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no title
so much time has past since my last hope was taken away,
but it's gone by so fast it may as well have been yesterday.
I'm not sure I can still be the same as I was before,
and it's no certainty why I should care anymore
you should know it's not you, it's me that I hate.
I knew better than to try to defy my fate,
but I believed there was nothing I couldn't take.
I thought I knew what it was like for a heart to truly break
I don't want to try again. not only is it true
that I've never met another who compared to you,
I don't want to hope again, don't to tempt fate,
for it was hope that left me in this state.
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rock bottom
Can you tell me how to cope when you've lost all of your hope?
When deep inside you feel a burn that makes it seem like happieness will never return?
How do you put on a display of pride knowing that your dreams have died?
When you know tomorrow will still be there and find that you just don't care.
rock bottom is only a lie
there's always farther to fall
it's a fact people try to deny
because they think they've seen it all
You were told from the start that life wasn't fair,
but part of you always refused to be believe.
Now every part sees the truth is there,
and yourself you can no longer decieve.
rock bottom doesn't exist
it's unfortunate but true
if to deny this you can insist
then I wish I could be you.
rock bottom is only a myth
things can always get much worse
it's a matter you can't argue with
when your life has been a curse
rock bottom is only a lie
there's always farther to fall
it's a fact people try to deny
because they think they've seen it all.
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Harsh Reality
I've been told that which doesn't kill will strenghen me and that I'll learn from mistakes I've made
but it's always the same moves I've made before that leave me cold alone and afraid.
they say that deep in the heart of every coward is a knight both brave and strong
but I look inside and all I find is a note saying sorry but I had to move on
my faults are what make up who I am though they may lead to a life of regret
the person you invision me to be is a man I've never met.
they say there's no obsticle that can't be overcame and if you have the will you'll find a way
but I'm trapped in a cage without any doors and it's looking like that's where I'll stay
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Sewer Monster
you have all the grace and debonair of a queen
but I'm the most horrifying creature you've ever seen
II can't take my sights off you
but what else can I do
now the pain's getting so bad that I could just scream
you're the sort that seems to glide on the air
I look like I crawled out of a gutter somewhere
I know I don't stand a chance
for even a passing glance
leaving me to sit and mope in total despair
is it so wrong to want someone to care for
it seems natural to me at least
is it wrong to want someone to be there for
even though I'm just a wretched beast
you have plenty of guys just waiting in line
wanting to make you part of their grand design
I'm not even on your list
I'm lucky you know I exist
so how can I ever hope to call you mine
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sad and lonely christmas
merry christmas and a happy new year
is what I hear from people every day
they're trying to fill my life with cheer
but I wish they'd all just go away
'cause the only one I care to see
said she's never coming back to me
and it looks like it's going to be
a sad and lonely christmas
sad and lonely christmas
torn between being sad and annoyed
walking around with my head in the clouds
I just can't seem to avoid
the over anxious holiday crowds
pushing and shoving all over the place
I'm growing tired of the human race
and it looks like I'm doomed to face
a sad and lonely christmas
sad and lonely christmas
everyone seems to demand
I behave in a festive way
I know they'd have to understand
if they could be me for just one day
so here I stay waiting all alone
for the end of my misery
and the one I thought I'd call my own
pacing back and forth impatiently
but she's never walking through that door
I don't know what I bother for
and I guess I'll see one more
sad and lonely christmas
sad and lonely
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Once More
I tell myself they won't see what you feel
just because you treat them nice
I say don't surrender your heart 'till you know it's for real
but I never listen to my own advise
I just dive head long
once more into heartache
once more into misery
once more into thinking
this will be the end of me
I shouldn't bet all my joy on a single dream
it hurts too much to lose it all
I've been left broken with no self esteem
more times than I care to recall
but I still run
once more into sorrow
once more into anxiety
once more into concealing
there's a weaker side of me
though I feel the pain from all the times I've failed
I still try ro look like a rock
though deep down I know that my ship has sailed
I still keep standing at the dock
then I step off
once more into anguish
once more into agony
once more into wishing
all the world would leave me be
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write of what you know
you want me to write about winning a love
can you describe this sensation to me?
I'm afraid it's one I've never known
it's a sad reality
you want a tune to put a smile on your face
well I'm afraid it can't be done
because it's hard to write about togetherness
when you're such a lonely one
You say quit being so down in the dumps
quit acting like life is so rough
if you want to turn my world around
three words would be enough
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title pending
You can't hold on to a moment forever
time can never truly stand still
if there's a chance that life can make a turn for the worse
it's a pretty safe bet it probably will
when I find something I think I can cling to
it all comes crumbling to the ground
when I try to climb up out of the gutter
a rain storm brings me crashing back down
a lonely walk through quiet streets
might just be a relief
but people pushing and shoving and their endless prattle
brings me nothing but grief
so I sit alone closed in my room
and let my mind roam freely
over all the things that might have been
and all the things that used to be
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Desperate plea
I've been living the life I'm living for so long
but somehow it's always felt like something was wrong
the years I've wasted away
can never come back to me
in this rut I'm bound to decay
unless someone can set me free
I get the sense you're far more than you seem
you live the sort of life that I can only dream
you're the only one
who can end this misery
fill my years with fun
the way life was meant to be
in you I see an angel walking the earth
and to ask this much of you is far more than I'm worth
I'll give my heart to you
to keep forever more
my heart will remain true
just don't walk out the door
you hold in your hand
the very destiny
of a broken man
please say you'll stay with me
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'Give up' You've lost her
She greets you each day with a smile so sweet,
and a cute little wave that makes your heart skip a beat.
Why does she act so nice? Why does she treat you so kind?
You keep on searching though there's no answer to find.
Why does she act so kind? Why does she treat you so nice?
You think you know, but heed my advice.
Give up, you've lost her. The love you see is in your mind.
Give up, you've lost her. you'd better leave those empty hopes behind.
You sit and discuss all your common views.
She understands the crazy things that you do.
You start to believe your meeting her was fate,
then she asks your advice on her upcoming date.
Give up, you've lost her! she only wants to be your friend!
Give up, you've lost her! or this unhappiness will never end!
You decide to stop hiding all you feel inside.
It's time to stand up and swallow your pride.
But Just When You're About To Tell Her Everything,
that's when she shows you HER ENGAGEMENT RING!
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