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.::Heather Wilson::.

My very first OC and very first Digimon OC. Heather. Yay.

I wasn't going to upload this since I used a model reference sheet of Sora for reference to help with mimicking the style, so the poses and such aren't mine. But decided what could it hurt, I'll draw a new picture of her soon enough. This is just profile crap. I changed a few things but I'm not going to take full credit on the pose stuffs.

And that egg beside her is Cyanomon's. Love it.

This is just her Adventure/Season 1 information. Once I draw how she looks in 02/Season 2, I'll have post it and have her information for when she's older in the artist's comments.


Name: Heather Wilson
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: American
Family: Mr. and Mrs. Wilson (parents), Tyler Jr. (older brother)
Pet: None
Trademark: Orange hat
Favorite Animal: Seals
Favorite Color: Orange
Digimon: Cyanomon
Digivice: Periwinkle (When activated)
Crest: Compassion
Bio: Heather had once lived in America before having to move to Japan due to her father's job in the navy. Understanding little to no Japanese, she's having a rather difficult time adjusting to her new home.
Personality: Playful and very active, Heather is a fun-loving girl who prides herself in the ability to make other's laugh easily. She's not a big risk-taker and scares easily. Heather is extremely compassionate which can be a double edged sword. On one hand she's able to demonstrate great empathy and cares deeply for friends, but on the other this can cloud her judgement regarding untrustworthy acquaintances.
Likes: Eating any kind of chocolate, playing softball, see other people smiles,  the sound of laughter, cheesy love stories
Dislikes: Seafood, monkeys, being teased in any capacity, being stuck indoors for too long, being belittled
Interests/Hobbies: Playing softball, reading, playing video games, music.


With Tai: Heather enjoys joking around with him and watching him act like a goof; however, she really dislikes his frequent blatent disregard for safety and his risk-taking behavior.
With Matt: She thinks Matt's kinda moody and strange, but she admires how much he really cares for his friends deep down.
With Sora: Before discovering the world of Digimon and the fact she was a Digidestined, Heather and her own mother would sometimes visit the flower store run by Sora's mother. Thus she and Sora are on somewhat friendly terms. She just wishes Sora wouldn't try to take so much of the world on her shoulders.
With Izzy: Sometimes she watches Izzy work on his computer. They don't really speak with each other that much, mostly due to Izzy's reluctance to engage with other people.
With Mimi: Heather doesn't get along with Mimi that much because of Mimi's superfical and somewhat bratty behavior.
With Joe: She speaks with Joe quite frequently and finds much in common with him as the two of them are the 'look and then double check before you leap' people of the group. Though she does sometimes think Joe over does it on the caution on occassions.
With TK: Heather finds him adorable but a bit whiny. She's trying to break him of that habit before he gets too much older.
With Kari: As Kari is sickly, Heather usually helps Tai and Sora with taking care of her and the two develop a sort of friendship.
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Digimon styleeeeeee!
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May I use this base for an OC?
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wow this looks cool x3
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She is pretty! =D Aw, I wonder if she will have a nice relationship with TK ;)
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Thank you.

Who knows ^^
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Heather! I've seen her in your stamps but I was curious to if you'd submit anything with her :3

Yay for Adventure OCs <3 I also love how she's not Japanese, not even 1/2 or 1/4th or something silly like that. I feel like all the old Adventure OCs were like that xP
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Heh. Glad you like her ^^

Yep. Just wanted a pure American. I knew of a good way for her to be in Japan too since that happened to someone I knew.
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She's really cool^o^
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Aww, Cyano's egg. 8D
It's kinda cool how she still is an Adventure OC. :3
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Cyano's egg~

That crazy bird.

Yeah, even after all these years.
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Now that I think of it, Cyanomon somehow gives off an Adventure digimon-like feeling. D: I dunno why.
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She's pretty! :heart: Her smile is so cute :love:
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She's huggable cute! 8D
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Heh. Glad you think so. She might not.
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Be glad you think she's huggable.
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Would she eat mah face off if I DID try to hug her? I don't want mah face being ettin off!
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