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[OC] Stiff Spline

So... One more OC now, yay! And what's better, this is the first fully colored OC. It's name is Stiff Spline (Chinese name: 僵弓, translates stiff bow), one of the member of the unfortunate tricorn race. Why unfortunate? They were mutated ponies being created as war machines, but after the war is over, they lose their purpose.

The name of this pony, Stiff Spline, shows the confusion within his mind. After all the killing, he don't have to kill anymore, so what should he do? He's three horns was supposed to offer a flexible battle style for him, but, he don't know where he should use his ability now, hence becoming stiff. 

His cutie mark, Hilbert curve follows with radiation lines, explored all the possibilities and there's still infinite ways to go.


And, this OC is created as a character for an RP campaign, so here's the back story.

Being one of the tricorns created as war machines, he killed numerous ponies in the battle field, without hesitation. But now, since the war is over, he has lost his purpose. Other ponies would try to stay away from him because he looks so scary. And he always feel painful when thinking of the ponies he has killed before. He used to didn't think twice before killing, but now? The thing he afraid to do the most, is exactly killing, the thing he's best at.

So, now, he would go out and try protect other ponies, in many ways. He try every way he can, to make his obsolete power helpful to other ponies. Hence, he chose his destiny, and he will follow that until the end of his almost worthless life. He want to do something, something that would actually help other ponies, rather than what he used to do, making other ponies suffer from the pain of death.

How long will he keep fighting? Well, at least, this strong soul won't extinguish that soon. We'll see.
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ow yeah awsome