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[LITW December 2017 contest] Winter Camp by FlameRat-YehLon [LITW December 2017 contest] Winter Camp by FlameRat-YehLon
Well, got no better titles.

Yes, I said that I'm not gonna do LITW art just a couple days ago. Yet I just decided to give it a shot because why not.

Originally just gonna do Mae and Lori, but then I decided that Lori should ride the Forest God, and there's no reason not to have Gregg. And then, since the page is too blank, I just have Bea as well. Angus? He's part of the activity, just not drawn out. (Was gonna draw a tent which Angus is in, but since the page got too crowded up I just removed the tent.)

Character outfit is taken from the LITW concept art (it's about LITW, in addition to NITW, after all), and since I thought it would be better to let them have tails (both for aesthetics and for emotion expressing) so that's just it. Since these characters don't have tail design to start with, I just use my imagination here: Mae got a "tail sweater" that doesn't affect tail movement, Bea got "tail coat" that's more for keeping warm rather than not restricting the tail, Lori got wrapped tail because that looks more badass (and probably more terrifying), Gregg got bare tail because fox tail already resists cold pretty well.

The whole pic too me 4 hours, not too bad considering that I used to need twice the time to do similar stuff. It's for contest being hold on the LITW Discord so... You could say that I do this for fame, but, to be honest, it's fun to draw such pic already. 

By the way, this might just be the one pic I drew that's closest to traditionally so-called furry. I mean, animal head, animal tail, human body, act basically like human, that's just it. Still better at doing 100% feral though, and still not good at drawing human (especially human hands) at all.

Also, Mae's roundness level is so over-the-top, and this pic isn't making that any better. Well, it's just how Mae always goes. I guess.
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December 18, 2017
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