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Sketchdump II

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More sketches :B Because I have a lot of work right now, so procrastination factor is up 100%.

1. Sauron, somewhat inspired by Phobs, but who isn't these days.
2. Khamûl, King of Rhûn, second of the nine Nazgûl. That's a lot of circumflexes. Clothing inspired by old Persian costumes.
3. My character Rosearin, who wanders where she will in the Dargoniri wastes.
4. My characters Almirith and Lanorin, in which Almir is angry and Lanorin is not giving a crap.
5. Alucard? How did you get there? Weird creepy Alucard scribble.
6. sarahn's Daniel, another creepy vampire.
7. My character Blue, officially the grumpiest guy in all the realms.
8. Rosearin again, wondering why Blue is the grumpiest guy in all the realms.
9. My sweet little Nicomada, the most despicable elf in all Forsantica. He wants to purge all half elves from the face of the world (despite being one. Yeah he's nuts).
10. Flane. My character. Apparently Dargonir will be his.
11. Flane and Almirith. The brothers who get along so well.
12. My character Jespar, Flane and Almir's long suffering father.
13. My character Aerono formerly of the Elaeorn in his newly designed outfit. Quite like this pic so it might resurface in a nicer form in some far flung future date.


If you think this influx of pictures is over YOU ARE FAR FROM RIGHT. For i have done the unthinkable. I have scanned all the A3 paintings I've done over the last 4 years which I NEVER COULD BE BOTHERED TO SCAN. Some will go to scraps but a couple I quite like and will put in my gallery.

Who uses journal features when one can ramble at will in deviation comments?

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RagatuveHobbyist General Artist
I thought it was him! What is Alucard doing there!?
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Flane-ErenaeothHobbyist Traditional Artist
Poking his nose in where he doesnt belong, as usual :p
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RagatuveHobbyist General Artist
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sarahnHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, the little Daniel face, so awesome! :XD: I love how he looks in your style. He's like, "What am I doing amongst all these people...and are they tasty?"
I realise this is a little doodle amongst a whole bunch of other characters doodles, but would you like me to put this in my site's Fanart section? I don't mind, but still thought I'd leave it up to you.
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Flane-ErenaeothHobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course not! I'd be honoured - although I swear I will do a proper Daniel fanart one day! He slips into little corner of pages I'm drawing on!