off, but through the wreckage, the armored man still stood.

Jill:   Great plan, Chris.

She said sarcastically, of course.

Chris:   Anyone have an RPG on them?

Leon:   No, and its never there when you need it too.

Some fighters decided not to fight at all. Such as Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, simply watching the fights on the sidelines while drinking tea. Ignoring the screams and explosions like they weren’t even there.

Peach:   So anyway, the second the fans see an upskirt, they go simply primitive. Honestly, I’m quite disgusted by it.

Daisy:   Oh god, you think that’s gonna happen to me in Smash Ultimate?

Peach:   Chances are, they’ll put a black void under your dress like me.

Daisy:   Uhhhh….does that make it better?

Peach:   You’d think…..but no.

Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t fighting at all either. Just kept on running around, until he found himself surrounded by Captain Falcon, Nathan Drake, Scout, and Sniper.

Nathan:   Times up, hedgehog.

Sonic:   Guys look, can’t we be civil about this?

In that split second of the moment, a flaming spear is shot through Sniper’s chest.


Sonic:   Apparently not…..

He dragged several feet away from them, his whole body soon lighting up like wood on a campfire. His killer was none other than the vile Scorpion.

Scorpion:   Blue rat….prepare to die.

Nathan:   Uhhh…he’s all yours!

Scout:   Yeah! Yeah! I uhhh…..have an appointment somewhere…that isn’t here!

The two run off, but Captain Falcon still stood his ground.

Captain Falcon:   Wrong place at the wrong time, buddy. Won’t lie to you, this is gonna hurt like hell…FALCON…GAH!

The spear is shot into his chest.

Scorpion:   GET OVER HERE!!!!!!

With a swift pull of the chain connecting the spear, Captain Falcon is lunged towards Scorpion, who proceeds to chop his head off using one of his swords.

Sonic:   Dude….what did I ever do to you!?!

Scorpion:   Such a nuisance….as is everyone else here…you’re nothing special….

He peals off his mask, revealing a flaming skull for a head.

Sans:   Bro? Is that you?

He says this after avenging Papyrus’ death, by obliterating Little Mac’s body using a gaster blaster.

Scorpion:   Just another pawn in my way!

Sub-Zero:   Leave the beast alone….its me you want!

He turns around to see his arch enemy, Sub-Zero. In his hand is the severed spine of the Soldier. His head was still attached to it.

Sub-Zero:   Let’s end this here, once and for all.

Scorpion:   Gladly….

50 warriors enter.....only 1 will come out on top!
I was inspired to make this after seeing these two masterpieces

I have found all 50 choices for my battle royale, it shall come soon!
I was inspired to make this after seeing these two masterpieces

I have found all 50 choices for my battle royale, it shall come soon!


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