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FlamingDildo's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Note: I'd simply like to say that I don't mind receiving a llama as a form of gratitude for when I mark something of yours a Favorite, but any llama out of nowhere is equivalent to a false notification in my bar (in my opinion). They don't particularly possess any form of value to me like that, but as a thank you is fine. If sending a llama as a token of appreciation for my art, then instead, please consider individually Favoriting the particular piece that caught your eye. If it's anything else, you could also leave a comment. Thank you. BUT! Hey. I aaalways send a llama back, 100% of the time.

Note #2: I've shortened this bio a bit because of some things not being as accurate anymore, as I and my art have changed over the years here

Hello guys, my name is Mook and I am an artist who illustrates original characters most of the time.

The characters mostly originate from a story that I have been working on for 4 or 5 years now, that I had initially planned to be small. I'd say it's progressed quite a bit...

I draw a ton of OCs, but intend to produce more fanart, although I don't know why it's so difficult for me, even more so than illustrating original content. Perhaps I should watch more anime, or observe more things that I can admire, which others are also familiar with and could therefore make the illustration more appealing to a wider range of people than solely myself.

You may realize that sometimes, I have a very odd art style wherein I don't do lineart at all and the base colors will spill out of the sketchy lines. This is actually intended, as I feel sketchy lines to possess much more of a natural sensation than lineart (aside from the fact that lining pains and stresses me out on my own)! The cost to this is that it can make my drawings look silly and unfinished, but that is not quite the case.

In my art style, I prioritize expression and emotion over stability and cleanliness, often resulting in me simply calling it a day when I'm done with what others would call the sketch (my "lineart"). I do this because I think rough lines can possess much more 'feeling', somehow! Weird, I know.

I'm Indonesian and I really love noodles! Also, you might notice that I use formal language most of the time, but sometimes I feel the need to simplify my words in order for others to understand me.
Despite my polite word choice, I'm a rather silly person and enjoy speaking of nearly everything! In private I dish out tons of spicy memes, you wouldn't even guess.

Regarding the origins of my username, back in 2011 I mained an Archmage (Fire/Poison) in Maplestory, and wanted a suiting name for it. Since then, the name FlamingDildo had somewhat stuck to me and I had begun using the alias in other places, too!
Though they legit changed my name to FlamingDildE but they didn't change my Mercedes, 'illegalSpic', my Dark Knight, 'ThighLicker', or my Blaster 'BlastOnYoMom'. Thanks Nexon lmao but I moved to Reboot anyway

The things I draw often vary in theme very much. One day light-colored innocent/sexy stuff, and the other heavy mutilation and gore... so please beware of that if you decide to Watch me...

If you ever see me trying to draw something romantic... it's most likely an older female with a (...much) younger male!

And hey, I'd like for nobody to steal any of my creations (including my OCs; I exert much and careful thinking in their concepts).

TL;DR - That's unfortunate! Simplification diminishes detail and other small stuff I'd like people to know about me.


If you'd like, you can also find me here:

Pixiv –… (though I have only just returned there and have nearly no posts at all)

(Please watch out; my Pixiv may host highly inappropriate (considerably kinky) content! For those who have an account there and are able to see NSFW.)

YouTube:… (occasional speedpaints are posted there)

Twitter: (some WIPs and mostly bad jokes between one or two friends I tag every time)

Twitch: (FlamingDildo was taken)


Requests: Depends. Ask me, perhaps.
Art trades: Sure if you don't mind my crappy art lmao
Commissions: See top of the biography

My favorite type of characters are mature-looking women with half-closed eyes (for those who may wonder why I draw those so frequently)!

My drawings do not necessarily reflect my true nature as a person. (I may draw gore and shotacon, but–)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Carienne Reference Sheet
Somebody Angelica has to meet, veeeery urgently, but isn't necessarily all too happy to. How'd you feel if the only person in the world who has the answer to every one of its problems, is a crazy lady who kills herself for fun and visibly receives very particular forms of gratitude from cutting people open? Well, I'd love that personally, but Angelica is veeery uneasy!

Also, strange trait... certain loud and sudden noises can startle Carienne so much that she vomits... from surprise. Yeah, it might be a little weird!
[C] Buddy hug! Not really....
2-character full body commisson for :iconzahir678: of two of his Original Characters. Was really fun drawing them! And their uh, interesting contrast of emotions hahaha.
Bevrin's Reference Sheet
I decided to draw Bevrin again since I wanted to add something to her costume, to cover her body up a little more, while still retaining the exposure it's always had. I also chose to add some written information about some of her measurements and other things. Most of her identity is still shrouded in mystery, as she purposely hides her strength so that Angelica will not rely on her, so that she can focus on her own strength. 

Perhaps I'll make yet another reference sheet in the future, when all the "unknown" things in this one have been revealed, including her *WOKE* form (if Lyndel, Elnora, Carmena, Rakina, Purgel, etc. can break the atmosphere with their Supersedence, I'd still need quite some time to think up how far Bevrin would go.)

I also designed the background of this concept sheet as to resemble a page of an old book, with its contents displaying the legends of the world(s) (Angelica does actually pick up something similar in Phiseria after her fight with Gadrianna).

Anyway, this was fun to make, nice to draw Bevrin again after a while. I'm sorry if the text is a little small! And thank you for reading. Comments/questions/feedback appreciated
Style Practice
Simplification and cuteness have both always been my enemy so this style hurts lol. Really felt like I drew it with someone else's hand, or something; completely alien
Hirose Yasuho and Paisley Park
This may very well be the first serious fanart I was soooo excited to work on throughout the entire process! I've always absolutely loved Yasuho since her first appearance. She's always been so caring to everyone such as Tsurugi and it's so cute to see him call her big sis all the time. Really love her. And how she was so protective over him when under attack by Aisho. Ooooohhh~ best girl.

I also wanna draw Norisuke and King Nothing, as I love the song it's named after, but... maybe another time! What do you think of this one, by the way?

Youtube process (from a certain point):



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Yakito, Sonic and Knuckles vs Eggman:…
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[CM] Yakito, Kazaka, and Ayami
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