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Feel free to use these as emoticon. But if for recreation, these are under CC-BY NC SA 4.0, so credit me please.

MLP owned by Hasbro.
20150910 220930 by FlameRat-YehLon

Sorry for my messy desk. My desk is always messy.

These are 30 CNY each (approximately 5 USD), not too expensive but still have good quality. And good size (they are 33 cm tall). Just use them to decorate my desk, and I might use them for different purpose XD

ps. I use a white A4 printing paper for my mouse mat, and put a pen beside, just because in this way I can write a note quickly and conveniently when necessary, without having to pull a sheet out of the bag. Is this a proper life hack? I don't know. That sheet below Twilight's hooves is for holding sunflower seed shells, so that I don't have to throw them directly into the garbage bag when eating sunflower seeds. Also pretty convenient XD
My school use some sort of authorizing program in order to prevent network sharing. However, the problem is, it also somehow block the VPN I use, because VPN is actually a vitural network device. So, I'm now using my backup Shadowsocks server, which is slow and have network transfer limit (200GB/mo, planning to upgrade not only for using as a proxy, but for testing apps if necessary.)

Still gonna on DeviantART anyway, but maybe less Youtube :(

*Update Sep. 5* Apparently there's ipv6 available for my network, which makes it totally awesome because I can direct link some of the sites without having to use proxy, such as Youtube. DeviantART is only available in ipv4 so I can't use this method. Also, some of the google sites, such as, still under RST jamming. But appspot is available in ipv4, so finally, wallproxy works again, and works pretty well. So, I really wonder if I need VPN because wallproxy and shadowsocks can do almost everything now, except that they have transfer limit.

However, I don't think I would unsubscribe VPN because I can still use that in a vitural machine. Plus I still need a stable way to use these network outside school, where I can't get ipv6.

By the way, it seems that these softwares actually enable me to use ipv4/6 at the same time even if I only have ipv4 network, which is, good I think, but not quite useful.
Grinded for 4 hrs or so... I think 48:19' is not a bad result... Only got 3 stars at the final battle so no achievement though...

292120 Screenshots 2015-08-31 00001 by FlameRat-YehLon

By the way, the Chinese translation is really weird... And I even need to patch a file in order to enable Chinese in international version, cuz Square Enix thinks that China is not a part of Asia :(
Okay. So, first, I think I'm not gonna cover it all, because that would be impossible. I would just cover what came to me this time.

And, what I said is not 100% correct guaranteed. These are just my own opinion.

Well, surely, MLP:FiM is a good show. But, although a lot of stuffs has been done right this time, there's still a lot of wrongs in the show.

So first (second maybe?) let's see what's right.

1. hoofs, not hands.

This should be the first thing to be mentioned. Personally I'm not a furry, and, although I'm okay with humanized animals, it still feels not that right when those animals are using hands just like human. And, in MLP G4, they finally made ponies to use their hoofs. Yes, you can't hold a lot of stuffs by hoofs. You have to use mouth or magic. That's more realistic I think. Although still a lot of things that can't be done by hoofs are still being done, at least they don't treat hoofs like hands.

2. friendship is magic, while magic is not friendship.

Yes. It never feels right when a show refer to the importance of friendship, they made that friendship is some sort of solid power that can be shot as a beam or something. Friendship is not supposed to work that way. It's no use to force friendship, and it's no use to use friendship to force others. But, MLP G4 made friendship that something really benefit a lot, and really worth to keep. And, friendship is hard to keep, and needs a great effort. The result is magic, because after being friends, it's hard to imagine what would happen when friendship breaks, so it became something that guide the behavior of everyone. This is not and can not be done by any kind of solid magic.

3. fight for your fame, even if you are a main (mane?) character.

How many people are okay and not okay with Twilight's wings? Well, think of how many responsibility Twilight is carrying with those wings. Even before she got her wings, she is a royal member. Then so what? She still having good times with her friends, and being good with everyone (not only ponies I think) in Poniville. She surely got extremely luck, but she still knows what she should do in order to keep her fame. Keep on, princess Twilight.

4. goodies are not perfect.

Everyone is not perfect. That's why friendship is a real challenge, and a need. Rainbow Dash is cool, but is she perfect? No, for sure. Nor is any of the mane six. Everyone needs to overcome what they are weak. TS needs to not be so OCD, AJ needs to be true to herself, RD needs to choose between fame and loyalty, etc. Making flawless character is the easiest, and in MLP G4, there's no such flawless character. (What about Celestia? Well she needs to learn how to not spoil her subjects I think.)

5. no such miracle exists.

If a problem occurs, a problem occurs. No exceptions. We have seen everyone in the mane six made a lot of mistakes, and they can not run away from them. They needs to correct those mistakes. They can't just sit there and wait until everything become right again. At least, they need to know what they are wrong.

6. individual characters.

When you see the name Pinkie Pie, you know what it means. Everyone is individual. They have a lot of differences and they still can be friends. This is so great.

I can't remember more, but these makes MLP G4 pretty awesome I think. 

And, here's the not so fun part. The wrongs.

1. baddies are baddies.

You can get a lot of reason to kill Tirek. How many reason can you get to NOT kill Tirek? No, I think? This is the problem. And, this make MLP G4 not so fun. You kill baddies, because, they are baddies? Yeah, they just keep do bad things without any reason. Then you can kill them without any thought. Then you would forgot that baddies are still living creatures that deserve a space to live. This is a way to teach kids to murder I think.

2. not ranked TV-PG.

I know, this is not what I should talk, because there's no content ranking system in my country. But, when characters are not always doing things right, kids need to and should get parent guide. One example would be Rainbow Dash. She's an adorable and hateful character. If kids don't know what she have done is right or wrong, they might imitate her behavior and do wrong. Another example would be Discord. I know, he is a doubtful character. So parents should explain more. Well, I think, TV-Y still means parents should guide, but, here in China, parents seems to be, not guiding. I just think that parents MUST guide.

3. destruction is common.

All of the mane six has destroyed the whole Poniville for at least one time. They hardly get any punishments. Is this... really for kids? I don't think so. They keep making mistakes, that's fine. Because who doesn't? But, destroyed the whole town is ridiculous. Maybe it's because the town can magically rebuild itself, so they can just think too little about their mistakes?

4. fairy tales.

You made something wrong. You correct it. You get a baddies. You kill it. Fairy tales are just too violent to teach kids real lessons. And too unreal. After making the MLP G4 so real, they still can't get this right. G4 is still fairy tales. So, if the show is not perfect, we have to correct it for ourselves. And for kids.

5. knowledge is not important.

In the mane six, only Twilight knows how important knowledge is, but that's because she loves studying. Actually many mistakes can be avoided if they learn more. But they didn't. They just keep making wrong decision and waste their times to correct it, instead of do it all right at the first time. Practice and theory are as same important. Even if you can learn a lot during practice, you still need to learn more from theory. They should have a princess of knowledge.

6. racist.

I know, this is unavoidable. So, there's a lot of weird stuffs. Changelings are always being treated unfair. Alicorns don't even have a place in Equestria, only the four princesses avoided the racist because other ponies fear their power. Besides, earth ponies are under a little racist. 

That's all for this time. Just wrote these stuffs down. I'm not good at English, so don't spam complex words on me. Thx.
Qq20150721122147 by FlameRat-YehLon
win a lvl 20 with my lvl 7 pony. Yes I purchased the game, but still, this is hard. Took me a dozen times.

my friend code if necessary: 59979-061B
It's sad that for some reason, SE doesn't think that China is a part of Asia, and even doesn't want to sell FF13 to me. That's weird. But thankfully I can always get the game from other place.

So, I open Taobao to search for the game. Then, someone is offering the FF13 and 13-2 combo pack from France, for 138 Yuan. That's only less than 20 USD! Totally worth it! So I bought that. There's only one left in stock.

Some of you might wonder how can I get the box? Well I don't care about the box. I just want the key. The box is in France and I am in China, so it's hard to get the box.

So after waiting for a day, the one who sell me the game give me this.

Qq20150710221519 by FlameRat-YehLon

Okay this is just the cover. The more important stuff is this.
Qq20150710221515 by FlameRat-YehLon

So now I can activate this on my steam and download the game. 

But wait. Why do I post this?

Notice that this box only contains 1 DVD? If you ever player FF13, you already know what I'm talking.

Qq20150710221514 by FlameRat-YehLon

Look at the size of the game. 1 DVD for disc version? I wonder what's inside that DVD. SE you are just kidding me!!! Well not me actually. But I really wonder what would happen when someone in France purchase the game disc in the local store, put the disc inside the tray, then find out that he need to download additional 65GB stuffs... Yes I bought the disc and I still need to download the whole game. That's just a joke. Can't SE just sell redeem card? The disc is literally useless. Also the box seems to be pretty suck too. Without the steam key inside, the box itself doesn't have any difference comparing with a pirated disc box.

Or, is that SE really want to sell disc version, but don't want to waste money on bluray disc, or don't want their customers not being able to play the game because of the lack of a bluray drive? I don't know. But they decided that they should put the key inside a box and put a useless disc inside to add some weight. Weird.

Also, they don't treat China as a part of Asia, and as a result I have to download the international version, which is twice as big as the Asia version. Yes, additional English voice included, but who needs that? 

ps. Pal 6 (仙剑奇侠传六) was released several days ago. But I didn't bought that game, because the game is really not so good, and the combat version is really a worse version of FF13's. It's quality is so suck that the game still look like those games 10 years ago. Or even 12 or 13 years ago. I watched Chesterccj's LP series just because I am still a little interested in the game. Well I also watched his LP on FF13 and FF10, and since I don't have a PSX console, and it seems that I like FF13 more, I decided to get FF13 and beat the game again myself.

Softstar should really make some improvement in their games. Yes the story is okay, but if the game is so suck, I would rather watch LP only and will never actually buy the game myself. And the first thing they need to do is actually use higher resolution texture. After all, Pal series is not Minecraft series isn't it?
It's a little too offense but these are what I find that really annoying. Just my thought, so don't kill me. You can shout at me though.

1. advertising Cupcake HD, or Smile HD. (that makes others less possible to really being interested in ponies)

2. use vertex pic of canon characters with a transparent background and common facial expression as their avatar. (because there are just too many of them)

3. associate alicorn with royal tightly. (that make me harder as my OC is an alicorn)

4. associate alicorn with mary sue. (so that my OC is evil to them)

5. actually creating mary sue OCs. 

6. saying that ponies are supposed to be virus. (without trying to analyze ponies)

7. use role play IDs. (This goes worse in China.)

8. use IDs that highly advertise ponies. (super annoying. Just as annoying as those house sellers)

9. one trick bronies. (Is it really good to only love ponies? I don't think so.)

10. want to punish anti-bronies because being offended by anti-bronies before. (so that anti-bronies would have more reason to hate bronies)

11. being not crazy at all. (then how can I start a more violate topic?)

12. having no opinions (then how can I continue the debate?)

13. saying that MLP are perfect. (it's far from perfect)

14. thinking that a brony should not critique on MLP. (true hate is ignore)

15. drawing common pixiv style fan art. (that's just too common. Also the reason why I choose to use DA rather than pixiv. There's way more variation in DA I think, and I really like some of the styles.)

16. staying in the wall. (the world is not only mainland China.)

17. considering Twilight is mary sue. (that's too offend. Even if the plot in S03E13 is a little too awkward I think others might think. I actually quite like S03E13)

18. never watch english episode without subtitle. (not good for finding easter eggs I think. And might lead to misunderstanding I think)

19. don't have any OC. (oh come on, just make one, even it's just several words or something from pony creater.)

20. replace 人 (human) with 马(horse) on purpose. (considering how the character 人 was made, at least what I think, I don't think that this replacements is required. I think the character 人 can be used to refer any creatures.)

21. several other stuffs. (always good to have this one, isn't it?) 
Because bronies are still rare in my country. At least not so popular. And I need a way to recognize them. Telling others that I'm a brony so they know I am, so that they can recognize me too.

Actually I mainly do this offline, because when online, they see my avatar, it's my pony OC (sometimes I use a pic of patamon, but most time I use my pony OC), and they know everything.

Well, sometimes this is for advertising others to watch MLP, but most time it's just for recognizing other bronies so that I can decide whether I need to explain more, or even just ignore pony topics.

Not meant to annoy others, although sometimes it's really annoying to others. 

It's something casual. Yes, I'm a brony. Nothing too serious. I just am. It's nothing to be proud of, because to non-bronies, being a brony weights nothing.

And, actually only some internet guys who hates MLP would offend me. Others seems to be neutral. And, seems that non-bronies can accept more weird brony stuffs, I mean, my arts. 

Just want to write these so I did it. I'm going 4 day off for my exams, then 3 day online, then another 3 day off. And, also, 2 am again! My most creative time, and... I have to go to bed soon or I won't be able to wake up at 7 am... Hope that in summer break I can make more stuffs.
Seems that many brony still don't think that having an alicorn OC is a good idea. I sometimes get offend comment because of this.

I don't think they really understand alicorns.

I also don't think who make alicorn princesses and ascended alicorns understand alicorns.

Poor alicorn race.

See also:…
Well I seems to almost always post quite long comments. I really like debate with others, maybe it's because I have been in GuoKr for a long time. 

And maybe that's because, as a brony, my opinion has too much different with other bronies, and my theory is just WIP, so I want to express myself a lot.

Maybe also because my writing skill is too bad and I always spam words in order to express something simple.

Am I too annoying?

Either way, my InterDebate ID is FlameRat, and I write comments on EQD whenever I remember to check the RSS feed and have something to talk. 

(I always forget to check the RSS feed and therefore post comments late most time XD.)

(ps. I freakingly get a good mood to write stuffs and a need for going to bed at the same time, at 2am! That's too unhealthy I think. And I'm a student, which make my weird trait even worse because I have to wake up early at work days. So I'm always a little sleepy. Sad.)
Qq20150627205555 by FlameRat-YehLon
If you use this weapon yourself, that means you are rich. But that's all. 

And hurray! I finally set foot on Black Marsh, and that's some how similar to the Pandora Planet I think. I'm having great fun playing ESO for two days, and it seems that I can easily play the game for more than 400 hours! Although it's just my guess, but maybe I can go through the entire Temrial someday?

I don't know how to choose between E5 story and E2 new area. I want both. But will they release TES6 in 2016 (so that it's exactly 5 years after TES5)? That's just one thing in certain: my purse would become slimmer...
Qq20150622133059 by FlameRat-YehLon
My VPN was disconnected when I access my DA page. It's just a mistake, because I just wake my computer, and maybe the VPN would disconnect when my computer is going sleep. Anyway, I appeared to access DA without using a VPN by chance.

And this is what I get.

Qq20150622121657 by FlameRat-YehLon

What's this? Before I realize that my VPN was disconnected, I thought that DA was being hacked. XD

Then I re-connect my VPN and I can access DA. So, it's most probably that GFW did this. They seems to curse DNS with random page now. However, it's the first time that I get this result, and it seems to always curse DA's domain into this site.

But well, it might be the DNS server I use when not using VPN who did this. But GFW is always something evil, isn't it?
Like maybe some of you, I've watched the E3 showcase of Fallout 4 a hell lot of times. This is really the game I want to play, I have to say.

But, although hard to discover, during the showcase, I appeared to capture this screenshot which shows a model glitch in Fallout 4. Not making the game less awesome though.

Qq20150617012432 by FlameRat-YehLon
Okay, so I joined the MLP fandom at March this year. Really late huh? But seems to be just in time.

It's no doubt that MLP has a well-written plot. Friendship is magic, that it is not some sort of super power, but just something that you should follow in daily life. Besides, MLP has a whole bunch of fun moments.

However, I'm from China where most people think that cartoons are for kids, that they just produce such meaningless education animations, or entertainment-only animations. Well, this is common in a country where animations are just made for claiming goverment's support. So, actually MLP cannot quite impress me by its educational face, or fun moments, although what it teach is way more better than those useless 'truth' (we call it 'chicken soup', because that can make you feel better. But sadly that can ONLY make you feel better, which is not quite like chicken soup.) on Weibo, or WeChat.

Well, so if MLP cannot make me a brony by its great plot line (although I would still enjoy MLP and call myself a MLP fan, just not brony), then what can?

I first claim myself as a brony by posting this OC sheet in a chat room.

my pony OC sheet by FlameRat-YehLon

And then I drew it out.

150227 Flamerat Mlp Oc by FlameRat-YehLon
At that time I'm not that good at drawing.

Well notice that my OC is an alicorn. I did know how others think of alicorns at that time. But I still use an alicorn. The reason I choose to be an alicorn somehow shows the reason why I became a brony.

The mark (I sometimes don't say that it is a cutie mark) of my OC represents history.Why I pick such not-so-common stuff as my mark? That would be back to my high school days.

It all began when I discovered that in human history, same mistakes just happened over and over again, that seems to be unavoidable. And after that, I discovered that there's nothing you can force. History is just something that seems to be already written, and will go as planned. The only thing that can change is which of the various ways is being taken.

That is my attitude towards the world. History can never be changed. And besides that, the whole world is just a game, which a mathematical best solution is presented, and every act is just making the world getting closer to that solution.

Then I came up this. (Note: the idea is originally came up several years ago, despite the pic is drawn this year.)

Wheel 'o' history by FlameRat-YehLon

The same history route is presented in every world. Literally every world. That's unchangeable.

Then finally, in 2015, I decided to watch MLP.

The first few episodes really made me misjudge this series somehow. But the following episodes made me quite love the show.

I found out that the pony world is somehow a reflection of our human world, but much more compact. That is, events happens more often, and random stuffs just getting more random. Yes the MLP world is something that really worth a deep study. Think about how some pony can fly, some pony can use magic, and every pony have a quite special talent, and still live together with each other, without having war everyday? I think that should be how the world goes, that every random sums up positive, rather than force every number to be the same, then those who refuse to change pull the sum below zero.

I'm serious. In real life, what it really look like sometimes, is that unicorns are forced to break their horns, and pegasus are forced to cut their wings, because for some reason someone would think that having too much different would cause something bad to happen. 

Yes that's what MLP is really amazing for. Why colorful fur? In my opinion that means everyone can be different and be proud to be different. And being different would never means that peace would be break.

So, I can't resist a world like this, which make me think a lot, and somehow reflect my own opinion about worlds.

And that's what made me a brony.

And that's why I'm an alicorn. Instead of just having fun, I want to have something that last long, and will benefit everyone. Well, I actually did created two history moments, so what else would be impossible?

So, sometimes I would be quite angry when those pony fans just love the show but don't want to get deeper. I think ponies are supposed to be different, and debates, or 'phishing', should be common, rather than being thought as some sort of mess that should be banned. I'm not good at creating arts but don't kill me because you are not everyone. And please use reasons to defeat me rather than spamming thumbs-down or using just several offend words.

Maybe I'm different from many bronies, but that's what I am. Ponies aren't for girls in this (far beyond surface) phrase. They are for someone who don't just follow what others say, and have their own voice. This animation has just too much to be discovered. So don't waste this. Don't just having fun. Think at least a few why's.
[Self Pony OC] FlameRat by FlameRat-YehLon

ps. what's the two history moments I have made? Well the first is that I posted my soft hack on non-science calculators (cut off the power when it's working and re-power it immediately, making the calculator having weird behavior because some random data is erased while the whole the whole machine is not completely reset), and said that this can be used on the Casio fx-es plus series in order to soft hack them. And after a few months that I left Internet in order to prepare Zhongkao (similar to Gaokao, but happens in junior high school and is just a little less important than Gaokao), I found out that someone did tried it on fx-991es plus, and it works. The new generation calculator is being soft hacked, by a silly method, that is first came up by me.

The second one is that I post a note on, where many Minecraft players first know Minecraft on, and chat on the site, that suggests everyone to go to Baidu Tieba to chat, and, they actually did! And with that bunch of people, the biggest Chinese Minecraft forum at that time, MCBBS is formed. That's the start of the Minecraft hot in China, at least partly. Seems that everything is just happened after that post I post. How funny! But well I'm not quite like MCBBS after it is being transferred to someone else, because the old operator can't afford the fee to keep it running. MCBBS is still large today though, but already became something that many people hate. R.I.P. the old MCBBS forum.
Okay... I just came up this silly idea and I did it. But I'm not good at composing neither. So this song really ends up quite crappy.

Well, I just want to have a try on the discorded tone. Harmony chorus are just too common and why not play with those discorded tone? And after I finished this crappy stuff, I put it into synthesia and the sheet is really a mess, because few music goes this kind of tune...