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Like the subject says, I'm poor and bored. Sooo I'm throwing my hat into the art trade/commission ring.

ENTERTAIN ME! :E I mean, note me if you're interested.
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1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most one at the least.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some question yourself!!

1. Flame
2. Braxton
3. Felice
4. Torin

A. How old are you?
Flame: 19!
Braxton: As old as you'd like me to be, sweetheart.
Felice: Who knows anymore? I've been time-traveling so much I've lost track.
Torin: Does it matter?

B. Height?
Flame: Five foot four. I'm not short! ;_;
Braxton: Six foot one.
Felice: Five foot nine.
Torin: ...this is pointless.

C. Do you have any bad habits?
Flame: No, I'm absolutely perfect. Okay, I believe the best in people too much?
Braxton: Ah, I love too fiercely!
Felice: Bad habits? Not killing my father-in-law. Serious character flaw for me.
Torin: Yes. Many.

D. You a virgin??
Flame: Ahahaha! Yeah right! Man you just don't...oh wait, that's probably something you don't want to hear about.
Braxton: I've made women a habit since I was 13.
Felice: Excuse me?!
Torin: Ah, that most important question. No.

E. Who's your mate/spouse?
Flame: Aiden! He's a bum, but I love him anyway.
Braxton: I wouldn't ever a claim a woman as such. No one measures up to my mother anyway.
Felice: Lukar.
Torin: I knew a girl once. Then I tortured her and sold her to the highest bidder. So I guess I don't have one anymore.

F. Have any kids?
Flame: Oh, three. Braze, Torin and Callia. They are sweet. Well, I mean, Torin has a few...quirks, but uh, he's just fine. Really.
Braxton: Children! No, I have no need for them as yet.
Felice: Uh, yeah. I think. Well maybe not presently, but eventually? God I have no idea. Par and Kes, that's all you need to know.
Torin:, I'm sure anyone with my baby would kill themselves before having it.

G. Favorite food?
Flame: I love ice cream!
Braxton: Creme brulee. Such a lovely taste of home.
Felice: Sour candy.
Torin: It all tastes the same.

H. Favorite Ice cream flavor?
Flame: Sweet jebus, all of them. Except pralines and cream. What's a praline, anyway?
Braxton: Sweet cream.
Felice: Vanilla.
Torin: These things matter to you?

I. Killed anyone?
Flame: Well, they definitely deserved it.
Braxton: They were all liars.
Felice: Not on purpose.
Torin: I was setting them free.

J. Hate anyone?
Flame: Yeah, Aiden's stupid sister.
Braxton: I hate my father quite passionately, but he's dead now.
Felice: I'd call it an all-encompassing loathing rather than just hatred.
Torin: Emotions are complicated.

K. Any secrets?
Flame: Not anymore.
Braxton: I'd say my life is one big secret.
Felice: ...just the one.
Torin: Yes. I'm not crazy, everyone else is.

L. Love anyone?
Flame: Wholeheartedly. Even if he is a bum.
Braxton: Myself, naturally. I do have a certain fondness for one I neglected to kill--er, break it off with.
Felice: Yes. I think so. Am I even capable of love? I'm so confused.
Torin: My sisters.

M. What is your job?
Flame: Queen!
Braxton: Ridding the world of lying women.
Felice: Living down my mother's reputation.
Torin: Lieutenant in my father's army.

N. Are you a boy or a girl??
Flame: Girl. Woman. Uh, yeah.
Braxton: Un homme.
Felice: I'm a woman, idiot.
Torin: Male.

O. Family?
Flame: Plenty of it!
Braxton: Oh, my sister is around somewhere, letting our poor mother's memory down, but my parents are firmly in the grave.
Felice: Unfortunately.
Torin: More or less.

P. Best Friends?
Flame: Aiden. It's hard to get out much when you're imprisoned.
Braxton: No, I do not think they would appreciate my lifestyle.
Felice: Er, good question.
Torin: Luc will never let me forget it.

Q. What was the most surprising moment in your life up until now?
Flame: When I found out Aiden was in love with me.
Braxton: Realizing the broken soul of a country girl I left behind now heads up a man-hunt for my person in conjunction with a dirty pirate.
Felice: I don't want to talk about it.
Torin: Things don't really surprise me. I suppose finding out Shay wasn't dead like I thought she would be. That's was more a disappointment than a surprise though.

Yay for wasting time. Borrowed this from Tibek. I suppose it's a tagging game, but I am lazy!
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Just a thank you to anyone who has favorited my work recently..I let them all pile up and now I don't have the time (translation: i am so desperately lazy) to thank everyone one by one!

but I sure do appreciate it. :3

I'm also not dead, but not much alive. A scanner looms on the horizon, now it's just a matter of getting it in my general vicinity. Then updates shall flow forth like a river. A river that is filled with many rocks and driftwood that often cause delays.
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Goodness, when did I get 2000? :O I wish I were more involved in the devArt community...I really never notice when anything around this page is going on.

Maybe if I were more invested, I'd update/check it more but then again, I believe laziness triumphs over productivity forever.
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It seems like sometimes I just go for ages without drawing a thing. Those are times I severely dislike.

But I am moving into my own apartment right in the heart of Portland, and I get to work at a cool hotel, and seeing as how work/school will be most of my life, I imagine I will procrastinate both things by drawing. I can hope!

In other news, it is very fun digging up old characters and revamping them. Especially when they are characters from places you haven't visited in ages (I'm looking at you, PMMUSH).
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Bwah! I thought I was safe from tagging by my reclusiveness on DA, but I was wrong!

List ten things that bring you joy, then tag ten more people to do the same.

1. Sitting in the sun and taking naps with absolutely nothing left to do for the rest of the day.

2. That ridiculous rush of riding really awesome roller coasters

3. Playing with my cousin's cute little pug puppy

4. Riding ponies!!! Aka horses. They are so pretty and fun!

5. Drawing something that I am happy with

6. Feeling like I am making a good difference in other peoples' lives

7. Being in art museums and staring at my favorites for hours, with no interruptions and no questions asked

8. Getting exactly what I want...bwahahar.

9. Traveling to exotic lands! And immersing myself in the culture

10. Being with good friends and shooting the shit about nothing for hours, once again with no obligations or anything to do for the rest of the day. Possibly the rest of my life. Heaven = sitting on a hammock hanging out with friends.

annnnd I'll tag...

:icontibek: :iconjolta: :iconaqua-limeade: :icontamuril-marie:
:iconpoint-thirteen: and that's it because I don't feel like typing any more names in. c_c
Work is so terribly boring. I am counting down the days until I get to MOVE because heyyyy everybody I got accepted to University of Victoria in Canada. :3 And that is where I shall go to study artses and learn of the wonderous Great White North. Maybe I will see a moose. Or a mountie.

I am squealing with internal delight.
Yay! I updated it some more. So um, everyone visit.

Seriously, it's better than this place. It has all my art, including all my old crap stuff! So if you wanna see how much I sucked, that is the place to see it.
So if it isn't obvious by now, I'm trying to fix up my style a bit and go for something not quite so anime. It's more for me, because it's a lot easier to be unique when you're not imitating a style so commonly used.

It's also a lot harder to judge quality of work when you don't have so many things to compare it to :P Or that's my philosophy, as it were.

This recent wave of updates comes from my recent drive to draw, because lately, things have been so ridiculous at school, and I often am not home on the weekends anyway, so I never get to sit down and just draw like I used to. Well hopefully I can remedy that. Maybe?
Big thanks to Point-Thirteen (keyses!) for the avatar! Long time coming in that one :3 Now I'm not unidentified, yaaay.
It's been so hard to find the time to draw lately. But with spring break here, I may be able to start churning some more junk out, whoo! Strange though, the only thing I feel like doing drawing-wise lately is redrawing old pictures. Oh well, whatever works!