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Clou by Flamey121 Clou :iconflamey121:Flamey121 4 0 Ori Refrence Sheet (FURSONA) by Flamey121 Ori Refrence Sheet (FURSONA) :iconflamey121:Flamey121 5 0 heart stamp by Flamey121 heart stamp :iconflamey121:Flamey121 7 0 bee by Flamey121 bee :iconflamey121:Flamey121 4 0 Fle by Flamey121 Fle :iconflamey121:Flamey121 6 2 Improvment Thing by Flamey121 Improvment Thing :iconflamey121:Flamey121 5 2 2019 Owo by Flamey121 2019 Owo :iconflamey121:Flamey121 3 0 merry christ by Flamey121 merry christ :iconflamey121:Flamey121 10 1 adoopts [OPEN] 0/2 by Flamey121 adoopts [OPEN] 0/2 :iconflamey121:Flamey121 2 0 C by Flamey121 C :iconflamey121:Flamey121 17 4 Bonb by Flamey121 Bonb :iconflamey121:Flamey121 2 0 I Apologise For My Extremely Small Head by Flamey121 I Apologise For My Extremely Small Head :iconflamey121:Flamey121 3 0 p by Flamey121 p :iconflamey121:Flamey121 3 0 Hey Kids! *pulls out sombrero* by Flamey121 Hey Kids! *pulls out sombrero* :iconflamey121:Flamey121 17 0 The Real Homo by Flamey121 The Real Homo :iconflamey121:Flamey121 8 0 Breathe by Flamey121 Breathe :iconflamey121:Flamey121 0 0


Trinity Ref Sheet by AllimationsOfficial Trinity Ref Sheet :iconallimationsofficial:AllimationsOfficial 65 7 Pet Peeves #1 by AllimationsOfficial Pet Peeves #1 :iconallimationsofficial:AllimationsOfficial 72 9 Brian's Head on Peter's Body - Family Guy by aabarro13 Brian's Head on Peter's Body - Family Guy :iconaabarro13:aabarro13 11 2 ow the edge by SpriteCranbirdie ow the edge :iconspritecranbirdie:SpriteCranbirdie 415 109 spurk by kittydogcrystal spurk :iconkittydogcrystal:kittydogcrystal 956 56 zyler by kittydogcrystal zyler :iconkittydogcrystal:kittydogcrystal 696 192 (MordeTwi) Airplanes by bluedog444 (MordeTwi) Airplanes :iconbluedog444:bluedog444 609 524 Synthia by synnibear03
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Synthia :iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 810 243
F2U STAMP: my mom found my vore folder :( by rubber--caat F2U STAMP: my mom found my vore folder :( :iconrubber--caat:rubber--caat 743 188 Last day by AllimationsOfficial Last day :iconallimationsofficial:AllimationsOfficial 53 13 or nya by kittydogcrystal or nya :iconkittydogcrystal:kittydogcrystal 992 70 agony by SpriteCranbirdie agony :iconspritecranbirdie:SpriteCranbirdie 570 72 comfort crystal by kittydogcrystal comfort crystal :iconkittydogcrystal:kittydogcrystal 3,071 698 w a t e r by TyphDA w a t e r :icontyphda:TyphDA 329 30 A little by AllimationsOfficial A little :iconallimationsofficial:AllimationsOfficial 62 14 Same Face/Body Syndrome Practice by AllimationsOfficial Same Face/Body Syndrome Practice :iconallimationsofficial:AllimationsOfficial 63 8


fullbodys HNHNH
halfbodys H
GIVE ME POINTS MR KRABS if you want one similar to my thing drawing ''breathe'' its 5 more points sorr y


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United States
heyo im Ori aaa I plan to be a artist in the future E. hopefully you like my art ewafijwsjfiu
Cotton Candy Heart [Free icon!] by socksyy
watch me if you want <3

Cotton Candy Heart [Free icon!] by socksyy

Cotton Candy Heart [Free icon!] by socksyy
Cotton Candy Heart [Free icon!] by socksyy

[my wall of gay <3
stamp gradient by Chaotic-Whispers I Love Gradients Stamp by kittydogcrystal Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Cat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-club . sensitive stamp by fairypaws Stamp - I love pastel space by faithful24 uwu stamp by tamrieI sky aes stamp by amekin salty stamp by toff-u very important stamp by MemeMeUpInside Aaaaa by midousujii heart stamp by Flamey121
im sorry stamp by arinwins moon stamp by creamwave Stamp | Dreamer by CuteSight Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ hang in there by MemeMeUpInside
Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear I Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrow Love imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey Love imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey F2U STAMP: my mom found my vore folder :( by rubber--caat
Galaxy stamp (no words) by mythoIogicaI Colorful Galaxy stamp by SwaggyWolfy Glowing Gems | stamp by TheCandyCoating 04 by Flanzee another stamp again by ELLlOTT You matter (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Always Tired (Stamp) by ELLlOTT ill say what i want stamp by SHOUTMILO I Don't Mind Profanity Stamp by Sugary-Stardust you have no fucking idea what youre up against by teethys Klondike Stamp by crystalline-ink - Stamp: Jack and Klondike. - by ChicaTH
click on folders or all by CLUBPENGUlN ANTI-WOMEN STAMP by anorexic-animations art is terrible by everyday-im-wumboing I hate furrys stamp by wolfluvr8 I hate when Trees crush my Dads stamp by gardenlore Heterosexual stamp by Sanslet0n Geode | stamp by TheCandyCoating Lunar Seaside - stamp  by TheCandyCoating internet surfing | Stamp by TheCandyCoating pink galaxy stamp by Spongebob-Killer This user does not care about your sexuality by Sanslet0n Bad Handwriting (Stamp) by ELLlOTT
33 by Sammi-Stamps dog [stamp] by protest-songs (Request) I hate Babies Crying by KittyJewelpet78 Stamp - Dog Person by ArandomVelociraptor Chibi Sayori by JustaPerson0107
My birthday badge
haha i have Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Normal Deviant:
[x] You post art every few weeks 
[  ] You have more than 50 watchers 
[x] You've been on Deviantart for longer than a year
[x] You have friends from Deviantart
[x] You have drawn Fanart 
[x] You've improved a lot since you've joined
[x] You've never had more than one account for being banned 
[x] You check DA daily 
Score: 7

[] You make normal words sound really cute 
[x] You draw a lot of animals and anything cute 
[x] You'd rather draw cartoons than Anime. 
[ ] Furries freak you out 
[ ] You use a lot of emoticons
[ ] Your favorite DA emote is :3 
[x] Most of the animals you draw are multi-colored 
[ ] You use faces like >w< and 0w0 a lot
Score: 3

[x] You have a fursona 
[x] Your fursona is a lot like you in many ways 
 ] You love being called a furry (idc about being called  a furry)
[x] You are proud to be a furry 
[x] You understand the term "yiff" 
[] You would consider your fursona yiffy 
[x] You are in the furry fandom 
[ ] Your fursona has a "mate" 
score: 5

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[ ] Your art style has changed a lot since you have joined 
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[] Drawing hair or fur is no big deal to you 
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[x] You love to draw
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[ ] You get commissions A LOT
Score: 1

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[ ] You're younger than 10. [i am t   en]
[ ] You use faces like " (Smile) (Smile)" and " (Sad) (Sad)" 
[ ] You have a lot of people on your block list
[ ] You use a lot of bases 
[ ] You don't know what Guide-lines are 
[ ] You change words a lot because you don't know how to spell them 
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[ ] You love to draw people kissing 
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[] You love creepy pasta
[ ] You want to marry slenderman ( w h a t)
[] You refer to him as "Slendy" 
Score: 0 


e this is one of my sonas h sorry for being inactive
Ori Refrence Sheet (FURSONA)
Full name : Ori Pomi Boho
Nickname(s) : oreo
Gender : Female
Species : roar
Age : 14
Birthday : Sept 8
Sexuality : Heterosexual
Languages spoken : English,Spanish
relationship Status : single


Height : smol-ish?
Figure/build : average


Smoker? no
Drinker? no
Drugs? no

Addictions : no
Allergies : n o n e
Any physical ailments / illnesses / disabilities : no
Mental illness : i dk s ocial anxie ty?
Defects of the body : no?
Scars? none
Any medication regularly taken: no


Personality : introverted,friendly,shy,positive
Likes : drawing,cookies,the color blue,gradients,books
Dislikes :  rough things,exercising,hot weather,peanut butter
Fears/phobias : Acrophobia,Arachnophobia,Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia,trypophobia
Favorite color: blue
Hobbies : drawing


Talents / skills : idk drawing?
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? no


Omnivore / Carnivore / Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore
Favorite food(s) : cookies,cake,Takis
Favorite drink(s) : Chocolate milk and Gatorade
Disliked food(s) : twinkies,reeces
Disliked drink(s) : orange juice

The place of residence of the character : His house
Do they share their house with anyone? yes


Level of education : w
Qualifications : .
Current job title and description : .


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful
Fighting skills / techniques : .
Special skills / magical powers/etc : she can fly?
Weapon of choice (if any) : .
Weaknesses in combat : weak physically
Strengths in combat :none she kinda just cr ink l es


Parents names : Qwert and Holio
Are parents alive or dead? both alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents? yes
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? none
Brother / sister? none
Other Important Relatives : 
BF / GF : no
Partner / (probably the former)Spouse : .
Friends : Racoo,Lani,Omi
Best Friends: Racoo
Other Important Friends : y e s

heart stamp
w oo first stamp (ill credit the person who made the template later h)
idk if this counts as a digital painting but i love doing this type of art A


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