Almighty Prussia's Quest 4

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  Germany threw a dark glare at Gilbert, as if he condemned a highly-ranked criminal action right in front of him. Prussia moved nervously away from him, gesturing his waving of his hands in denial that he had nothing to do with this. The blonde German followed up in front of him as slowly as a prowling panther stalking slowly its prey.

"W-w-woah there West! Listen to me before you're gonna give me a mouthful of words!" Prussia gulped as he watched Germany stopped in his steps and began to relax, though his stern face was still there.

A panda. How did a plush and adorable panda got even here?! He didn't even bought any of them since April Fools two years ago!

"I'll listen. You have a minute to explain yourself! Start now!"

Darn at Germany and his time-limited conversations!

"W-well, you see here, I didn't buy any of those panda dolls from China or Hong Kong. You know very well how our closet got crowded with them so I stopped buying them! I mean, I even didn't order anything from any place at all! Just spare me from your merciless talking!" He threw himself on his knees with the hands clapped together, giving out a pleading cry.

  Witnessing such a pitiful sight of his Eastern side, Germany sighed, rubbing his fingertips against his forehead to try to drain out his anger. "I'm not angry at you. I guess I lost my sense of reasoning when I saw that panda doll." Prussia gave out a sigh of relief as he stood on his two legs.  

"It's just," he paused for a minute to catch his breath. "With all those pandas we had since April Fools, this house has been nothing but bombarded by pandas. If we didn't stop at your constant obsession with them, the pandas will surely invade Germany and rename it Pandabärland!"

"Ah West, that's the most stupid thing I ever heard. Pandas won't name Germany Pandabärland! They don't know any German. I'm surely they'll name it whatever Pandabärland is in Cantonese. Kesesese~" He laughed at this joke even though Germany was gawking at his brother stupidly, not believing that he has any kind of relative relation to this albino nation. After he finished enjoying himself, he went over where the panda plush was lying and picked it from the ground.

"Well, whoever sent this I shall keep it. Don't want to throw away from my secret admirer's gift."

Who said it was from a secret admirer, thought Germany.

"Bruder, are you sure you want to keep it? I somehow don't feel it would be safe with you having it. I just don't know why."  He looked at Prussia in distress.

"Oh, come on West. How bad can it be? I just leave it in my room so it won't bother you so much."

Gilbert went off to his room, leaving his younger brother tensely in the living room.
Now we back to the Germans and the mysterious object! xD Fufufufufu~

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Germand Translations to English: Bruder ------- Brother
Pandabärland -------- Pandaland

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Silly Prussia your going to get owned XD
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He certainly will be. xD