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[Request] Apex the Alicorn by FlameRat-YehLon [Request] Apex the Alicorn by FlameRat-YehLon
A request from ASGARDIANBRONY , and this is a character from his group's fanfic. 

He said that this is the father of all alicorns and is the god of magic that can use light and dark magic equally, which he want me to show in the appearance design I make. And here's my final design.

This is pretty much the tallest pony I've ever drawn, should be like 3 metres tall, taller than all my OCs. But should fit such character. And I ended up choosing such mane and tail design for a purpose.

The mane style and tail style actually represents light magic and dark magic. Light magic is tamed, and is for bringing harmony; dark magic on the other hand, is wild, and is for causing entropy. Thus, the mane style I made is pretty tidy, and he use his front leg to hold the mane rather than letting it float around; the tail style is quite messy, going everywhere, and he don't bother styling it. 

Other things goes the same. The cape is half pristine, half worn out by the same reason. The horn goes a little more, though. Light magic can make the horn more shiny, and dark magic can rot the horn overtime. And I think light magic usually is cast with the front and the tip of the horn, while the dark magic uses the whole horn. Therefore, the tip of the horn is complete, the front is also smooth, but the back side is jagged.

However, this is not quite the whole story yet. Notice that the mane still has some wildness in it, and the tail still follows a line. This is due to neither light nor dark magic is pure, they all are mixed and there's no way to separate them.

The color palette is easy to explain. I made him purple because purple in my opinion is a "neutral" color, as it's a mix of the warmest color, red, and the coldest color, blue. (It usually is the "color that does not exist" in my other designs, including my own OC, but not this one, just in case.) 

I didn't draw the cutie mark even though I received the note that, "the cutie mark of him is the same as Twilight's, but can be in a different color". So, here I just give the color pattern of the mark. The main star is the same color of the body outline, and the decoration and the 5 minor stars are pure white.


Anyway, even though this is a request, since it's me who designed the appearance, it still contains some of my personal philosophy. Hopefully this is a good touch rather than what ruin it all.


Original character by ASGARDIANBRONY, appearance designed by FlameRat
Razley Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Slim n' Tall! I like dat :rose:
FlameRat-YehLon Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you think so! But anyway, it's not my OC now, even though I designed the appearance.
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February 8, 2016
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