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DR Rainbow Dash Puppet Rigs v1.1

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Flamingo1986 (Zachary Rich) is proud to present the front, three-quarters, and profile flash puppet rigs for Rainbow Dash being used for his next pony animation - Double Rainboom!

You can download the .FLA in CS4.0 format in the "GALLERY" section of the film's official website here: [link]

v1.2 ► (Coming Soon!) Back 3-Quarters view.
v1.1 ► (June 15th, 2012) Secondary hair pieces, secondary wings.
v1.0 ► (May 21st, 2012) Official release - front, 3Q, & profile views fully nested with mouths, eyelids, cheeks, ears, wings, and other general body parts.

Alrighty! Version 1.1 is out! Let me know what you all think!

• Zachary Rich (assets, rigging)
• Kurt Smith (assets, rigging) [link]
• Michelle LaPalme (assets)
• Rachel McWhirter (assets) [link]
• Christer Jensen (assets)
• Travis Tessmer (assets)
• Sean Simon (assets)
• Eric Kurzmack (assets)


• MLPFiM Original characters created by Lauren Faust & DHX Media • MLPFiM © Hasbro Inc. • Double Rainboom is no way designed to infringe upon the rights of Hasbro and DHX Media. It is, completely and utterly, a fan-made concept and intended for free distribution for the promotion of My Little Pony.
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GintokkiHobbyist Digital Artist
:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

This is very good, as the other critique said. I downloaded the puppet but even if it lookes almost perfect, there are more things to be said:
Vision: the lip sync looks good from three quarters and profile, but the front one has little issues ( i.e. the chin is too pointy, so are the corners or the mouth),
the highlights are okay, but something seems to be missing, or it may just be me.
But still, i give this one a 3.

Originality: well, nobody tried to make some animation bases for a fan-made episode..right? This is original, just like the twilight sparkle puppet. I give it a 5

Tehnique: The tehnique is very accurate, the colors are perfect, and the mane/tail animations seen to be taken from the show! This has a 5 from me

Impact: This does have impact since you can use it for whatever you want. i give it a 4.5.

But it's very good and simple, for animator starters, or anybody else. Good job!
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kkqj27Professional Artisan Crafter
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I think this is very good! It can help many artist with there lips and eyes. And this looks like it is right from the show of My little pony. And also, this looks like you putted alot of hard work into this to make it neat as possible. And if you are doing this by your self, i can see why it going to take about 5 months to do it because you want it to look your best! I gave you only 4 stars for Originality because My little pony is already here. We thank you all for doing this! Thank you very much.
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Looks like the official website has been closed, so anyone could give me the FLA documents?
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Barnes-Daishaun15Student Artist
There is no way how to do this with our OC's, once again everyone in the Rainboom team failed because there's no beginner's guide or a full tutorial about this
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Barnes-Daishaun15Student Artist
What about for OC's
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Lalalover4everYTHobbyist Digital Artist
COuld you make a fluttershy one that you can downlaod as PNG so I can use it in paint?
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DatPoneEnthusiast90Student Digital Artist
Download link doesn't work EqG Rainbow Dash (Pout) Plz
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Dusty21134Hobbyist Digital Artist
YAY!!! i can do things is MS paint now!!!!

i hate this sh!tty laptop...
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Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
Do any of these rigs have those DHX rigs that Hasbro ordered "cease and desist" to fan projects using it?
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TruuceyHobbyist General Artist
These puppets are great if it weren't for one big thing. This is SO layer-heavy. If you're focusing on tweens, that's good, but otherwise it can be SUCH a pain.
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Castlerock15Hobbyist Filmographer
Nice, Uh thou small question here. what's the difference between the normal eye blink layers and the ones under the 'Handle' category?
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why isn´t that on the doublerainboom.com page anymore?
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SparklingWingsHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any other place where I could download those puppets?
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Pegasister1029Hobbyist Artist
This is amazing! Everything I need! But....uh.....how do I get Flash? Please answer!
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ComputerDeathglareHobbyist General Artist
Buy it, or, if you're feeling particularly devilish, torrent it.
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Pegasister1029Hobbyist Artist
I am trying to convince my mother to let me buy it.
What is torrent?
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ComputerDeathglareHobbyist General Artist
Illegally download it. 
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Pegasister1029Hobbyist Artist
:iconliarjackplz: I've never illegally downloaded anything. Really.
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ComputerDeathglareHobbyist General Artist
My copy is from my friend. Really. That's not sarcasm, either.
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Pegasister1029Hobbyist Artist
Woooooooow......I really want the .Exe!!!!!
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GEZawaTTHobbyist General Artist
Just. Pirate. It.

I have never bought any software in my entire life.
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91vadpireStudent Digital Artist
if i ever have the money i will make pony story:meow:
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VitaniIsCuteStudent Digital Artist
Is.. there a CS3 version?
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