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Otomeru features 14 characters, so if you are interested in meeting one particular character, here is a route guide! 

Tibu14 Sizechart by flarechess

(from left to right: Zezima, Nilin, Wynniki, Mute, Ilex, Alistor, Knox, Olivier, Emmy, Salem, Tori, Nelson, Jack, and Urie.)

How can I be Zezima’s friend? [ZEYZ-UH-MA]
Zezima is not a strong swimmer, so it is easiest to find him at his home.
He is netural in fights unless it is personal and tends to avoid confrontation between friends.
Zezima loves his sister and appreciates any help you can offer with finding and bringing her home.
He loves people that come back to see him, so spending as much time as you can with him is important.

How can I be Nilin’s friend? [NILL-EN]
Nilin sleeps in a volcano shared with a jellyfish and lobster Tibumeru.
She spends the rest of the day adventuring in the ocean and picking fights.
Nilin never backs down from a challenge and will fight anyone who opposes her. If you fight alongside her, she will never forget your act of loyalty and will pledge the same to you.

How can I be Wynniki’s friend? [WINN-ICK-EE]
(Wynn is trans. He is male.)
Wynniki lives underneath a boardwalk on the beach and almost never goes into the water unless he has to.
He is very sensitive about making new friends and may feel nervous about being left behind. It is a good idea to make sure he is included.
He loves shopping, but even moreso with friends.
Wynniki expects his friends to leap to his aid, even if that results in violence.

How can I be Mute’s friend?
Mute lives very close to the volcano that Zezima and Alistor live in.
He almost never leaves his home but will often tease visitors that come in.
He is fairly powerful but is easily touched if you defend him anyways.
Despite his confidence, he worries people will abandon him, like his family and friends did.

How can I be Ilex’s friend? [EYE-LEX]
(Ilex is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.)
Ilex can only be found in a forest. Only one Tibumeru with an affinity for stars and navigation can find where Ilex lives.
Ilex loves having fun but worries that no one will ever stay to play with them.
They are very protective of their forest home and appreciate any help you may offer them with protecting it.


How can I be Alistor’s friend? [AHL-ISSS-TOHR]
Alistor lives in a volcano with Zezima.
He is very friendly but is a pacifist. He does not approve of those who fight people.
He tries very hard to make everyone happy, even at the expense of his own. He worries about other people’s perceptions of him and how that affects his friends’ lives.

How can I be Knox’s friend? [KNOCKS]
Knox can first be found at night on the beach. He would never approach you unless you were alone.
Knox is very interested in amnesiacs and is willing to help out others who might help him in return.
His top priority is building a spaceship and returning home.

How can I be Olivier’s friend? [OH-LIV-EEE-AIR]
Olivier lives on a boat and takes care of Knox.
She loves anyone who can tolerate her cooking.
She is looking for someone who might have seen Alistor recently…

How can I be Emmy’s friend?
To first be Emmy’s friend, you should get to know her brother, Zezima. He is looking for her and needs some help.
Emmy is very adventurous but is probably chasing after trouble on the boardwalk.
Although Emmy is very sweet and excitable, she sometimes disregards others’ feelings and limitations. She likes people that care about her, even when she’s made mistakes.
She is afraid of the dark.

How can I be Salem’s friend?
Salem lives in the city and is most active at nighttime.
He never wants to leave anyone behind, especially in a dangerous situation.
Salem loves sharing all of his time with his friends, so if you want to be close to him, you should try to reciprocate.
Although he will risk everything to protect his friends, sometimes he needs a friend that will protect him too.

How can I be Tori’s friend?
(Tori is intersex. Refer to them using they/them/he/him.)
Tori has obligations on the boardwalk, but can only be found there during the day.
They are hard to capture, but cannot escape the curiosity of a young girl.
Tori cares extensively about their starfish. If you do too, your friendship is assured.

How can I be Nelson’s friend?
Nelson is tricky to find, but he likes to take morning jogs on the boardwalk by the shops.
Nelson may seem very scary and pushy, but if you explain yourself to him, he can be very understanding.
He loves bones and everything around them – it’s best not to disrespect bones in any way.

How can I be Urie’s friend? [YOO-REE]
(Urie is a demigirl and prefers being called exclusively she/her.)
Urie is Nelson’s apprentice but is investigating the boardwalk late in the morning.
She is a little selfish and mostly cares about her own safety over others’.
Urie assumes the best of people, but sometimes it is safe to assume Urie’s situation is not as safe as she says it is.

How can I be Jack’s friend?
(Jack is genderfluid and feminine-presenting during this game, but even when she is masculine-presenting she prefers she/her pronouns).
Jack is the hardest person to befriend, so do not worry if this takes you some time!
Jack’s presence is scattered throughout the game, but if you are having trouble finding her:
Salem is one of the few people that Jack actively seeks out just to show him things she has stolen.
Jack is surprisingly fond of Olivier’s food.
She is never one to pass up an opportunity for trouble or adventures, much like Emmy. If anything, they tend to be in the same places.
Urie and Nelson might have seen Jack… 

If you are still confused as to how to reach a character, let me know! 

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You named a character Zezima? What's next, you name a character SUOMI?

Anyway, congrats on making the game!