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Because bronies are still rare in my country. At least not so popular. And I need a way to recognize them. Telling others that I'm a brony so they know I am, so that they can recognize me too.

Actually I mainly do this offline, because when online, they see my avatar, it's my pony OC (sometimes I use a pic of patamon, but most time I use my pony OC), and they know everything.

Well, sometimes this is for advertising others to watch MLP, but most time it's just for recognizing other bronies so that I can decide whether I need to explain more, or even just ignore pony topics.

Not meant to annoy others, although sometimes it's really annoying to others. 

It's something casual. Yes, I'm a brony. Nothing too serious. I just am. It's nothing to be proud of, because to non-bronies, being a brony weights nothing.

And, actually only some internet guys who hates MLP would offend me. Others seems to be neutral. And, seems that non-bronies can accept more weird brony stuffs, I mean, my arts. 

Just want to write these so I did it. I'm going 4 day off for my exams, then 3 day online, then another 3 day off. And, also, 2 am again! My most creative time, and... I have to go to bed soon or I won't be able to wake up at 7 am... Hope that in summer break I can make more stuffs.
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Submitted on
July 5, 2015