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[Commission] Asha character sheet by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Asha character sheet :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 31 0
Kitty Narti by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Kitty Narti :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 28 2
[Commission] Virizion worshipped by Furret by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Virizion worshipped by Furret :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 15 0
[Commission] FlutterFeet by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] FlutterFeet :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 282 20
Surprise Birthday Dawny by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Surprise Birthday Dawny :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 93 3
Sonic x Hooters by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Sonic x Hooters :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 299 9
[Commission] Igna character art by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Igna character art :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 48 2
[Commission] Niah character art by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Niah character art :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 52 2
[Commission] Draguness Everrest by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
[Commission] Draguness Everrest :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 6 0
Sans tho (old art) by FlameLoneWolf Sans tho (old art) :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 8 0 Velvet's PJs by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Velvet's PJs :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 44 0
Starlight the Equalist by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Starlight the Equalist :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 149 6
Blaziken pumping her guns by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Blaziken pumping her guns :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 159 9
Lovely Little Lady  by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Lovely Little Lady :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 108 6
Quick ol' mouse gal by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Quick ol' mouse gal :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 12 1
Rarity Shinin' Bright by FlameLoneWolf
Mature content
Rarity Shinin' Bright :iconflamelonewolf:FlameLoneWolf 111 4


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United States
I can art, write, and butts at the same time. Also ponies.

:thumb337657194: Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-aye Hunter x Hunter stamp by SolusNox [ STAMP | NEFERPITOU ] by BickslowFT Captain stamp by fireheart1001 :thumb572078457: Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Ace Stamp 3 by RJDaae


[Commission] Asha character sheet
Alt outfits:

Don't mind me, just pretending to know how muscles work.

And with that, the final sister is finally done! A lot of IRL stuff got in the way, like a death in the family, copious amounts of stress, going to Bronycon, and so-on, but I think I'm done with character sheets for a little while. At the very least until I tweak the prices for them; probably gonna make them into their own commission type if anything.

These character sheets have been a long-running project, so I hope there isn't a noticeable art quality difference between the three, since I plan on lining them up together in a single pic. But that comes later. Sleep comes now.
Kitty Narti
The tall, lanky, lizard gal from the new Voltron. She's the weirdest of Lotor's crew, so no surprise I like her the most I guess.

And yes, before you ask, I'm caught up with the show. Kinda criminal how little there is drawn of her. Been wanting to practice with skinnier proportions, and Narti was my first idea. And Galra are more or less semi-cat people.. aliens, so there's your loose justification for the kitty lingerie.

It's also SFW enough to be posted on KYM, so... mind not the ulterior motive that may've been involved here.

Would've had this done sooner, but if you've been following my tumblr, you'll see that I was in Florida for the last week and a half. Gonna be starting commissions back up, and uh, boy, they're already closed again. Really didn't take long to have my commission slots be filled back up, and I'll be starting on them this week.

[Commission] Virizion worshipped by Furret
Commission for ~Bui on Furaffinity.

New most SFW commission I've taken coming through!

Was mindful of trying something new in a lot of ways with this, including lighting, composition, feral, perspective, and painting backgrounds. Since my skill with backgrounds is lacking, decided I wanted to go all out with this one, and it's a bit sloppy when you look at it, but I think it came out pretty good. Grass is the bane of my existence though.

Also, if Furret looks a little big, keep in mind that Furret is officially 5'11. That's bigger than a Charizard. And if you think that should make Virizion look short in comparison, Virizion on all fours is 6'7. This concludes this week's episode of "Pokemon Who Are Way Bigger Than You Thought They Were".

So, on a much more serious note, I wanna give a bit of an update/rant, so if you're not interested, just ignore it.


Okay, so... this pic's been nearly done for a while now, about two weeks actually, but I couldn't really bring myself to even lift my pen without a surge of anxiety this past Holiday break. Aside from being busy, I guess even on break, levels of stress didn't really fade at all, and they hardly do over breaks for me honestly. I usually don't get too much time to just relax without multi-tasking something else at the same time, but that can also distract me a lot from what I'm supposed to be doing. And I've developed this shitty habit of counting the hours, which mostly scares me into thinking about where my life'll be in just a few years. My friends often get mad at my that I almost never spend a lengthy amount of time with them anymore, but I treat this and college like jobs, and I'm not gonna just shirk the responsibilities I've taken from people who've paid me money to do so. And, sometimes I have to pick college work to prioritize my day over drawing. Maybe this is all just part of becoming an adult, I dunno.

Just, between this, college, and my own projects, it's been hard to juggle the two as effectively as I would've liked, and I'm kinda wondering if it's been taking a toll on my mental health. Not trying to make anyone who's commissioned me feel guilty, the opposite actually. This is more of an apology actually. I tend to beat myself up a lot over my art, but I really hate how long it's taken me with commissions over the past year. A lot of that is because when I hit a certain level of stress, or my mood is just absolutely crappy, I just can't draw. I try, I don't like how it comes out, it makes me feel even worse, and I end up trying again tomorrow. Makes it extra hard to control my mood, what with having depression, the people in my IRL life, and just me being a rather pessimistic person in general. It's stupid, but sitting down to draw sometimes feels like a battle to me, and I hate that it is. Another reason is that I could easily post art I'm not happy with, but like hell I'm going to do that. So, a lot of time can often come from me trying new things with my art or finding ways to make it look different from something I've already drawn. Which, can lead me into taking way longer than I should with certain processes.

But enough of me being a whiny bitch, that's not the reason I'm typing all of this. I wanted to say I'm really sorry for anyone who's had to wait even over a month for me to get to their commission, especially to those who've waited like, what, five months? I wouldn't blame any of you for getting upset with me, though I'm lucky that very few of you actually have. I'm really grateful for all of your patience, I seriously am. Though I wasn't just talking shit before when I've claimed to be getting faster, I genuinely have been drawing a lot faster than months ago through experimenting with my art. But overall, just wanted to give an apology, as well as a lite version of my perspective on things as of late. Gonna try to be better this year, so count on that.

Would've been more meaningful of this came out on New Year's day, but ah well. :V
[Commission] FlutterFeet
For the sweaty version:

Commission for alphafox1234

Probably the most tame commission I've had in... ever maybe? Also been a good while since I've drawn Fluttershy, and looking back, I'm actually pretty happy with my improvement over these two years.

Perspective's still a bitch to draw though.

Also experimented a good bit with the shading, and honestly like how it turned out, so may keep this method. Also, probably perdy obvious, but I based her outfit on her EqG counterpart. Sorta relevant, but saw the MLP movie a lil' while ago. Was really good, go check it out!
First of all, I'm leaving some links to said picture if you're interested. Because hey, at least it's another chance to let other websites have the glory over this one.
Tumblr:… (congrats, Tumblr, you're actually not the biggest bunch of pussies when it comes to art this time)

Next off, I'm giving my two cents here.

I really couldn't help but nearly roll my eyes out of their sockets when I found out about this one. I was pretty weary of posting it, even after claiming she was over eighteen- because it really matters apparently. But I guess it's fine when Jenny (or other underaged characters drawn here for that matter) are sexualized to hell and back, but so long a robot titty or metal crotch is hidden, I guess it's safe.

I guess we'll just chalk this up to another reason nobody can take this website seriously. But it's totally not just DeviantArt, but a lot of art sites in general just can't handle when a FICTIONAL character- literally only made from curved lines filled with color- is being sexualized, even when they're aged up. Here's a fun example of hypocrisy for ya:

An artist friend of mine drew Korra from Legend of Korra (duh) in a sexualized picture, and his picture got removed for it. I believe it may've been around the time season two was airing- in which it was made canon she was over eighteen during. Problem was, she was seventeen when season one started. Because apparently, this character was tied to their age from their first appearance. 

Wanna know a character with a similar situation, but is completely exempt from it for some reason? Rouge the Bat, a character I've drawn here as well. Hope nobody forgot she was actually seventeen when SA2 and Heroes came out.

But my point is that none of this should really matter. I'm not saying DeviantArt should become this porn gallery or anything, and I'm also not glorifying child porn- which is fucked up in every sense... Except, however, when the character isn't REAL. They're made up. Fictional. Do not actually exist. If they were sexualized, this would hurt absolutely nobody. And yet people act like it will for some reason, and I will never understand this.

Art is art. None of it is more meaningful or offensive. They're lines and colors artists have managed to bend to give the illusion of existence. I love art, but even I can see this. I know there are lots of people who don't want to see certain things, but those are what filters should be for then, right?

Get a grip, DeviantArt. Before you drive even more artists away than you already have.



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