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  It was a nice day at the Germans' residence. Prussia was minding his own business in the living room, moving his fingers along the keyboard while typing furiously. He hasn't been on his blogs for two weeks. For his excuse, Germany had forced him into exercising for the past days. He wasn't actually fond that West scheduled him daily exercises and weird and healthy, high-protein diets with the lack of beer and delicious wurst in it.

  Gilbert bawled hysterically at his younger (yet few centimetres taller brother) why the hell he changed his usual diet of wursts and beer.

"It's for own good bruder. Your lack of proper nutritional foods has greatly affected your own body, including your height. You might as well stick with it."

He had to admit though; he did build up quite big muscles on him, including his manly and awesome upper body. He could feel his chest harder like steel and the muscles on his arms were finer than before (it's not like he was not muscular than before. Of course not! He just gave up on working on his body after WWII but yeah; let's not get into details here.) Ludwig did an amazing work for his development, although nothing has changed on his height.

"Give it some time. It will show some signs," said Germany.

Gilbert shrugged at the thought. He might be cursed for not growing any taller than his brother for not eating properly in the past. Oh well, what can you do?

Not wanting to think anymore, he continued to work on his blog. As he typed on, he could see from the corner of his eye that Germany just passed by behind, cleaning (as usual) around the house.

Seriously, it might be better to get a maid costume for him.... Wait, that doesn't sound right!

Prussia shook his head to get rid the idea of a Germany dressed as a maid with a feather dust.


Both the Germans' heads turned to look down the hallway where the entrance door was located. "I'll get it," murmured Germany as he went for the door. Prussia nodded, going back his attention to the computer screen. A few minutes pass by, and Germany returned with a medium-sized box in his arms. He frowned intensely at the box as he looked at his albino-like brother.

"Bruder. This package is for you"

Prussia swished his head around so fast, his red-eyes locked onto the box.
"For me?! Hell yeah! It seemed someone appreciated how awesome I am! Who is it from?" asked Prussia excitedly.

Germany shook his head. "It's from no one. I don't think it's wise to open this." He placed the box onto the ground, glaring with caution at it. Gilbert made a 'pfft' sound as he waved his hand around, mocking on what the blonde German said as if he heard the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"Come on West! Don't be so stingy. Maybe it's from a secret admirer?" He gave out an obnoxious and arrogant laughter.

  Ludwig looked back at Gilbert as if he was crazy enough. He went back at the box, staring at it before he shoved his hand on his side of his body. He got his Walther P99 from its gun hostler, slowly approached the box as he removed the tape from the lid.

Prussia rolled his eyes but watched in interest. The mask tape was finally off, leaving the top lid loosely closed whatever the box contains. A few seconds passed by. Germany took few deep breaths before he launched a powerful kick at the box, making it flew few meters away, tossing bubble wrappings and cottons all over.

A heavy silence fell in the room. The two Germans blinked curiously as he began to approach to the object that flew out from the box. They both stood there in frozen, seeing what the object really was.

"W-what the hell is this?" Germany exclaimed as he cannot take his eyes from the thing sprawling its four legs, covered nothing but black and white colours featuring a black small nose, two small beady eyes, a small bushy white tail and two small rounded black ears on top of its head.
Summary: Going back to the German's residence, Prussia continues to be awesome as ever. Doing what he usually does best, a sudden doorbell rang and a mysterious delivery came in.

I really don't have to right ALL the information except the summary, right? ^^; It's getting tiring for me to write all that.

Lol at Prussia for thinking a Maid!Germany. xD

:iconchibiprussiaplz::iconsaysplz: W-what the hell are you talking about?! I absolutely rather see that pussy aristocrat as a maid rather looking at my brother like that!

Me: 0__0 What?

:iconchibiprussiaplz::iconsaysplz: Eerrr, I mean... -points- LOOK! THERE'S A PLATEFUL OF SPAGHETTI OVER THERE!

Me: -looks away- Where?! <3

:iconchibiprussiaplz::iconsaysplz: -flees away-

Me: Darn it. >: I was fooled.

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