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I know that not many will read this but regardless I have made a vlog on youtube, covering why I haven't really had that much to post for a while, If it's met with a good response I might make more vlogs or upload them weekly (who know's) anyways more to the point, here's the link in case anyone wants to check it out, or even it you just wanna know what I sound like XD Vlog 
Hello everyone, It's been a long journey so far and I believe it's time to re-brand by DA, YT e.c.t. I started out as FlamelightDrawsPonies, then just Flamelight Dash, but I don't think that name is working, so I'm here to ask for your help in choosing a new name, here's the names that have already been offered up

Bright Flame's Artwork's
Flame Sketch

Flamelight Draws
ACK flaming ponies

Feel free to comment a name of your own, or just say which one above you like most