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Eevee Evolution Anthro Sprites by FlareAeon Eevee Evolution Anthro Sprites :iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 11 8 Flareon Custom Sprites by FlareAeon Flareon Custom Sprites :iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 4 7 Peridot Sketch by FlareAeon Peridot Sketch :iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 1 2 Benedict And Peridot by FlareAeon Benedict And Peridot :iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 8 5
House Eon - Chapter 9 - Tiny Meadow...
    Flare strutted in front of his siblings. He felt happy to be in front. His big brother Nocturne had switched around the team formation to where Kilovolt, Flare, and himself was in front, while Lumina and Agua would support from the back. Flare felt good, like he was helping. He liked being up front, but he wasn’t necessarily up for fighting Pokémon that were bigger than him. This is my first big mission, and it’s to rescue Big Bubby and Sissy! I bet they’ll be real proud of me! I better try real hard! Flare beamed and hummed to himself. He had never been on a big mission like this before. Most of the time his missions were beginner ranked, “E” and “D” and maybe a few “C” rank missions, and even on “C” rank missions, he had one of his siblings with him. He never got to do exciting things like go bounty hunting or go on a large adventure like his older brothers. He dreamed of the day he’d
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House Eon - Chapter 8 - En Route to Tiny Meadow
    As the siblings walked, Nocturne made calculations in his head, going over it thrice before explaining it to his brothers and sisters. “The first dungeon ahead is Tiny Meadow. It shouldn’t take all day since it’s a small dungeon, then we’ll walk the remaining distance to Craggy Coast during the evening, and set up camp at the dungeon entrance.” Setting up camp in a dungeon was an exploration team no-no. Salvador was sure to pound this into their heads. Too many wild Pokémon, too many things to worry about, and when you were fast asleep, the last thing you wanted to wake up to was a wild Pokémon attacking you and finding half your stuff gone. “That’s our first day. For our second day, we’ll traverse Craggy Coast during the day, and travel at least half of the way to Aegis Cave before nightfall. Finally, on our third day, we’ll go the remaining way to Aegis Cave and get through that dungeon as swiftly as po
:iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 1 2
House Eon - Chapter 7 - Mission Start!
    Lumina walked alongside Nocturne and looked back at their precious house as it gradually disappeared from her line of sight. She would miss the comforts of her home, the servants catering to her every whim, and the cleanness and the low risk of getting her fur dirty or sticky. She would miss the clinking sounds of her various perfumes and the feeling of her brushes and combs through her fine luscious fur. So it’s a good thing she brought some of them along for the trip. She knew Nocturne would object due to the scent though. She focused back to what was in front of her and shot a glance at Nocturne, who led the pack. She could’ve sworn he was smiling. Nocturne caught her looking at him from the corner of his eye.
    “Is something wrong, Lumina?” he asked.
    “What? Like, no. I was just like, uh…thinking about something.” She said averting her gaze.
    “Hmph.” Nocturne already had a lot of things on his mind; he didn’t
:iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 1 3
Fantasia Aeon by FlareAeon Fantasia Aeon :iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 2 8 Fantasia Aeon Before and After Meme by FlareAeon Fantasia Aeon Before and After Meme :iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 1 4
House Eon - Chapter 6 - Hitting the Road
    Salvador carried the family to their rooms, starting with Nocturne as he slung him over his shoulder and made his way to his room. Salvador walked across the ceramic tiling of the floor of the dark barely lit room and laid Nocturne on his stock rectangular king-sized bed, carefully pulling the black sheets and wool comforter up to his neck and tucking him in. Salvador fluffed his pillow and laid it under his head and started making his way out when Nocturne started snoring. Salvador cringed slightly, and swore he felt a tremor in the room. Nocturne snored again and Salvador quickly made up his mind and left the room, hastily but quietly shutting the door. “My word! How his brothers and sisters have not gone deaf yet amazes me.” He ruffled his feathers and flew back down to get Lumina and brought her up to her room, which had bright pale pink carpeting. Salvador lay her on the heart-shaped bed and pulled the red and pink heart-themed sheets and covers over her before flu
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House Eon - Chapter 5 - The Master Plan
    The siblings all sat in the living room, not saying a word. Unlike most rooms in the house, the living room was fit carpeted with a silk blend carpet. The siblings sat on only the most comfortable of couches and sofas that money could buy, and they’d be watching their massive 86-inch television, if they weren’t waiting on Salvador’s lecture that was bound to happen.  Kilovolt and Nocturne glared at each other, trying to ignore the pain throbbing in their rumps. Moments later, Salvador flew in and landed in front of them all. “Stop giving each other the evil eye now!” he snapped. Kilovolt and Nocturne sat straight up, eyes now focused on him. “Good. Now, I know what’s going on. Mewtwo has kidnapped the eldest prince and princess. You all forget this old bird has keen hearing. I hear all that goes on in this house. I know all that goes on in this house, by golly, I literally raised the seven of you!” Salvador paused and heaved a sigh. H
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House Eon - Chapter 4 - Regrouping
    Moments afterward, an Espeon rushed to Nocturne’s side. It felt like it had been an eternity, even though it had been only a minute or two. “I, like, came as quickly as I could! Like, what happened?! Like, are you like, alright?!” She said as she helped Nocturne up.
    Nocturne shook away the stars for a second time and gave her a look of despair and helplessness, “Do I look alright to you?! Lester and Sapphire were whisked away and I couldn’t do a thing about it!” He said and stamped his paw with anger. “Where the heck were you at, Lumina?!”
    “Uhh…like…ummm…” she stammered.
    “Let me guess, brushing your fur for the umpteenth time?!” He said as he raised his voice.
    “Um, No! Like, you totally don’t have to yell! Like, I’m sorry I wasn’t here to help!”
    He rolled his eyes. “Whatever, just don’t get all emotional on me.” He said cal
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House Eon - Chapter 3 - Incident Report
    It’s been 3 decades now since that incident. All of the eggs that Salvador, Lester, and Sapphire were supervising had hatched and grown into proud and powerful Pokémon. Over the years, the Eon Family, a.k.a. House Eon, had grown into a very prosperous and revered rescue team. Despite their occasional dysfunctionality, they had a perfect track record. Unlike most rescue teams, which were employed under the Wigglytuff Guild, House Eon was employed directly under the Celestial Legion. It was one of the many perks of having entities, or pokégods, for parents. Because of this, they not only got guild missions, they also got occasionally received requests straight from the Legion itself, and they weren’t subject to the Guild’s fees either. This of course angered the Guild and earned them family the Guild’s disgust, but that didn’t really matter to the Eon Family.
    It was in the middle of the afternoon, during that phase when it was just turning to evening
:iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 3 2
House Eon - Chapter 2 - Pledge of Vengeance
    “Daddy!!!” Sapphire cried. The figure collapsed to his knees, brought to the brink by the mortal wound inflicted by Drako.
    “Gah! Even after expending that much energy during the fight, they can manage attacks of that caliber!” the figure hissed.
    The children gathered as their parents lie on the ground. “Mom! Daddy! Wake up! Wake up please! Why won’t you wake up!” Sapphire pleaded. “Lester? Why won’t Mom and Daddy wake up?!
    “I…I don’t know…” Lester said, his voice wavering.
    “Maybe they need an Owan Berry!” Copper said, unaware of the gravity of the situation.
    “Don’t be silly! They need a Reviver Seed! They need a Reviver Seed that’s all! They’re hurt and they need a Reviver Seed!”  Sapphire said, her voice getting higher.
    “A Reviver Seed would’ve w
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House Eon - Chapter 1 - Deadly Night
    It was a dark night. A full moon loomed overhead, but there were no stars out in the sky, only black clouds that almost blended in with the night sky. Lester, a Leafeon, ran along side his younger sister, a Glaceon named Sapphire and his younger brother, an Eevee named Copper.
    “We need to catch up to mom and dad.” Said Lester.  
    “They said that we would do this together! Why did they lie? Why did they go on without us!” whined Sapphire.
    “Maybe they bewieve we can’t do it…” replied Copper.
    The three young Pokémon ran throughout the ruins, their paws swiftly going across the pale brown floor as they maneuvered around dilapidated pillars. They rushed to find their parents, who had taken off without them to fight an epic battle. Their parents had told the children that the Pokémon they were after was evil, and was a threat to the Celestial Legion because it was powerful and dangerous. The three children ran a long way bef
:iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 2 9
House Eon - Prologue
    In the beginning, there was a void, a black void, in which the only life that existed was an egg. The egg did nothing for what seemed like an eternity, only floating in this never-ending void. But suddenly, the egg started to crack. More and more the egg started to shatter, vine-like cracks covering the egg, until with a massive Boom! two great marvels burst from this egg.
    A great white pokemon drifted throughout the void, floating in nothingness. This pokemon was Arceus, the great Creator, the Alpha Pokemon. The Creator looked around the empty depressing void. “From nothing, I will create life.” It said. “I will create life, so others may enjoy it.” With that statement, Arceus forged and tempered the universe with his 1000 arms. He created the galaxy, so that the universe would have different sections. He created the planets, stars, and suns within the galaxy, so that the creatures soon to come will have a place to call home and some
:iconflareaeon:FlareAeon 2 18



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Artist
United States of America

Hello all! I am FlareAeon of dA and of Friendcodes! But everyone calls
me Flare. I LOVE pokemon. Especially the
Eevee evolutions. Flareon is my favorite though.
I'm not an amazing artist, but I like to do
it as a hobby, I'm not totally bad either
and I'm always striving for improvement! I also write fan-fiction occasionally,
when college doesn't have me by the ear. ^^; Please be sure to comment on my stuff.
XP I'm very self-conscious about it. XD
I'm also a very proud Moderator at the one and only
^w^ You should visit there sometime!

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
I've been a dA member for three years apparently. XP

2. What does your username mean?
It's supposed to be Flareon, but since that was already taken I had to be creative. =p

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Genuine, Intelligent, Creative. 

4. Are you left or right handed?
I am right handed.

What was your first deviation?
I don't really remember. XP 

What is your favourite type of art to create?

Fan art mostly.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

I would like to master a cartoony style. 

What was your first favourite?

Don't remember that either, pretty sure it was one of pichu90's works though.

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Any art having to do with pokemon.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

pichu90. He's very nice~ even did a birthday picture for me. 

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Same as above. XP

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Hm...I don't visit here often, so I don't really have that big of a bond with a lot of dA members, though, I talk to pichu90 regularly when I do get on here.

What are your preferred tools to create art?

Photoshop, and pencil and paper. 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My room.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Getting a birthday shoutout from Pichu90. =3 


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