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  It was around 7:30 pm and the two Germans were dinning at the table with their usual German cuisine. Germany looked over countless times at the doll, standing on the wooden stool; his nervous and cautious eyes never left for a mere second onto the adorable object as it sat next to Prussia.

  Prussia, unaware of Ludwig's tension, left the table with his plate, walking towards the kitchen. A few minutes later, he returned back to the table, watching both Germany's expression and the motionless panda doll less than a meter away. It was interesting sight. It was like watching those videos where a dog wetted its pants (or should he say tail?) from just looking at a lifeless, mechanical toy, as if the thing were to be possessed by a demon. It was truly priceless.

  It was either that or some 7-year-old kid with a full bladder, making whining noises and mixed expressions while waiting outside the bathroom which was occupied. Don't even ask why Prussia watched those kinds of videos.

  "Chill down West. You can't possibly still be restless by this thing. Nothing even happened since the morning."

  Germany shook his head. "I thought about it but this doesn't make any sense." Prussia looked at him questionably. "Sense? What doesn't make any sense West?"

"Well, for obvious reason, that panda was from China, clearly looking at the 'Made in China' print. Secondly, I have a feeling this could be part of his revenge plan. However, I cannot see how a panda would be involved in this." He palmed his hand on his face, rubbing in frustration.

"I think you're WAY looking into it. I mean, how does a freaking and cute little doll can do anything harmful?" The panda was elevated into the Prussian's arms, emitting a 'myeu myeu'sound while being embraced tightly. Germany could only stare as he watched his older brother going upstairs for a goodnight sleep.

"I hope you're right bruder. I hope you're right." He sighed.


  Night has settled in, leaving the house nothing but silence…. Except for the snoring and 'Ve ve' sound emitted from Germany's room. Prussia was already downstairs in the study room, watching some blooper videos from the HetaTube, trying not to laugh his head off from these idiots.

  Sneering in delight, he shoved some potato chips into his mouth, crunching on it to taste the saltiness and the extreme and awesome potatoness. He kept munching on, unaware and oblivious to his surroundings.


  He stopped when he heard the abrupt sound. He searched around the room, wondering where the sound came from. "West? Is that you?" Unfortunately, no response returned. Gilbert frowned, got up from his chair and followed back to the main hallway.


There it was again. This time the sound came from upstairs. "Must be the dogs," he murmured while climbing up the staircase silently. As soon he arrive the final step, the sound was gone. Scowling bitterly, he tip-toed along the corridor, not wanting to wake up Germany and his 'guest' (which he knew the 'guest' was Italy who sneaked into Germany's room).

  However, as he walked by quietly, he found his three dogs cuddled together in the hallway, hiding under a decorative table. The dogs began to whimper nonstop as Prussia approached to them.

"What's going here? Bliitz, Aster, and Blackie. Why are you guys shaking so much?" The mentioned dogs stood in silence, moving their eyes around nervously. Wanting to calm the dogs, he whispered reassuring words and petted them carefully, which helped them to sooth them.


All eyes shifted down the hall. In the moment of fear, the dogs began to scramble away with great speed, leaving the poor Prussian alone, kneeling down on his knees. "What a bunch of pussy cats," he murmured. Just as he was about to do something, the thumping and creaking noise moved towards him. The unknown intruder made little squeaky sounds from each step it takes.

"Myeu Myeu~"

"What the-"

"Myeu myeu!"

It kept on approaching, hidden from the darkness of the hallways. It reached to the well lighten floor by the moonlight's beam. The unknown prowler blazed its red, beady eyes, narrowing them menacingly as it raised its small chubby, clawed hands above its head; its yellow and sharp teeth exposed, grinning at the Prussian with wickedness.

"Myeu myeu myeu myeu myeu myeu."

Never in Prussia's entire life would he let out the most unmanliest and unawesomest high-pitched scream ever.


  The next morning, Prussia was found lying unconscious on the floor, his red-eyes all whited out with horror and his mouth foaming. Neither Germany nor Italy (in which Germany found out by this morning that the Italian was sleeping in his bed and had to give him a lengthy lecture) had any clue what happened; however, they did find next to the Prussian was the panda doll, standing ever so innocently. When Prussia finally recovered after a few hours, Germany had the slight suspicion that the culprit was the panda; he wasn't sure to confirm his suspicions but he heard those constant words coming from his brother's mouth 'Hüte dich vor dem bösen Pandabär.'

Back to the vast land of the Asian country, China was humming peacefully in his lovely home, sipping on his green tea. Hong Kong was next to his older brother, munching on steaming hot dumplings and fried rice. He eyed nervously at his current guardian, knowing very well that the plan went well.

  China settled down his small teacup. "Looks like you successfully delivered the panda to Prussia's house, aru," he gave out a satisfactory smile to Hong Kong which in response sighed. "I think you went overboard this time. You're even scarier than England."

"He was asking for trouble Hong Kong. I must not let anyone humiliate me that badly. I have my pride you know, aru. People must beware of my supernatural and magical powers. I have quite a lot of experience in conjuring spells, summoning, and curses as well."

"Whatever you say dai-"

"ANIKI~ I just arrived in China and I thought I should give my favourite aniki a quick visit!"

  Both the Chinese nations stood very still, trying to blend in their natural surroundings, afraid to make any movements that would alert the intruder their presence.

"Was that who I think it was?"

"W-w-why is he here aru?! Of all the people who could drop by into my house--"

  His words were cut off when the sliding door went busted by an overly excited and handsome Korean, wearing his casual and cool clothes.

"Aniikiiiii!  I'm here for you~"

"Gah! Get away from me aru!" China scrambled away from his chair before Korea could even launch himself onto him. "Come on aniki! Why are you running away from your true love?"

"Who says I'm in love with you?! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE ARU!" China was desperate to avoid from the Korean's open arms as he ran in circles. He looked at Hong Kong's direction for any sign for help, but it seemed all hope was lost. Hong Kong was entirely amused by the whole loony chasing rather than helping Yao from being hugged… or should he say raped?

  Korea, getting tired from China's 'trying hard to get' game, made a giant leap towards China, much to the unexpected reaction to the poor Chinese man who began to struggle under the clutching arms around his waist area. "I got you aniki," said Korea happily, tightening his grip as he was dragged by China who was hysterically trying to run away. He screamed at the top of his lungs, shouting at his younger nation to stop assaulting him.

  The two nations finally ran out to another room, leaving Hong Kong alone. "It looks like karma has finally caught up with China," said Hong Kong as he shoved another sweet tasting dumpling into his mouth, sneering a little.

Final Chapter of China/Korea humorous fanfic. Enjoy. :D

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In German: Hüte dich vor dem bösen Pandabär = Beware of the Evil Panda
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The fic is really great! I had much fun reading it ^^
But Bambusbär?
I'm German and I never heard someone calling a panda Bambusbär. :)
flamefox324's avatar
Thank you. I'm glad you've enjoyed it.
I wasn't really sure how to translate 'Panda' so I just googled it. I cannot assure you what I've translated into German is 100% so I hope a German speaker would be kindly to correct me. ^^
lilSheena's avatar
No prob ;)
Always glad to help out
feel free to ask if you once again need german words ^-^
By the way Panda or Pandabär is correct ^^
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fffff.. XD Poor, poor little Prussia.. X3 This fic was hilarious. =D