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FlamingDildo's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello guys, my name is Mook and I am an artist who illustrates original characters most of the time.

The characters mostly originate from a story that I have been working on for 4 or 5 years now, that I had initially planned to be small. I'd say it's progressed quite a bit...

I draw a ton of OCs, but intend to produce more fanart, although I don't know why it's so difficult for me, even more so than illustrating original content. Perhaps I should watch more anime, or observe more things that I can admire, which others are also familiar with and could therefore make the illustration more appealing to a wider range of people than solely myself.

I struggle greatly in drawing cute/light-hearted things, because what an artist produces reflects what they are psychologically... constructed of. To some extent, at least. It's not that I don't know happiness, but I guess I'm more familiar with resentment...! I still try to draw cute things from time to time in an attempt to liberate myself of that restriction.

If you ever see me trying to draw something romantic... it's most likely an older female with a (...much) younger male!

I'm Indonesian and I really love noodles! Also, you might notice that I use formal language most of the time, but sometimes I feel the need to simplify my words in order for others to understand me.
Despite my polite word choice, I'm a rather silly person and enjoy speaking of nearly everything! In private I dish out tons of spicy memes, you wouldn't even guess.

Also, when I try to speak 'normally', my slang may make me sound mean (dismissive, inconsiderate, etc.) sometimes, but I have nothing but the most positive intentions! ...If you hadn't done anything wrong to me, at least. Please excuse me if my 'normal' vocabulary is insulting or offensive in some way, as this tends to happen rather often.

Regarding the origins of my username, back in 2011 I mained an Archmage (Fire/Poison) in Maplestory, and wanted a suiting name for it. Since then, the name FlamingDildo had somewhat stuck to me and I had begun using the alias in other places, too!
Though they legit changed my name to FlamingDildE but they didn't change my Mercedes, 'illegalSpic', my Dark Knight, 'ThighLicker', or my Blaster 'BlastOnYoMom'. Good job Nexon lmfao

I'm aware my art might seem 'edgy' to some people, but I have no intention of displaying some almighty attitude in which I hate everything/body or whatever. When I illustrate a character experiencing pain, murder, agony or other forms of suffering, I am merely expressing my rancor and immense indignation I unfortunately harbor towards many people.
Contrary to some assumptions that have arisen, I do not "draw edgy shit to look cool".

The things I draw often vary in theme very much. One day light-colored innocent/sexy stuff, and the other heavy mutilation and gore... so please beware of that if you decide to Watch me...

And hey, I'd like for nobody to steal any of my creations (including my OCs; I exert much and careful thinking in their concepts).

Although my art may very often be felt to be very vengeful and "uhhh k.....", "stay away from this weirdo", I'm really nice as a person when treated with appropriate respect, and love favorites and comments on my submissions! I guess they even tie in to my confidence, to a substantial extent. Anyway, I quite enjoy making friends, you know!

TL;DR - That's unfortunate! Simplification diminishes detail and other small stuff I'd like people to know about me.


If you'd like, you can also find me here:

Pixiv –… (though I have only just returned there and have nearly no posts at all)

(Please watch out; my Pixiv may host highly inappropriate (considerably kinky) content! For those who have an account there and are able to see NSFW.)

YouTube:… (occasional speedpaints are posted there)

Twitter: (some WIPs and mostly bad jokes between one or two friends I tag every time)

Twitch: (FlamingDildo was taken)


Requests: Depends. Ask me, perhaps.
Art trades: Sure if you don't mind my crappy art lmao

My favorite type of characters are mature-looking women with half-closed eyes (for those who may wonder why I draw those so frequently)!

My drawings do not necessarily reflect my true nature as a person. (I may draw gore and all, but–)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Lyndel's Macrocosmic Metanoia
Phase 2 out of 3. It's complicated. This was meant to be a colorless manga page depicting the atmosphere diagonally splitting and parting into opposite directions, as a result of Lyndel's ability, paralyzing the others not to attack them, but actually protect them from someone who was about to kill them all (and has already injured everyone to varying extents).
Fight is occurring far away from town to secure the safety of its vulnerable residents.

Again, this having been initially intended for a manga page, I had some kind of script ready but. I don't know. Maybe I'll draw the manga pages that preceded this current pic some other time, as well as what Lyndel does during Phase 3; the sequel to the current scene.

The script had gone as:

“Lyndel, I know you hate fighting, but your Supersedence is the only one among us that can immobilize, and neutralize Anju!

He screws up Teddy’s regeneration so she can’t create new arms,

He reduces the empowerments from Renza’s combat orbs,

He binds transformation so Fifis can’t enter Titanic Transendence,

and his weapons ignore over half my defensive energies! Look at my armor!”

“Carmena, if I cast my Supersedence, everyone within one thousand meters will be caught in it! Not just Anju! I… I don’t want to risk hurting anyone on our side.”

“It doesn’t matter! We have no time; I know our bodies will be paralyzed, and will stop responding to our mental commands inside your dimension, but we can still communicate telepathically! I’ll project my soul out if I need to.”

“But... your heart, your nerves, everything–“

“Lyndel, please! 


…Break the world and fuck him up!”

Essentially, girl throws sword that slices the world, paralyses everything while she's the only one able to move, then kills her group's aggressor while he's frozen. This took me around two weeks, on and off, to finish, which is why I hadn't posted in so long. Hi again!

Also, Lyndel's ability may seem stupidly powerful, but these five characters are currently listed 17th - 13th most powerful characters out of my... 67 in total. There's way, way worse by the person who's #7... hahahaha.
For Sara
I offered to draw my friend and she was more than happy to choose her clothing.

Feel free to comment/critique
Elvis, if you're reading this, Skype deleted all my contacts (again) so add me on Discord if you want. You're important to me Flaming Dildo#6368
Rakina Concept Art (front)
Hey guys, I've returned, and with this that I've been working on for so long! This character is the same girl I posted a while ago; Renza's half-sister. May seem like an assassin, but she does not even use a weapon (or need one, for that matter)!

Hand. Her left hand. It hurts, a LOT, but it isn't her physical hand itself that is the most threatening, despite still being able to pierce through the body with a normal thrust, of course.

Rakina's uniquely defining feature is her ability to duplicate and re-manifest the motions of her hand, reflecting it upon her victim at tenfold severity. For example, if Rakina were to make a swiping motion across her lower waist, it would not harm herself, but it would telekinetically shred the organs of that area of the body within her opponent, causing them to spill liters of blood from their anus and the lacerations of their waist. Very, very painful, and it cannot miss.

Essentially, a voodoo effect.

Although it may sound impossible to withstand such an attack and win a fight, the effect can be resisted by two methods: possessing enough Ascendancy to become unaffected by others' manipulation of your aura (which is how Rakina's powers come to manifest) OR

Reflective energies. Rakina won't attack with her hand's special attribute, but will attempt hand-to-hand physical combat, as its physical attacks can pierce through such energies as her personal countermeasure against them. But then there's way more ways to defend against physical attacks, too, therefore, one's options in combat against Rakina are not very restricted at all.

A thing to note is that Rakina is currently number twelve (#12) most powerful, out of around 70 OCs. Meaning, there are at least 47 people below her that Angelica fights, justifying the extent of strength this character possesses as she's REALLY deep into the story. As well as the amount of different auras and empowerments introduced by that time.

I'd like to post her biography here, but I'd rather do that on Toyhouse as it'd be too long for here! I've already said a lot haha.
Reminder that my commissions are still open!
Saionji Sekai - THE WORLD
I watched School Days last week and I absolutely loved it, but I couldn't help but think of Dio when she said her name means world (and says WARUDO)!

So listen up guys, reasons why Saionji is actually Dio (yeah ikr):

- Says WARUDO in reference to her own name early on in the story
- Stops time on multiple occasions, one during which Kotonoha sees her in the train with Makoto (including other inhumanely long-ass pauses)
- Backstabs Kotonoha like Dio backstabbed Jonathan Joestar in part 1 and kinda Enya in part 3
- Uses knives but only once and only at the end of the show (but this still counts of course!)

Saionji Sekai is DIO confrim so I decided to draw her and her STANDO POWAA
Bevrin Bathing
I wanted to draw Bevrin with her hair down, as I had never done so in the past. I was also thinking of some kind of situation where she would have her hair like that, and I thought a rive or lake would be perfect!

Please feel free to tell me what you think, and/or leave a fave if you want



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