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Hemalurgic Metals Table

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I've put together a rough chart of Hemalurgic Metals based on patterns observed in the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. This is by no means canon, but a simple approximation by myself.
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KelliseHobbyist Writer
You should read alloy of law. It`ll update this somewhat ;)
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I just read your post on Gold and I have to disagree.
Atium, as laid out in the back of 'Hero of Ages', steals Temporal Powers and no others.
TLR's Kandra-Atium plan would indicate that, if he could have used a metal that was already thought of as 'Allomantically active', then more Atium would have gone to The Homeland and helped with inhibiting Ruin.
TLR seemed to be of the mind to do anything to keep Ruin locked away and/or blocked if he were to escape. That would include getting as much Atium to The Homeland as possible.
That might have been one of the factors that made him keep the numbers of SI's he created low.
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The hemalurgic uses of different metals as laid out in the back of HoA was created from the perspective of the Allomantic experts of the time and is not completely accurate. It's been confirmed by Brandon Sanderson that Atium is the Hemalurgic "wild card" that can steal anything else. But you do raise some good points about Gold.
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The logically deduced thief of Temporal Powers would be Cadmium.

The Steel Inquisitors were given Temporal Powers using an Atium spike.
Atium is no longer produced due to Sazed not remaking the Pits of Hathsin.
Atium is an unalloyed, 'base' metal.
Cadmium is Atium's logical replacement.

Also, good job on grid-ing Hemalurgy. I didn't see the patterns until I saw this.