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Austria blames Australia VI

Still doing this very shitty fancomic.

Finally, Australia loses his patience after many attempts on asking an apology. :D What will happen next?

Page 1: [link]
Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]
Page 5: [link]
Page 6: Here
Page 7: [link]

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Call upon the army of Drop Bears! Your dead now Austria!
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Release the Bunyip!!
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oh dear, Australia snapped...we may be essentially lazy fun-loving-easy-going people, but when we snap...well, lets just say Austria's screwed...
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Haha, awesome!
Can't wait for the next one!
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O^O Remind me not to get Australia mad...
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He's just frustrated. :D That's all. -pats-
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Oh! Okay! Group hug! *hugs you and Australia* YAY! Don't worry, Australia! Austria will come around! XD
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Yeah. Everything will turn out fine. 8D
Australia: Y-you think so guys? ;A; Thanks. Both of you are the best girls ever. ;w; -hugs back-
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I srsly LOLed at this. awesome. I srsly love all his animals taking care of him. And the lil forked tounge is perfect. And its not a shitty fancomic, you draw far better than me.
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Wow! I just got loadfuls of comments from you. xD
Aww. Thank you! I'm quite flattered when I read your comment. ^-^
Unfortunately, I have not yet touched this comic due to my classes and numerous assignments so I've been losing track of time. :/

But I'll certainly will not give up.
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^^;; Hopefully i didnt weird you out. And i totally understand. I look forward to when you eventually update. ^^
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Oh no. You didn't weird me out at all. xD I'm just used to DA users commented about every so and so pages (not there's something wrong with it), not every single ones.

I'm actually looking forward to finish this as well (though midterms are coming dangerously close). Since Friday is an off-day for my university, I should be able to post 1 (hopefully 2, if I can get my inspiration back). ;;
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Thats good. I usually do that but i felt typy lol. And nice i look forward to it. (unless youve already posted them an ive lost them in my in box.
*takes step back* WOAH WOAH WOAH i didnt know we australians could get so angry oh wait yes i did
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Show Austria who's boss! ^^
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Yeah Show Him Aussie
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poor australia! austria stop being so broody! >3<
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Hopefully by this weekend I'll be working on the next page. Maybe two. ^^
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