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Okay. So, first, I think I'm not gonna cover it all, because that would be impossible. I would just cover what came to me this time.

And, what I said is not 100% correct guaranteed. These are just my own opinion.

Well, surely, MLP:FiM is a good show. But, although a lot of stuffs has been done right this time, there's still a lot of wrongs in the show.

So first (second maybe?) let's see what's right.

1. hoofs, not hands.

This should be the first thing to be mentioned. Personally I'm not a furry, and, although I'm okay with humanized animals, it still feels not that right when those animals are using hands just like human. And, in MLP G4, they finally made ponies to use their hoofs. Yes, you can't hold a lot of stuffs by hoofs. You have to use mouth or magic. That's more realistic I think. Although still a lot of things that can't be done by hoofs are still being done, at least they don't treat hoofs like hands.

2. friendship is magic, while magic is not friendship.

Yes. It never feels right when a show refer to the importance of friendship, they made that friendship is some sort of solid power that can be shot as a beam or something. Friendship is not supposed to work that way. It's no use to force friendship, and it's no use to use friendship to force others. But, MLP G4 made friendship that something really benefit a lot, and really worth to keep. And, friendship is hard to keep, and needs a great effort. The result is magic, because after being friends, it's hard to imagine what would happen when friendship breaks, so it became something that guide the behavior of everyone. This is not and can not be done by any kind of solid magic.

3. fight for your fame, even if you are a main (mane?) character.

How many people are okay and not okay with Twilight's wings? Well, think of how many responsibility Twilight is carrying with those wings. Even before she got her wings, she is a royal member. Then so what? She still having good times with her friends, and being good with everyone (not only ponies I think) in Poniville. She surely got extremely luck, but she still knows what she should do in order to keep her fame. Keep on, princess Twilight.

4. goodies are not perfect.

Everyone is not perfect. That's why friendship is a real challenge, and a need. Rainbow Dash is cool, but is she perfect? No, for sure. Nor is any of the mane six. Everyone needs to overcome what they are weak. TS needs to not be so OCD, AJ needs to be true to herself, RD needs to choose between fame and loyalty, etc. Making flawless character is the easiest, and in MLP G4, there's no such flawless character. (What about Celestia? Well she needs to learn how to not spoil her subjects I think.)

5. no such miracle exists.

If a problem occurs, a problem occurs. No exceptions. We have seen everyone in the mane six made a lot of mistakes, and they can not run away from them. They needs to correct those mistakes. They can't just sit there and wait until everything become right again. At least, they need to know what they are wrong.

6. individual characters.

When you see the name Pinkie Pie, you know what it means. Everyone is individual. They have a lot of differences and they still can be friends. This is so great.

I can't remember more, but these makes MLP G4 pretty awesome I think. 

And, here's the not so fun part. The wrongs.

1. baddies are baddies.

You can get a lot of reason to kill Tirek. How many reason can you get to NOT kill Tirek? No, I think? This is the problem. And, this make MLP G4 not so fun. You kill baddies, because, they are baddies? Yeah, they just keep do bad things without any reason. Then you can kill them without any thought. Then you would forgot that baddies are still living creatures that deserve a space to live. This is a way to teach kids to murder I think.

2. not ranked TV-PG.

I know, this is not what I should talk, because there's no content ranking system in my country. But, when characters are not always doing things right, kids need to and should get parent guide. One example would be Rainbow Dash. She's an adorable and hateful character. If kids don't know what she have done is right or wrong, they might imitate her behavior and do wrong. Another example would be Discord. I know, he is a doubtful character. So parents should explain more. Well, I think, TV-Y still means parents should guide, but, here in China, parents seems to be, not guiding. I just think that parents MUST guide.

3. destruction is common.

All of the mane six has destroyed the whole Poniville for at least one time. They hardly get any punishments. Is this... really for kids? I don't think so. They keep making mistakes, that's fine. Because who doesn't? But, destroyed the whole town is ridiculous. Maybe it's because the town can magically rebuild itself, so they can just think too little about their mistakes?

4. fairy tales.

You made something wrong. You correct it. You get a baddies. You kill it. Fairy tales are just too violent to teach kids real lessons. And too unreal. After making the MLP G4 so real, they still can't get this right. G4 is still fairy tales. So, if the show is not perfect, we have to correct it for ourselves. And for kids.

5. knowledge is not important.

In the mane six, only Twilight knows how important knowledge is, but that's because she loves studying. Actually many mistakes can be avoided if they learn more. But they didn't. They just keep making wrong decision and waste their times to correct it, instead of do it all right at the first time. Practice and theory are as same important. Even if you can learn a lot during practice, you still need to learn more from theory. They should have a princess of knowledge.

6. racist.

I know, this is unavoidable. So, there's a lot of weird stuffs. Changelings are always being treated unfair. Alicorns don't even have a place in Equestria, only the four princesses avoided the racist because other ponies fear their power. Besides, earth ponies are under a little racist. 

That's all for this time. Just wrote these stuffs down. I'm not good at English, so don't spam complex words on me. Thx.
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