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Sing the Russian Lullaby:WIP

I'm no drawing flower/plant drawer expertise. So excuse the lame-ass sunflowers and the stalks coming out of Russia's arm. D:
Title is inspired from an actual song: [link]

(There are many versions. This is just a SIMS2 Hetalia version. ^^)

I had some few references help, mostly on sideview and a tiny bit on the scarf folds. I'll also leave this as a half potrait view, which explains why I didn't try the rest of the scarf ends and make a full-body length of Russia.

I hope I captured Ivan's sorrowful expression? <:c

Russia/Ivan Braginski (sp?) (c) Hetalia by Himaruya Hidezki
Art (c) :iconflamefox324:

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8D Wow, this looks awesome already; love the expression~ Tis sure to be epic when it's complete~~:heart: ^_^
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Hehe. Thanks. xD
I hope I could make it. .w. I was thinking to put some blood stains on him whenever is the time I'll be colouring it.
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Looks so awesome *.*
Can't wait to see it finished :3
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I'll try and finish it... if I can. xD;;
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this looks like its gonna be great when you finish.
I love his dreamy expression
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Me too. It's somewhat a mixture of hope and sad.
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Oh. Thanks. ^//^
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you're welcome ^^
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