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:iconflammieplz: :iconflammieplz: This group is a group that loves both, Flammies and Dragons. People who loves these, this is the group for them. Here you can just draw whatever you want involving flammies and dragons. :iconflammieplz: :iconflammieplz:
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Flammie info and Rules

If you don't know what a Flammie, then here is a little info. :iconflammieplz:
Flammies are basically furry, four winged dragons from the SNES game Secret of Mana. :iconflammieplz:

#1 Submission must relate to dragons and or Flammies in one way or other

#2 treat others the way you want to be treated.

#3 no Religious or Racist comments in Chat rooms or comments section.

#4 no swearing in literature (very little or none) or in picture

#5 place the story or picture in the right folder

#6 any sexual, foul language or extreme violence in the story or picture must have the Mature Content sign on it.

#7 If your artwork or stories haven't came into the group within 2 or 3 days since you have submitted them, send a note to the group right away to get them in.

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Stories of Dragons
Update... ERROR(Dragon TF Story)People are complicated. They never seem to be happy with using products the way they are intended. What am I talking about? Well, in this case, a client brought in his 2058 Memory Chip that goes into a slot you can have put into your head through a delicate surgery. Makes it handy for businessmen such as this one was, so they can keep up with their numbers better. Anyway, he didn’t bring it in for repairs, nonono. He wanted me to add him being able to, quote unquote, “roar like a dragon,” into it, for one of his hobbies, I suppose. As if fixing these things wasn’t hard enough. Argh. Most, like myself, have problems with just the repairs themselves. But this stuck-up, high-class man thinks I can work miracles, I guess.…We’ll see how this goes. The money’s enough to make me try just about anything. Enough it’ll put my son through college. * * * * *So, maybe. This has got to be one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever tried my hand at, and it has… mmmmm, 30% chance of success. Now to do this, I had to convert a dragon roaring video into audio, then, through some complicated encryption, manage to not crash his entire Chip (like what has happened a few times with these things) while placing this data in. I will admit, I had a huge sigh of relief once everything was working properly, and truly proud of it too.Now, for the true test. I slipped out my Chip on repairing these Chips out and stuck the businessman’s Chip in. In case you’re wondering, we repairmen have signed papers from the government that we will not use any of the information in the Memory Chips. The only time we’re even supposed to be able to is for trying them out, making sure they run properly, such as I did. And therein is where the problems began.At first, it was just like any regular checkup. The usual business ventures popped up in my head, which I shuffled past in my mind to get to the update. When I got to it, I had a curious thing happen. I could tell it was still loading it, instead of being operational like most of the time when doing repairs. Then when it did fully arrive, a massive headache hit me, sending me to my knees while clutching at my head. I roared (yes, roared) in pain, and realized it had worked. Only problem was… that wasn’t the only thing it had changed. And was still changing. My hands now had claws for fingers, my face was part muzzle, and there was something poking from the base of my spine.‘Okay,’ I thought, ‘maybe this will all go away if I pull this back out.’ So gently, as I didn’t want to scratch myself with my new claws, did so, and… nothing. Claws, scaly muzzle, and what I assumed to be the start of a tail, which by the feel of it on my leg was also scaly, were all still there when I pulled the Chip out. I needed a little bit to take this in. Okay, so this needed some work done on it. For now, I wanted a mirror, and a hole in my pants for my tail. Sitting like I was was making it extremely uncomfortable, even with it going down my pants leg.Walking down the hallway, I made it to my bathroom and saw what weird things this had done to me. A short reptilian snout pulled away from the rest of my face, making it look out of place. Taking one of the claws on my right hand, I made an opening in my pants, then pulled out my tail. In one sense, I felt like I should be against this; in another… I was enjoying the feeling. Claws sharp enough to rip meat off the bone, a dark green, scaled tail that swung behind me, keeping my balance, and a short muzzle of the same scale color that already magnified smells by a good bit. Smiling into the mirror, I saw slightly lengthened, sharp teeth.This didn’t feel as bad as one would think. ‘Maybe more would be even better,’ the thought snuck in. Wait, was this thing altering my thinking? Even without it being in? This was unprecedented. I was a Memory Chip engineer, not a Chip developer. But at the present moment I couldn’t really fight the thoughts plaguing my mind. Being... all... the... way... would... be... so... good… came seeping in without my consent. Try as I might, I couldn’t stop the clawed hand from putting that Chip back in. ‘Noooo,’ my true thoughts screamed out, but it was too late.Another roar came out as I felt changes spread throughout my body. My tail grew longer, along with my snout. A burning sensation came from around my muzzle, tail, and hands. When I looked at my hands, they were becoming covered with the same dark green scales. Emotions swept through me as I saw these; some afraid of what was happening to me, others excited for me, which caused concern to clash in along with those. I gripped my head as these waves of conflicting feelings crashed inside there as my changes continued. Speaking of, the scales had come up my arms, down my neck, and down my legs, along with climbing up my stomach area.My leg bones gave a loud ~snap~, and down I went as they started contorting into some monstrous form. A new and beautiful form. ‘SHUT UP!’ I yelled in my head at the Chip-influenced thoughts. Enjoy… this… human… came the response. Huh? Response? What kind of wacky crap is this? Chips weren’t supposed to talk back. Of course, a lot of things this was doing wasn’t supposed to happen. Shaking my head, I glanced down to check on where the changes had gotten to. My legs had the shape of a dog’s hind legs, and it seemed that my feet were transforming now, as my feet were feeling tight in my shoes. While I was watching, my toes began feeling weird, then three large claws started pushing out, shredding the front of my shoes.Then suddenly, my vision and hearing cut out. Quite frankly, I had completely forgotten about what was going on with my head. Both senses came back eventually, sharper than ever. I lifted my claws up to touch my muzzle, giving off a very freaky feeling. My first, first-hand experience of scale on scale contact. But as I continued stroking my reptilian snout, it became comforting instead. As I rubbed where my chin once was, I extended my feeling to see where the scales had gotten to. They were at my chest, but something seemed different from ones on my back. These seemed to be large plates that met in the middle on the front, from my extending neck, to the tip of my tail. Woah, extending neck? Sure enough, my head was presently being pulled away from the rest of my body by this part of the body.Another ~snap~ resounded in the fairly tight bathroom I was in, but this time from my back. I tried standing up, but found I could not. This… is… good… , once again that creepy, good thinking… why am I thinking that’s good? Am I truly going crazy? Then there again, it was comforting in a way. A weird, different way, absolutely, but comforting nevertheless. In fact, my human mind was really just bothering me, getting in the way of production. It would be much easier to go through these changes without it. WHAT? Shaking my head didn’t work for this, so going over to the wall (with numerous slip and falls from four-legged walking, as well as tile flooring), I pounded it against the wall, hoping against hope that this would do it. In fact, what might really help is getting that dang Chip out of my head. And therein lies a problem in of itself. My (now) forelegs wouldn’t cooperate with bending far enough to grab the Chip, and possibly, at the very least, slow down the process of switching my mind to, what I could only assume was a dragon’s mind.On that note, I could feel one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a dragon growing in. Wings. And unlike most of the transformation so far, this really, really hurt. Felt like someone taking a sledge hammer and smashing my shoulder blades with it, then taking hold of a soldering iron and trying to run it through my back… from inside, out. For the first time through this entire ordeal, I cried in pain, tears streaming down my elongated snout, dripping onto the tile with a sound that I easily caught with my new ears. Although, they were more than overloaded with the sounds of… whatever was going on back there. Like muscles being pulled, bones snapping together; sounded sickening. And the pain, oh, the pain!If that wasn’t enough, something pulled at the back of my head, seeming to be attached to my skull from the pain. It felt like someone took that same sledge hammer and came up to my skull and slammed it against the back of it. And with each pull, it seemed the dragon thoughts could seep in even more, ever easier. My mind finally started going blank when I went unconscious. * * * * *A long, black limousine pulled up in front of the Chip Engineer’s shop. A sharp dressed, young businessman stepped out once the chauffeur had opened the back door. As he walked up to the door of the man, a long smile came to his face. He couldn’t wait to see how well the update he was getting downloaded onto his Memory Chip operated. There wasn’t much else he wanted or needed, but roaring like a dragon… would be a dream come true. Oh, he wondered what it would be like.But right after he rang the doorbell, there came a roar from inside the shop. And it didn’t sound as pleasurable as he thought; in fact, it scared the crap out of him. Loud thud, thud, thuds sent shivers down his spine. Something large was coming toward the door, and whatever it was didn’t sound too happy with another presence being there. The door handle rattled in its place while whatever it was tried to grip it. It soon stopped, and with an angry roar, smashed the door, splintering it into tiny pieces that flew everywhere. Thankfully the businessman’s reaction was quick enough to throw his hands in front of his face, preventing blindness from said wood particles. When he lowered his hands, he let out a large gasp.Before him stood a huge, monstrous, dark-green scaled dragon, with red scutes running from the top of his neck, to the tip of his tail, as well as red hair along his back in the same manner. Large, red membraned wings were unfurled out, a primitive display of superiority of the reptilian predator he was beholding. ‘Could this be the engineer? Has to be; no one else would have anywhere close to a reason for being this way.’ His shocked musings led to his doom; for as he was thinking these things, the dragon saw him as a threat, prompting him to throw out a claw and slash the poor sap. The chauffeur was in such a fright that he drove off in so much a hurry, it made the limousine’s tires squeal. Once again the dragon roared, then it flapped its wings and soared off from the gruesome sight, letting the winds guide him whichever way they blew.
G for Gavin (dragon vore story)This is only the first part of a short story. For only 3 dollars a month, you can read the whole thing, as well as several dozen other stories in the archive.: ~~...~~ (G for Gavin) Hoo boy, what a long day. Gavin could barely concentrate as he drove down the quiet street. It seemed like there was growing public unrest these days. He just wasn’t sure why.Gavin was a proud member of the Ultimus Police Department: Ground Division. He wanted to think that most of his time on the force was spent doing simple security work and keeping the peace… but there was always the odd day out when trouble brewed. Armed robberies, arsons, domestic disputes… life on the force could get real ugly at times. Oh, thank Tiamat that he’d managed to survive as long as he had.Gavin gave a yawn as he made his way down the road. His eyes felt heavy, and his vision was blurring. A long day of working to serve and protect had left the ivory dragon weary. He’d need to stop somewhere to get a little pick-me-up if he wanted to remain awake long enough to get home to the wife and kids. And as he spotted familiar lights down the street, the perfect spot came to mind. There, on the corner of Dutch Street and Eleventh Avenue, was a quaint little coffee shop: Delilah’s Doughnuts.Ah, just the place to wake a drake up, Gavin thought with a smile.One of the curious traditions for law enforcement, as evidenced in archived history of the old earth, was the routine consumption of baked goods of a certain caliber; most often doughnuts. Many dragons were curious as to why human officers had such an affinity for such things… but many others accepted the tradition with open arms. And after dragons figured out how to MAKE such doughnuts, many in law-enforcing drakes found them to be quite the delicious things indeed. Perhaps humans of the old world were wiser than some drakes gave them credit for.Gavin parked his squad car, making doubly-sure that the lights and siren weren’t blaring. He then stepped out, dusted off his official uniform, and eagerly made his way up the stairs and through the door. He fanned out his wings and swung his tail from side to side; spending most of his time behind the wheel really made his extra limbs rather stiff.The scent of freshly-brewed coffee delighted Gavin’s nostrils, while the familiar jingle of the front bell wracked his ear frills. His eyes adjusted to the light, and he looked around with a fond smile at the interior of Delilah’s Doughnuts. The floors were polished to perfection, and the walls were bright and cheery. There was a long bar for dragons to sit to enjoy their meals, while pleasant music played quietly on the radio. There were no customers present, despite the shop being open twenty-four hours. But that was just perfect for Gavin; he preferred to eat alone. ”Good evening, Officer.” The familiar voice of the server said with a friendly wave. “You’re right on time: your coffee is almost ready.”The drake gave a toothy grin as he sat down at the end of the bar; he’d come here so many times each week that the staff had grown accustomed to his routine. And it was his favorite flavor, too: hazelnut.The ladies here really know how to take care of an officer. Gavin sighed in relief as he stretched his arms over his head.“Did you have a rough day, Mr. Gavin?” The red dragoness asked as she approached.“A rough week, Doris.” Gavin huffed. He pulled off his helmet, revealing his shaved head. “Things have been rather hectic all across the district lately. I didn’t even think I’d have the time for my usual late-night snack.”“Well, we’re glad you made it.” Doris said. “The girls and I have been rather worried lately.”“Meh, I’ll be fine.” The ivory drake snorted. “It’ll take an army to take down this stubborn old drake.”“Old? You don’t seem that old to me.” Doris grimaced.“Oh, I feel like it sometimes, Doris.” Gavin snorted. He traced a talon along the stubble on his chin. “Twenty years of service will do that to a dragon.” “Well, you’re certainly a handsome fellow in any case.” Doris smiled. “I’m sure that your wife is a very lucky dragoness.”“That she is, that she is…” Gavin laughed as he pulled out his wallet.Gavin paid for his meal, and Doris brought him his usual late-night special in a heartbeat; two freshly-baked chocolate doughnuts, along with a large mug of hazelnut coffee. Gavin counted his blessings that he could spend every other night relaxing here, enjoying the soothing aromas and the cheerful ambiance. After all, there was no telling when something might go wrong, and he wouldn’t be able to see this place again.I should really bring the wife and kids here this weekend, Gavin decided for himself.“Doris!” A blue dragoness called from the kitchen area. “Come help me out back here! We need to get the place prepared for the boys in the early morning shift!”“I’ll be right there, Maggie!” Doris called with a hand by her mouth. She looked back at Gavin and sighed. “You’ll have to enjoy your snack by yourself, Mr. Gavin.”“It’s alright by me; I shouldn’t linger for too long anyway.” Gavin shrugged. “Don’t want to give the missus the wrong idea, you know?”“Fair enough.” Doric chirped. She carefully made her way into the kitchen area. “Be back in a few minutes, Mr. Gavin!”The ivory drake waved at her, before picking up his mug and enjoying his meal. He sighed in delight as the chocolate cream filled his mouth with joy and wonder. Truly this was the best way to end a long day of work and toil…Something skittered along the counter, making Gavin’s ear frills tremble. He saw something off to the left, just on the edge of his field of vision. It was small, and a bit pale. Gavin did his best not to alert the little thing that he’d spotted it; it was crouching down behind the side of the little glass cabinet on the counter. If it was hiding, then that meant that it wasn’t supposed to be there....
Wizards and Lizards(Dragon TF Story)“Let’s see, he wants… moonberry… two frogs?... a sprinkle of fairy dust, where is that?... There!... and a bottle of dragon’s tongue. Dragon’s tongue? Oh, the flower.” A man mumbled as he collected said items.He was adorned in a robe that made him look like a wizard, but he was yet to be one. But such was the occupation he was apprenticing for. This green eyed, blonde haired young man was named Henry Dover. His childhood dream had been to use magic; even now he couldn’t wait for when he learned to. For now, though, his training was in the alchemy arts. Potions, poisons, and the sort. His master had said you needed to put spells into these concoctions, which would help later in learning actual spell wielding. Henry was quite the devoted sort, so he was willing to push through this, knowing that one day his master would finally teach him how to cast spells. Even a simple healing spell would be nice, just so he knew something, but he would be patient. Stumbling through the doorway of the storage room for these components, he began thinking that it might be different kinds of potions that he would be learning. Henry was quite excited just thinking of learning anything new. If it meant one more step towards his goal, he would do this to his utmost ability. Suddenly, the front door to the little hut they had swung open hard, while a man clothed in a blue robe with a pointed hat rushed in, closing the door very quickly. This man was Charles Westridge. He had white hair that showed his age, and piercing icy blue eyes. Hunched over, he tried to regain the breath he had lost while apparently having had to run from something. Henry smiled.“Well, who did you manage to tick off this time?” the apprentice asked his master.Having recomposed himself, the elderly man said, “A couple of goblins. Though they should be about to… “ he stopped his index finger pointing up in a waiting position, listening to the screams that came from outside. “... run into the trap spells I set up. Those two thieves took these bracelets from an upstanding citizen from a village to the south of here. I’ll be taking these back to him in the morning.”“So, why did you get involved?” Henry asked.“Because they had enchantments on them that had the thieves known what they were about, could kill almost anyone coming after them. I know counter spells to prevent me from being subject to their powers. Now, back to your lessons, I suppose, eh? Ah, I see you got everything ready. Perfect. We are going to be making a potion for water breathing. Just a simple one for today… since tomorrow I will be teaching you how to perform magic spells.” He finished with a smile that seemed to spread to his student.“You mean it?!”“Absolutely. You came to me to learn magic, and I think you’re ready for the next step.” The elderly wizard nodded.“Thank you so much!” said the ecstatic Henry. He was finally going to become a true wizard!“You’re welcome, my student. Anyway, there’s the alchemy book next to you. Figure out what you need, how much of each, the right incantation to put on it, and we’ll see if you did so correctly. I have confidence in you, but don’t get overconfident there. I am going to take a nap while you’re doing this. All that running did me in.”As Charles left the room, Henry was already daydreaming about casting spells. He kept enough attention to put in the right amount of ingredients for everything… except the dragon’s tongue. Two petals more than was required were dropped in from the apprentice’s hands. There is something you have to know about alchemy. You get even a small amount off, more or less, and the whole thing works differently. But back to this young man, he put the enchantment on it like he was supposed to and went to wake his master up.“Color consistency… is right. Magic energies… feel appropriate, though slightly stronger.” The older man said as he checked the potion. “All in all, should be safe. If you want, you can use this and swim out in the lake down the path. You’ve earned a break, plus it’ll rest you up for the hard learning you’ll have tomorrow.”“Certainly, thank you so much, master!” the young man exclaimed in glee.As the elder wizard went back to nap some more, Henry dipped a ladle in and drank some right there. He started feeling funny while walking to the door, when suddenly blue scales erupted from his skin everywhere at once. A tingly pull came from the bottom of his spine as a long, scale covered, fish-like tail ripped a hole in his robe. Another of the same kind of pull came on the other end of his spine as his neck lengthened. Located in the middle of his spine, came a numb sensation that sent him on all four sets of claws that had replaced his hands and feet as they grew webbing in between them. A long dorsal fin ran down from the top of his now draconic head, down to three quarters of the way down the tail. His body swelled larger, and larger, until the room couldn’t hold his water dragon’s body. * * * * *Charles woke up from his nap, enjoying the sunshine on his face… wait, his chair wasn’t near a window! Opening his eyes slowly, he glanced around. This brought him to jump out of his chair, for there was no building around him. At first he thought he had to be dreaming. Pinching himself proved that wrong. A giant shadow loomed over him, and the elderly man almost had a heart attack. There, standing before him, was an enormous water dragon, much bigger than any house. Sharp teeth that looked like that could rip him to shreds glistened in the sunlight. “Heh, think there might have been something off with that potion,” the embarrassed, blue scaled dragon that Henry was now, nervously said. “So… you said we’re starting magic casting tomorrow?”
Stories of Flammies
Stories with BOTH Dragons and Flammies
Hybrid Flammie or Dragon Hybrid or both
Queen's lair by TellerySpyro
TF Flammies and Dragons
Swap Into A Mana Dragon by Pheagle-Adler
Love Pictures
Soft things by umunschaas
Love Stories

Mature Content

War of the Third Demon part 1 preview by FatherOfMusho
Mature Content

Mature Content

Flavie and Giben by delaverano
Journals and Commissions Info
Artwork Commission (Open)- Welcome to Artwork Commission -Artworks can be like:,Please don't complain about the prices, the prices are such for my hard work in it, currently taking commission with PayPal only, not points.- RULES -- Be detailed in the description, and leave me a few pictures of the character.- If you are getting a detailed background add-on, describe the background you like.- Optional -- For this commission, you will be able to write me something that I will put in the description for your character, such as something about them.- Payment via PayPal -You can pay me here:" You don’t have to convert dollars into euro, I wrote for both "- Headshots and background : 2€ / 3$- Half Body and background : 5€ / 6$- Full body and background : 10€ / 12$- Special Artwork : 16€ / 18$More details:(1€ Euro in dollar is a 1.20$)(2€ Euro in dollar is a 2.40$)(5€ Euro in dollar is a 6.00$)(10€ Euro in dollar is a 12.00$)(16€ Euro in dollar is a 19.17$)What can I paint for you:- Dragons -- Wyverns -- Lizards -You can get one of these listed:- Headshots -- Half Body - - Fullbody -- Special Artwork -- Joining slots -1 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)2 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)3 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)4 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)5 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)- Pending for next round -6 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)7 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)8 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)9 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)10 - (Empty slot) - (Character) - (0)
Bases N Lineart N Doll Makers- Not Yet used in Art
FREE TO USE | Feathered Wof Bases by Fenmyth
Adopt Batch OPEN by aceAlari


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