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A Moment

It's not the end of the world if one girl jumps into the mantle of an exploding planet.
It's the end of a world
And the end of a life.
And a moment of exhilarated living for the duration of the fall.

Drawn in pencil/pen. Coloured digitally.
Sele drawn for Kassface's contest- [link]
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OH WOW I REALLY LIKE THIS. I'm used to more muted colors from you so pulling this open and seeing so many bright colors was really surprising! I love the swirlies, and how vivid everything is and *love love love*
Flane-Erenaeoth's avatar
I am not much good with bright colours, so I thought I'd try and step outside my comfort zone for a bit. I'm not sure whether I like it, but it turned out looking as I intended it too =)
evilforkdude's avatar
That's always a good feeling, I rarely get a picture looking exactly how I want it. And... I am a bright color fanatic, sooo... yeah. You did pretty well for someone who is uncomfortable with them!
JetMalek's avatar
Aw, heheh. I hadn't thought of the world ending as I saw this actually...

I thought of a girl who was *way* happy about something. So my first thought was, "I've had moments like these!"

So if there is any ending of life or worlds involved, hopefully I've not had moments like those after all!

Flane-Erenaeoth's avatar
Sele's a really weird spontaneous character, but I really like exploring ideas of freedom of expression through her- the idea that things don't have to be rational and that beauty is bizarre and abstract- and that life is momentary and about living in an unrepeatable present. Lots of the inspiration I have for pieces with her in derive from one of my favourite poems I studied when I was much younger- Porphyria's Lover by Robert Browning.
JetMalek's avatar
Wow, so she is an original character, too! I should have guessed~ ^_^

I know what you mean. Certain characters can be liberating to the imagination, as can certain poetry or other creative works.
Flane-Erenaeoth's avatar
yep. =) She's one of the few times I've been able to try and explore visual poetry in a more free style. And for that reason I don't want her to ever become a set in stone person, but to always be free, evolving, and with a bizarre sense of the unknown and mystery
Winterquist's avatar
Hah. Lovely. I can't stop looking.
Flane-Erenaeoth's avatar
Ah. You are very kind, thank you =) A lot of this was actually inspired by your work- I wanted to do more with lines =)
Aimelle's avatar
I love to draw spirals and swirls... but I love to look at others as well :p here I like the vibrant colors and the idea of the girl makes it very attractive. well done =]
Flane-Erenaeoth's avatar
Thanks very much, it's a style of art I've never done before, so it was very much experimental. I'm glad you like it.
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