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Austria blames Australia VII

COMIC UPDAAAATE!!!! Finally, after so many times I wasn't able to work on a new page due to inactivity and no inspiration! OTL

Australia does NOT look happy. More like evil, per say. Kinda OC for his part, but you never know. xD

Three or four pages are left. Stay tune.

Page 1: [link]
Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]
Page 5: [link]
Page 6: [link]
Page 7: You are reading it

Austria, Australia (Hetalia) (c) Hidezki Himaruya

UPDATE: Pfft. I forgot to mention something. Panel 3 was kind of fanservice for those Austria fans. xD Last one was just to creep the crap out of you guys. xP
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Austria might want to move to Antarctica....
CrazyHetaliaLover13's avatar
I instinctively looked up at the 'dropbear' part.
I-really-hate-monday's avatar
Omg I know where drop bears come from :D funniest story ever 
OurLordDisco's avatar
*sighs* Austria, why you so mean to Australia?
Prowls-little-angle2's avatar
oh dear, we're breaking out the drop-bears are we? cr@p...yes, Aussie's evil aura make's Russia's seem as evil as italy's...(meaning not evil at all)
now, is Australia going to make him scream like a sheila, or run away screaming like a sheila I wonder...
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this was uploaded on my birthday and i'm aussie! so yay! :iconiloveitplz:
DeathIsOverRated's avatar
;^; Why are you glaring at me, Mr. Koala?
flamefox324's avatar
Mr. Koala: Because I'm evil and feel like nibbling your arms. >83
DeathIsOverRated's avatar
flamefox324's avatar
Evil Koala: Because you look tasty to nibble. :c
Australia: Here. Have some Eucalyptus leaves. :)
Evil Koala: -takes leaves- Nom nom nom. |c

That`s... a close one. Dx
DeathIsOverRated's avatar
Phew! Thanks Aussie! *hides behind him* I-I think that koala has it in for me for some odd reason...
mrmen00's avatar
Kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkol. XD
Sasori-Kitten's avatar
Wirewolf616's avatar
I love that koala... the shts gonna hit the fan soon. And im looking forward to it.
LizDIXVIII's avatar
awesome! that koala has possessed australia! but not that its a bad thing but still :D
Julesie's avatar
This comic is great. I hope you update it! Poor Australia. Beaten by such a pansy.
SpiderNinja24's avatar
He was holding back for Austria's sake. (Since he was trying to apologise) 
flamefox324's avatar
Since my summer classes are almost over, I will commence this comic very soon, so stay tune. ^^
Julesie's avatar
yay awesome. Can't wait.
scoureroflostsouls's avatar
I liked these XXD They were fun
flamefox324's avatar
Thanks. Hopefully I'll resume doing this comic by the time I finish my summer courses.
TuffMuffins's avatar
You don't wanna see us Aussies when we snap.....
woo-free-pie's avatar
Drop bears ~!! <3
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