Reason for Negima's end and important issue

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So as you know the ending of negima has been somewhat of an abrupt event and many were hoping for a drastically different ending. Here is the link to a reason why negima has ended and another rather serious related issue regarding anyone who read negima or reads manga in general. I haven't read this too intently yet, but i thought i'd let you guys know about it so you can form your own judgments and conclusions about what astronredboy says.

New Proposed Japanese Law the Reason Ken Akamatsu Ended "Negima!"?
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Hmmm. . . . so now what?
I just started volume 24 but still, are they going to continue the series or what?
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well the series does end, at volume 34 in the original japanese run, but the series ending was done in a way that seemed rushed since he originally had planned it for more. the ending is somewhat open-ended so its speculated that he MIGHT return to it, and when asked this, he did not deny that this was a possibility. so yes the series is done; but to completion, only time will tell.
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Well . . . I heard the series is up to 38 volumes, not 34.
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oh was it, i dont quite remember, but either way its done as it is right now, until he decides otherwise.