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Connie is Naked

Very, VERY old artwork done 2 years ago as a sketch and done about a year ago as a lineart in Paint. -_-;; If I get the chance to re-do it, I would.

The file was actually huge. About 5008x5492 in Paint. Yeah. Do. Not. Ask.

Got the idea from here: [link]

The fox is me (fursona form), and my two characters, Gnash (the adorable dog anthro) and Zeikun (the irritated anthro). Can you see us both being idiots and tease around poor lil Zeiky? xD

P.S. I previously uploaded this, realizing the text was TOO small to read. I hope this would work this time. >>;

Excuse the quality. Like I said, very old artwork that I didn't bother to make a update on the old version.

Characters/Artwork (c) Me
Dialogue (c) Whose line is it Anyways?
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Lul I love Whoses Line Is It Anyway |D
The US verison is sooo much better than the British one!
I love this too x3
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Indeed! The US version is funny. xD

You shouldn't really fave this. D: It's all cruddy and ugly to be praised about.
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Sorreh ):
I'm a compulsive fave-r and I fave whut I like :p
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Oh well. It's not like I can stop you from faving. x)