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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody map v2.1

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This is a map of Flower Bud Village for the game "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody". I got tired of trying to find my way around using the blurry perspective map in the game and booklet, so I made a real map. I marked the locations of all the stores and added the hours that they're open. I didn't include Sunny Lake and Starry Hill since those areas are small and simple enough that a map isn't needed to find your way around.

I included landmark names and addresses from the in-game map's mouse-over text, and a checkerboard pattern on the properties that you can buy or are vacant at the start of the game. You can use this to plan the layout of your crops and buildings. You may notice that the addresses use district names instead of street names; for example, River Song Heights includes the land on both sides of the river from the lower waterfall to the Duck Bridge.

At the start of the game 3 properties are available for purchase, and 17 more become available as Mayor Theodore's friendship increases to 1, 2, and 3 hearts. I've marked the boundaries of all 20, and indicated what Theodore's friendship must be to unlock them for purchase. I haven't tested whether there are other requirements to unlock these properties.

Pale blue = properties you can buy at the start of the game.
Green = public land. Most of these become available for purchase later, but you can plant crops and cut trees in these areas at any time.
Pale yellow = occupied at the start of the game.
Bright yellow and orange = vacant at the start of the game. You can cut trees and plant crops here while the land is vacant, but you'll lose the crops when new people move into town and open businesses in those locations.

Those two paths on the right appear to be permanently closed.


This map is based on a video game, and as such, it is a derivative work and is subject to the copyright of the game's creators. Commercial use is PROHIBITED. You may not sell this or make money off this map in any way.

This map is fan art which I created for my own personal use. I'm sharing it here so others can use it while playing the game. You are welcome to download and print it for YOUR OWN USE. If you want to modify this map for your own use, that's fine, but don't upload it anywhere.
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