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[Comic] At Wild Do #18 by FlameRat-YehLon [Comic] At Wild Do #18 :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 0 0 Niko Holding The Sun by FlameRat-YehLon Niko Holding The Sun :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 6 2 Chroma Down Sample Demo by FlameRat-YehLon Chroma Down Sample Demo :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 4 3 [Comic] At Wild Do #17 by FlameRat-YehLon [Comic] At Wild Do #17 :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 1 3 Random Fox Rainbow (palette swap animation) by FlameRat-YehLon Random Fox Rainbow (palette swap animation) :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 0 0 Random Fox (palette swap animation) by FlameRat-YehLon Random Fox (palette swap animation) :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 1 0 Phoenix Lantern Stage 1 by FlameRat-YehLon Phoenix Lantern Stage 1 :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 3 0 Destroyer vs Savior by FlameRat-YehLon Destroyer vs Savior :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 5 1 Niko by FlameRat-YehLon Niko :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 5 0 [Comic] At Wild Do #16 by FlameRat-YehLon [Comic] At Wild Do #16 :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 2 0 This Is Actually Wild by FlameRat-YehLon This Is Actually Wild :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 0 0 Nanachi but they're wearing Gabumon Pelt by FlameRat-YehLon Nanachi but they're wearing Gabumon Pelt :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 2 0 An OC that I'm pretty sure nobody is gonna steal by FlameRat-YehLon An OC that I'm pretty sure nobody is gonna steal :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 2 3 Protonfox old version by FlameRat-YehLon Protonfox old version :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 0 0 Protonfox 2018 ver by FlameRat-YehLon Protonfox 2018 ver :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 3 0 Speedy Mae by FlameRat-YehLon Speedy Mae :iconflamerat-yehlon:FlameRat-YehLon 2 0


Happy Birthday! by Crummy-Pheonix Happy Birthday! :iconcrummy-pheonix:Crummy-Pheonix 5 2 experiment john fox 725 (SpeedPaint) by LittleFoxPrince experiment john fox 725 (SpeedPaint) :iconlittlefoxprince:LittleFoxPrince 54 27 Cang Yu, the Azure Phoenix by PetroBeherha Cang Yu, the Azure Phoenix :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 6 8 The Infinite Chase by TamberElla The Infinite Chase :icontamberella:TamberElla 1,971 46 White Wolf by Kay-Ra White Wolf :iconkay-ra:Kay-Ra 12,093 310 The Lazy Artist's Guide to Drawing Animals by raizy The Lazy Artist's Guide to Drawing Animals :iconraizy:raizy 2,710 309 Circle of No by TsaoShin Circle of No :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 55,458 7,844 Burnt Egg || Contest Prize by Snerdsister Burnt Egg || Contest Prize :iconsnerdsister:Snerdsister 1 5 Red Fox In the Snow by thrumyeye Red Fox In the Snow :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 3,248 90 Symmetry by JulianRad Symmetry :iconjulianrad:JulianRad 4,455 116 The Owls Three by IsaiahStephens The Owls Three :iconisaiahstephens:IsaiahStephens 14,657 796 Enjoying the Rain... by JulianRad Enjoying the Rain... :iconjulianrad:JulianRad 3,191 120 Kayrea Night Form Ref by Nightrizer Kayrea Night Form Ref :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,704 54 Louden Reference by LiLaiRa Louden Reference :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 3,175 78 CE - Kuroshippo by mr-tiaa CE - Kuroshippo :iconmr-tiaa:mr-tiaa 675 52 +Last Unicorn -Lilac Forest+ by larienne +Last Unicorn -Lilac Forest+ :iconlarienne:larienne 8,864 589


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For general commercial commissions, the price is 50 CNY / 10 USD / 1000 Points per hour. Contact for more info including payment method. (ps. If there are material and delivery cost you generally would have to cover that as well, but please ask me first.)



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This is just a joke. Currently I don't actually need money, so there's 99.999% chance that the point you donate would be wasted. And you'll get nothing in return, because all I can offer is taking a request, which is already free anyway. (XD)

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FlameRat (野龍)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
People's Republic of China
Artwork creating is a lifestyle, and fun, and a chance to express myself.


Request entry always open, contact me via mail (since I don't check DA everyday) or at any other places you can find me, so that we can talk about it in detail. Keep in mind that unless specified, I'll always release requested arts under CC BY NC SA 4.0. And I don't provide guarantee on the quality. (Give me as many information as you can so that this may happen less often.)

I don't make promise on the time I finish drawing, too. This is not my work, and the reason I open request is just for taking and sharing ideas and inspirations. And for improving my skill. And most importantly, for fun XD

My mail (no spam, please): wzx1996 at hotmail dot com | main at flamerat dot org (the first one is also my Skype, if you want to use that to contact me)

ps. requests are for non commercial purpose only. If you need to use the pic in commercial purpose, you need to pay me 5 USD (via PayPal) or 25 CNY (via Alipay) for each half an hour of my work. This will grant you the license to use the pic in commercial purpose while the pic stay in CC license. An additional 30% of the price will be charged if you need an exclusive license, in which case I'll only preserve the demonstration right and remove the public download link.


[Comic] At Wild Do #18
This is technically some sort of jungle party I guess...


If the 3 latest parts of the comic feels a bit weird, well, they are based on unfamiliar perspectives so it's unavoidable I guess. (And it might even be weirder than parts that uses completely fictional location.)

This series is also available on the WeChat public subscription account "AtWildDo", if that's more convenient for you.
Niko Holding The Sun
Just beat Okami HD (they really should call it Okami Masterpiece Edition based on the Japanese title) and... Not sure about what celebration art to draw, so just do this instead. This is not supposed to be accurate (since I'd say Amakou's body shape is strange to begin with, and Niko isn't supposed to be able to carry Amakou anyway) but anyway, just for fun.
Chroma Down Sample Demo
Download the original file and zoom it to 100% to get the most accurate result.

So... Just some thought on how future display technology can get the most out of limited pixels (especially for DLP based ones since those got their pixels pretty expensive comparing to other technologies). My thought is, since 4:2:0 color compression is the norm for most contents anyway, wouldn't it be nice if display technology can use that to get more out of existing pixels?

On this pic, every pixel is either on the Cb axis, or the Cr axis. Well, not exactly, but approximately the same idea. Yeah I only used a pair of checker-board color filters to filter out specific colors, and then gamma boost it a bit, and thus both the luma and the chroma isn't really that accurate, but in the future, maybe with optimized matrixes both luma and chroma can be almost accurate.

And this image, when viewed at 100% (using the original file, though I guess JPEG can compress it really well?), on a 4:4:4 monitor (basically any regular computer monitor) you will see a checkerboard pattern, but when view at an angle the color is more or less even. On a 4:2:0 screen though (for example, a TV, when receiving 4:2:0 signal) would make the checkerboard pattern completely invisible unless on area that are very red or blue (again, this is not a completely accurate demonstration) because most of the color information is lost during the transmission.

And this might be the ideal way for pixel shift single chip DLP projector that creates 4K image using only a 2K chip. This way, brighter image can be created with higher gradient steps. 

(And there's a chance that this is already patented, who knows XD If not then... Hopefully in a few years we can get products that uses this technique XD)
[Comic] At Wild Do #17
: )

This series is also available on the WeChat public subscription account "AtWildDo", if that's more convenient for you.
Tagged by PetroBeherha . Don't usually do tags, don't have much friend that uses DA as social media platform (aka pics are usually shared across all sorts of sites, and DA is more of a blog platform), so... No new tag. Sorry.

Here are the rules:
1. Pick any 10 of your characters in any order
2. Do not change the questions!
3. Please do not look at the questions until you've listed all your characters. Trust me, it's better that way. ;) (Wink)
4. Tag between 2-5 people. 
5. Have fun!

Since there's no new tag, well, anyone who's reading this, if you are not tagged and is under my watching list or is watching me, well, consider yourself being tagged. Yay.

OC of choice?
1. Pheonix Lantern
2. Brew Swipe
3. Char Flare
4. Terra Shade
5. Thread
6. Weighted Willow
7. Ferrium Ion
8. Poison Banyan
9. Sealed Grain
10. Flint


The Questions:
1. First comes first, who are you, your age, and add an interesting hobby.
Um... I'm FlameRat. My age is not important, after time traveling a lot, and there might be something more to it, which you would never know, because I won't tell you. Hobby? Quite a lot. But the most important one? How about, eating? That's the best hobby, right?

2. [4] What do you regret the most?
Terra: Getting my magic power, I guess. If I didn't get it, I would never have to consider where to use it.

3. Do you have a fetish [2]? And does [5] fill it?
Brew: Hmm... I'm very into strong alcohol. Too bad I can't taste those anymore, with a body that's literally burning hot. Thread? He doesn't seem to do anything other than finding the truth and fighting FlameRat.

4. [10] becomes Emo! What was the cause and who will be the most concerned, [7], [1], or [9]?
B... But... Flint doesn't even bother going out for a walk! Maybe Pheonix Lantern caused that and he is also the one to be most concerned?

5. [8] loses his/her keys to his/her house. [6] invites [8] to stay over at his/her house. What happens next?
I have no idea why Poison Banyan would ever use a key. I have no idea why Weighted Willow's house would have any room left either. Besides that all, I don't think a house can house a whole forest.

6. Who would win in a fight, [5] or [3]?
Thread is pretty much god of a concept while Char Flare is just some sort of very long-lived pony... I guess Thread would win because Char Flare doesn't talk too much. But... The ultimate price of such price is so huge that, I don't think they would start one in the first place.

7. A party was held at [2]'s house! [10] gets drunk and [2] notices. Does [2] do anything?
Yes -- Even though I try my best to stop Brew, he just keep serving alcohol to Flint. That might be a pet abuse, I guess...
Brew: It's your fault to take Flint to my house. You know that this place is full of alcohol.
FlameRat: As if I could have not did that...

8. Does [4] want a child? Yes or no? If yes, a boy or a girl and how many?
Terra: Since I have absolutely no plan to get married, the answer would be "no", I guess.

9. [5] falls asleep on [1]'s couch. What's [1]'s reaction and does he/she do anything about it?
Terra: Hey... I thought you were technically not a cat...

10. [9] is dreaming a lot about [8]. [9] confesses that [8] has been on his/her mind and explains the dream. How does it go?
Poison Banyan: meh.
Sealed Grain: meh.

11. Who would [6] prefer to go out with, [10] or [7]?
Weighted Willow: *stays at home and keep on coding*

12. Whoever [6] picked, [6] has married! How does [3] react?
Char Flare: Hah don't be kidding, programmer has no gf/bf!
Weighted Willow: *enjoying typing on his new keyboard*

13. [4] turns out to think he/she will never get a good boyfriend/girlfriend. Why does [4] think that and how will [8] react or help?
Terra: I never want one!
Poison Banyan: So you want to be a tree?

14. Will [2] ever bee a good comedian?
Brew: Yes.

15. [5] suggests "Russian Roulette" for a game. Do [1] and [10] agree to it?
Thread: Nah.
Pheonix: Nah.
Flint: *isn't even awake*

16. [7] has a huge embarrassing secret about [6] and tells [2]. [6] knows that [7] told [2]. Does [6] plan to take revenge or ignore it?
Weighted Willow: As if I would care about you guys...

17. [8] plays "7 Minutes in Heaven" with [6], [4] and [5]. [8] goes in with [6]. What goes on with [8] and [6]. Do they kiss, and follow the rules or do more or less? 
Terra/Thread/Weighted Willow: Poison Banyan, I guess you are in the wrong world right now.

18. Someone's a parent! [9], what happened? Who's the partner? Tell us!
Sealed Grain: Never thought that my tiny inn has so many customers today... Well, You guys made me nervous... But, isn't what happened pretty clear? Just, that stuff happened and I'm a mom now, nothing to be surprised, right?

19. [4] is forced to sit on [8]'s lap. Does everything stay friendly? Who wanted it? [4] or [8]?
Poison Banyan: You know, I'm not supposed to sit up for a long time.
Terra: Ouch! Why would I have to sit on such thorny lap! Who brought this idea?
Poison Banyan: Who knows... Better stop it right now... *turns into a tree*
Terra: I can't fly...

20. [1] has slept over at [3]'s house with [9]. [1] decides to pull a prank on [9] and ties him/her up. Why and what was [3]'s reaction when he/she wakes up?
Char: That's a loooooooooooooong tail. But... There's not enough oxygen here. Better loose that now before I have to burn your tail away.

21. [8] gets [2] for a slave for a day. What does [8] make [2] do?
Poison Banyan: I don't know who made this idea but, I refuse. Brew, you are free now, don't burn me.
Brew: Thanks.

22. [4], if there was one person in the world you could live with forever, who would it be? Pick one person from the list and you could pick one person who's not on the list (it can be someone's OC that isn't yours).
Terra: Pheonix, of course! As for someone else, well... How about that weird goat hanging around?

23. Oh no! [6] has gone missing! It turns out [3] has kidnapped him/her. How does [6] react to his/her kidnapper?
Weighted Willow: I forgot to commit my change last night...

24. [4] is dared to take off 5 articles of clothing, which does he/she choose to take off? Shoes, glasses, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories and watches don't count either...
Terra: You are kidding me right? I'm naked all the time.

25. [3] is arrested. Why and who comes to save [3] or is he/she left there for the full time?
*nobody comes, guess Char wasn't so lucky and... The legend is not the same anymore...*


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