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FireAlpaca drawings
Now that I can draw with FireAlpaca, it's about time I do commissions with it as well. Same as the other commissions. Please describe what you want me to draw. Include either a picture, or a description of what it looks like, or do a picture and description. Thanks

30 points for lineart
40 points for lineart + Coloring
50 points for lineart + coloring + background
Pen Sketches (Colored pencil coloring, Opt.)
These sketches are outlined neatly in pen. You can choose whether it be colored or not. I will color with colored pencils. Please include a description of the character or at least a link to a picture of them. If you have any questions, please ask me.

20 points for just pen drawing
25 points for pen drawing + coloring
Pencil Sketches
I'll sketch anything in pencil. I don't care if it's an OC, fan character, or something from a movie or TV show, I'll still draw it as long as I get description or reference picture of what it looks like. If you have any questions, put em' down in the comments and I'll answer them.

Newest Deviations

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Here's some of the most recent things I have drawn


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Two Vents
Hwy. These vents mean a lot to me so I would appreciate if you read them, but I'm not going to force you.
Vent One
 My mom, despite not living with me at all, has advertised one of my cats for sale, my youngest cat to be specific, and he is getting picked up shortly.
I acted indifferent about this around my mother however in truth I am absolutely devastated. That cat, as well as any of my other cats, meant so much to me that it cannot be explained in words, I'm trying my best not to cry or show any sign of being upset but even with that I am struggling.
  Pollux, the cat she advertised, did absolutely nothing wrong. He behaved golden, I've never had any problems with him the length I've had him for, yes my mom experienced ONE problem with him but that was only once.
And half way through writing this the person who bought him came to pick him up. I once again tried to act calm about this but I had to leave the room, it was too much.
  I've only dealt with losing pe
:icontheunlistedone:TheUnlistedOne 1 0
wtsr, page 62 by aaaarachnids wtsr, page 62 :iconaaaarachnids:aaaarachnids 40 7 NBS Page 57 by BlazeraptorGirl NBS Page 57 :iconblazeraptorgirl:BlazeraptorGirl 11 11 wtsr, page 60 by aaaarachnids wtsr, page 60 :iconaaaarachnids:aaaarachnids 35 4 NBS Bonus: Page 55.5 by BlazeraptorGirl NBS Bonus: Page 55.5 :iconblazeraptorgirl:BlazeraptorGirl 6 13 Lego Ninjago: You Sucker by afreeh229 Lego Ninjago: You Sucker :iconafreeh229:afreeh229 21 5



ArtFight! Attack: Xs and...Xs
Just an attack on Weichei (on ArtFight!) or slyyrye 

The character's name is Velcrow.

I managed to listen to the entire Halo 2: Anniversary soundtrack through this one drawing…

Art: Mine
Character: slyyrye 
Program: FireAlpaca
Happy Birthday A M E R I K K U

I think it’s 242 years...I think
Random story: So a few years ago before I had DA, on my scratch page, I referred to myself as a “Stupid, dumb Firefox (Flame...the OC) that no one likes” and a few days ago this one guy kinda hated on one of my projects and went to my profile asking who even uses Firefox (the search engine) anymore, technically thinking I was saying that I used Firefox even though I said nothing like that. You have no idea how amused I was and how clueless I though some people were.
Finally finished Halo 4 on legendary, and that's all of the games on The Master Chief Collection. Now I need to do Halo 5 then I'll have done all Halo campaigns on all difficulties!
A Cole
Now I done did Cole and messed the eyes up :|

I’m gonna do Kai the hothead next

Jay -

Art - Mine
Cole ©LEGO



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey guys. Flame here.

Lately on scratch and deviantart I have been really inactive and I want to apologize for it. School is getting to be a bit much and I’m getting a bit lazy. I’m trying to put school at a higher priority since my graduation to high school I still coming up only is about a month and I need to make the most of that month. I still draw a lot of things in free time but don’t seem to find time to post them because I’m trying to upload art that actually looks good instead of only pencil drawings and all that but there are a few things that I’ll upload. 

Another topic is my Manor Ninjago Comic. I am considering letting it go. I find the plot kinda stupid and it’s super brutal on Jay and I don’t really like to be so brutal on him. It does involve him getting mentally scarred for life and getting some huge scar on his leg that the other did to him on accident, thus leaving him almost completely unable to walk. I also don’t seem to upload pages that look good. For some reason, my artstyle is kinda changing again, plus I need to practice drawing the Ninja in season 8 more and switching from the original artstyle to the new one is way too sudden. I’ve also sort of lost touch in drawing humans and I’m trying to get back to that. On the other hand, I was thinking of starting a Sonic comic thing. I had two ideas. One was a small Halloween comic about Silver, with the first part taking place that year, and the next part taking place the next year. It’s something I think will be a bit fun. It involves some zombie designs for the sonic characters and I love drawing zombies so much. The other idea is a long time comic. Kinda like
The Murder of Me. (I frikken love that story so much even though it’s on hiatus) my idea is different though. It’s kinda an alternate story of Sonic 06 except Mephiles is the main villain and Iblis or Solaris doesn’t exist, and it’s in a time where the freedom fighters exist, like Sally, Antoine, Rotor, and Bunny, Sonic never met Shadow yet, Shadow’s backstory is slightly different and Silver is still stuck in the future then goes back to change time but his future is sort of different.

What do you guys think? Should I abandon the Manor and start these comics? Or should I do them all?

Let me know in the comments and sorry for my inactivity.


Flameprincess04's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey everyone! I am an artist and beginner animator who has only been drawing for a few years but for some reason my art improves a lot over the course of a year so yeah. Most of my animations are done on scratch but I will be making a few gifs and small animations here and there but who knows what I'll come up with.

Feel free to look around my profile. I will accept some constructive criticism, and advice on how to improve. If you'd like, or if I'm not busy feel free to place a commission and I'll do it. I only do free requests for birthdays and other special occasions. Feel free to watch, comment, fav, or anything.

Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps

My birthday badge

Yes I do have OCs but only three of them. There's two of them, Flame and Autumn, down below

She has been my main OC for a long time by Flameprincess04 Autumn my 2nd OC by Flameprincess04

Ninjago Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Xbox One fan button by buttonmaker Gamertag: Flameprincess04, I play games like Halo (MCC, reach, and 5), Destiny (1 and 2) Titanfall 2, Minecraft, and more.
Halo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Please don't thank me for watches. It's just cause I think you deserve it :)

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
I also do understand a bit of Telugu (there is no badge for it) but I don't speak it.

Dese my best frands ---> :iconzayzaril: :icondonutdoxie:
I know this frand in real life ---> :iconmryolowolf: <-- Artfight account… <--Scratch

Please don't steal art. If you find any stolen work of mine, please report it to me and I'll look into it

I am a deviant that is committed to stopping art thieves because I believe that stealing art is very wrong and no one deserves to have it happen to them. They need to be stopped and I want to join those who are working to do just that.

Please don't talk religion or politics on my profile. They are very sensitive subjects and I don't want to accidentally offend anyone with religion or political opinions since I’m not very religious.

No, I’m not really part of the furry fandom and no, I myself am not really a furry. I only draw them for various reasons. Many people automatically think that anyone who draws furries is a furry but that isn’t true of everyone.


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