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Mondriaan's Influence Map

Another response to the [link] Influence Meme.
This just had to be made!
It even follows the rules of how many blocks to create. :)
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This is brilliant. :)
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You win...You just win.
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This just made me laugh so hard! Thank you for doing this. :XD:
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This is fucking genius. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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Ha. Genious. Love it. :)
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Awesome. Great use of Mondriaan's art. Well done.
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As everyone else has noted, this is made of win! :+fav:
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LOL, just LMFAO. I love it, this is like one of the best. Seriously I mean that.
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Reminds me of Piet Mondrian's work so this is definitely epic. :D
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Haha awesome!!! :clap:
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hahaaaa, this is great
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aha oh man.

i'd hate to see rothko's
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Wow-there's actually a famous painting like that...awesome!
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This made me laugh. Thank you. :XD:
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I recognize that it's Mondriaan, but could you tell me the specific painting this is referencing?
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The shapes in this piece fulfill the requirements of the number and size of each block:
One 3x3
Two 2x2
Three 2x1
Seven 1x1
You could say the coloring is based on "Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow"
If you look at that, you see the big red square in the top right. :)
I had more blocks to fill, so I had to improvise a bit, without blatantly violating the style.
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Alright, I get it then.

I thought it was a specific transfer, and was confused. I recognized the style but not the exact painting.
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Btw, I guess you're gonna like my new Deviation, based on Mondriaan's Influence Map [link]
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