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Important note!

Note: I am a minor so don't act sexual near me. I might joke around about sexual stuff as a joke. It's very obvious when I do by the way. Also, I have the voice of a 10 year old so don't say I am, because I'm not. I wish I didn't sound like one ;(

Art status!

Art Status:

Art Trades: Ask

Commissions: Closed

Requests: Closed

Customs (for free): Ask

YCHs: Closed

N E W E Z T S O N G / R E M I X ! ! !

About me!


*I'm Flapz/Flapzter! Welcome, I draw sometimes*

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I like:

Weezer, 8 bit music, rock, and punk

Drawing silly goobers in my spare time

Causing chaos online because fun

Rainbows and color, but also dull colors too are nice


Changed, Dave and Bambi, FNF in general, Rain World, and stupid games on Roblox

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Note: I use the typing quirk where you replace "s" with "z" and replacing "e" with "3" sometimes. Do remember that while talking to me, I do use words that replace normal ones while typing casually.