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My school use some sort of authorizing program in order to prevent network sharing. However, the problem is, it also somehow block the VPN I use, because VPN is actually a vitural network device. So, I'm now using my backup Shadowsocks server, which is slow and have network transfer limit (200GB/mo, planning to upgrade not only for using as a proxy, but for testing apps if necessary.)

Still gonna on DeviantART anyway, but maybe less Youtube :(

*Update Sep. 5* Apparently there's ipv6 available for my network, which makes it totally awesome because I can direct link some of the sites without having to use proxy, such as Youtube. DeviantART is only available in ipv4 so I can't use this method. Also, some of the google sites, such as, still under RST jamming. But appspot is available in ipv4, so finally, wallproxy works again, and works pretty well. So, I really wonder if I need VPN because wallproxy and shadowsocks can do almost everything now, except that they have transfer limit.

However, I don't think I would unsubscribe VPN because I can still use that in a vitural machine. Plus I still need a stable way to use these network outside school, where I can't get ipv6.

By the way, it seems that these softwares actually enable me to use ipv4/6 at the same time even if I only have ipv4 network, which is, good I think, but not quite useful.
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