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Austria blames Australia

For those people who read the Hetalia scanlation strips from the Livejournal page would understand this joke. xD

For those who doesn't remember this strip, it's the one that shows few nation talking about themselves how hopeless or pathetic they are to themselves like Spain having no money, Italy being all useless. As for Austria, he gets mistaken/confused for Australia which hence wore a t-shirt saying "No Kangaroos". xD

It's impossible to hate Australia-kun. D: I mean, he's like one of the coolest nations existed. Nobody (except England? x3) should hate him. ^^

Uploading comic like these later on.

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Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]
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Page 7: [link]

Hetalia (c) Hidezki Himaruya
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Hannahthepadawan's avatar
I had the same problem. For, like, 12 years of my life, I never knew Austria even existed.
Pikalm7's avatar's not our fault...blame England. 

Also, Australia and England actually have a very good relationship. 
MidnightStar591's avatar
You forgot about New Zealanders who get mistaken for yeah, Austria your not on your ownDango-sweatdrop 
Skye-42's avatar
Don't worry Australia, we still wuv you! ;w;
Zuna11's avatar
Poor Australia. .>A<.
GrayComputer's avatar
Estonia could be mistaken for Ethiopia.
AskChibiAustralia's avatar
Oh my goodness..
This basically sums up my whole meeting with Austria!(A Austria rper. We had the exact discussion!)
OurLordDisco's avatar
Woo, Australia! :3 My auntie went to Austria and saw a shirt saying 'there are no kangaroos in Austria' XD
IAmGermany8210's avatar
XD Before Hetalia I didnt know there even was an Austria...

I have no idea why i was so stupid....
SpiritDetectiveL's avatar
Austria! ncdbkdhnev how dare you be mean to this sweet, inoccent child D:<
Prowls-little-angle2's avatar
not loving Australia is like....Prussia not being awesome!
team-odd's avatar
How can ANY ONE hate him?!
Aryie's avatar
Poor Jett. XD
But why would England hate him? England is pretty much his father.
flamefox324's avatar
Oh. It was just an old assumption from me. xD I always thought that Australia might have cause him some trouble when he was little.
Just a silly idea of mine. ^^; But now I know.
pikachugirl15's avatar
aawww,poor thing!!
MokkaChan's avatar
England hates us because they planted abomb in the middle of our country.
flamefox324's avatar
I'm not sure if you are confused but it's Australia, not England, in the comic with Austria. :)
MokkaChan's avatar
Yeah I know it's australia Im saying England hates us. well they dont really. But we are best friends with america.
flamefox324's avatar
Oh, my bad. I mistook your comment in thinking you are confused between England and Australia. Just curious, when did that happened?
MokkaChan's avatar
Iunno Ages ago. But yeah true story.

Also if Australia gets into hetalia He better have like a best friend relationship with America. Only in real life we found out the stuff america said behind our backs.
ALYZZA-the-RAGDOLL's avatar
I'm omygoodness! My little sister is exactly like this! She's so used to hearing Australia that when she tries saying Austria, she goes, "Austr(i)a...lia?"
MotherRussiaLoli's avatar
Im Australian and even i confusse the two sometimes XD
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