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  He could hear the “tapping” sound from his Tai Chi shoes as he walked down the hallways of the World Meeting Building Centre. It was lunchtime, and he could feel his stomach growling painfully for food. The poor Chinese rubbed onto his stomach to calm it down.

  “Aiyaaaa!” I’m soo hungry, aru! Thank goodness break time has started. I wonder what should I cook, aru?” China contemplated himself between having Cantonese fried rice or for some delicious Fujian style cuisine.  As he got himself lost into his food thoughts, he heard someone shouting out his name.


  Broken from his thoughts, China looked around for the person who called out his name. That’s strange-aru. Somehow, the unknown voice was slightly familiar to the Chinese man. He hasn’t heard it very often, but he swore he heard of it somewhere.

  The voice again screamed over. “YO! I’M OVER HEEEERE!!!” China saw the figure running up to him. As the man came closer, China could see his short white hair and his red eyes gleaming out. Prussia walked up over the short man, showing his so called “my awesome smile”.

  China blinked blankly at the Prussian. Since when did Prussia come over to the World Meeting? Did Germany know about this? He might as well ask him what he wanted...

  “Prussia? What are you doing here, aru? This is actually the first time I’ve seen you here.” The Chinese frowned suspiciously at him. “You’re not going to something at Austria, are you, aru?”

  “Kesesese. Don’t worry about that! I’m not here to bother that four-eyed, sissy aristocrat.  Actually, I’m here to ask you a very interesting and fun question.”

  China titled his head curiously at the albino man. So Prussia came all the way here to ask a question?

  “Okay Prussia. Just make this quick, aru. I need to make lunch right now,” said China patiently.

  “Gotcha! By the way, I’m just asking you a hypothetical question. Remember that. Just pure hypothetical question so don’t freak out.”

  “A-alright?” China looked at him questionably.

  “Say, if you were in such a terrible crisis and you need to form an alliance with, would you rather go to Russia or Korea for help?”

  China’s eyes grew wide open and gaped.

  “WHAT THE HELL, ARU?! WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?!” China’s screaming made Prussia’s ears bleeding with pain. He clapped his hands tightly onto them, sparing his poor two ears from being deafened.

“Oi! Did I just tell you to not freak out?! You’re making my ears bleed and that’s not really awesome for me,” frowned the Prussian. China took his time to calm himself now, talking back to his normal tone but still maintain his unnerved expression.

  “Of ALL the nations in this world, why does it have to be those two, aru? Can’t it be someone else?” His face looked very unpleasant.

  “And where is the fun in that? That’s why I asked you to ally between those two extremely hard-to-live nations in this scenario. So, who would it be?” The Chinese man was about to say something when Prussia interrupted him. “Remember. This is hypothetical. I doubt anything bad will happen that would force you to ally between one of them.”

  China mumbled something under his breath. Seriously. Russia and Korea?! First of all, Russia is scary. That’s all. Even with his sweet and childlike smile, he still have this psychotic side that everyone knows about it and would shiver whenever his near them and make his “kolkol” face.

  As for Korea.... Sigh. Where could he start? The Korean was simply too energetic and troublesome for the older man. But that’s besides the problem. What the REAL problem is that Korea kept on saying that certain items that were credited to China himself, Japan, or any ASEAN countries claimed it all originated to him. And that’s not all. He also said that HIS “breasts” (breasts?! Seriously?! He’s a man!!) belonged to him and he wanted to xxx with him. There’s no way in hell he could choose between them.

  “Can you ask me later, aru? I need to go to lunch.” He made up an excuse to avoid the question and hopefully the albino man. However, that didn’t seem to work out.

  “No can do. It has to be answered now. And don’t give me any crappy answers to avoid the question. I’ll keep bugging ya till you’ll go insane.” China never knew Prussia could be so forceful and annoying at the same time.

  Frustrated as he was, his cheeks puffed up furiously as China made up his mind on which he should choose. Russia or Korea? Ivan or Im Yong Soo?  The scary and the psychotic one or his molesting younger brother? His mind became nothing but a jumble of thoughts and doubts, circling the poor Asian into his confusion.

  “What’s with the delay? I don’t have much free time, you know? (Though that last line is sort of a lie).”

  “Aiyaaaa! Don’t be SO impatient, aru!” China growled irritably at Prussia before he could sigh in resignation. “If you must know, I guess.... I’ll choose,” his voice lowered into murmur, “Korea.”

  “HAAAAAA?! Korea?! How come?!” Prussia’s obnoxious loud shouting did not helped to keep China’s secrecy.

  “Shut it, you fool!” His hand locked swiftly onto the former country’s mouth. His dazzled brown eyes shifted nervously down the hallways, inspecting if anyone had just heard what they were discussing. He slowly retreated his hand, “J-just to let you know, this is just a-a hypothetical answer! Just like you said! Such events that would happen to make me to ally between those two are quite impossible! I’m just saying, even if Korea is a despicable and annoying child, I-I guess he can be good sometimes.” He could feel his cheeks blushing heatedly against his skin. He tried his best to hide it behind his long red sleeve.

   “S-so... Is that all? Can I go aru?”

  “Huh.. Oh right! Yup! You’re free to go now!”

  China was already rushing down to the cafeteria, leaving Prussia standing up straight with his hands placed on his hips, a smile stretched as a sign of triumph.

“You can come out now.” He turned his body towards the monstrous-sized pot, sitting near to the wall.

  “Is it safe now? Are you sure he’s gone?” The unknown voice echoed inside the emptiness of the vast container with uncertainty.   

  “Yup. He’s completely gone now. He already left to make some lunch.”

  “Alriiiiiight!” To the Prussian’s unexpected surprise, a blur of dark figure jumped out from the vase’s opening and landed on his fours, right in front of his face. The intruder slowly gained his posture, dusting off the dirt off his Hanbok with his long, white sleeves. After he finished with his little clean-up, he gazed at the Prussian, grinning up with his child yet dazzling smile. Right next to his face, his ahoge danced with excitements, showing his emotions and his... ‘seoul’?

  “Aniki won’t know about this, right? He won’t know it was me who asked you about the question, right?” An expression of concern covered on the Korean’s face. A hand was waiving in front of him, watching Prussia getting amused by every second of it.

  “Don’t worry. This will be confidential, like I said kiddo. I’ll just say an unknown sender requested about it. And for that, I’ll expect my awesome blog to be a success in return!”

“Heh. I think that your blog has already made awesome progresses so far.” He could see Prussia’s ego filling up like an air balloon through his flattery comments.

“Kesese! Of course! That’s what you expect from an awesome country like me!”

“Haha. Indeed. I have to go now. Don’t want anyone suspect anything about this meeting. I’m looking forward to see your blog!” With that, Korea skipped away, whistling and talking about certain things that were originated from him.

The next day. In Prussia’s blog.

Prussia: Yo everyone! Wazzup?! Me, the most awesome and ever kick-ass country in the world, got requested from an unknown sender to ask China a very interesting question? Fufufu~ Let’s say I asked him whether he should choose Korea or Russia.

Prussia: And guess what?! He chose Korea!!!!

Prussia: Whaaa? Don’t believe me. Then I shall upload a little audio file that I recorded during our conversation.


Prussia: TADAAAAA! DAMN! I’m SO fucking awesome!!!  Hail to me bitches!        (ノ^_^)ノ    

Germany: B-bruder... Was China ever aware of the recording?

Prussia: Yo West~ And no. He wasn’t aware of it. Kesesese~

Germany: That’s illegal! You shouldn’t trick people into such things!

Italy: Prusssiaaaaa~ Germany~ (=▽=)~ I can’t imagine China would choose Korea... Although, Russia scares me.  (゚Д゚)!! Must have been EXTREMELY hard for you to convince China. I would never succeed to do that. (=w=)

Prussia: ITA-CHAN!! Of course! I used all my strength to be able to extract the information!  

Germany: -sighs- Stop lying, Big brother. ( ̄へ ̄)

Prussia: Oi! Don’t ruin my moment into telling Ita-chan my awesome story West!!!

Japan: Japan here.

Italy: Nihon!! ^-^ Ciao!

Germany: Japan? In Prussia’s blog? What’s going on here? By the way... Why are you here Japan.

Japan: Konichiwa Germany, Italy, and Prussia. I have just heard this news about China choosing Korea over Russia so I want to verify the information if it’s false. However... I’m shocked to see the truth.

Prussia: HOORAAAY! A NEW VISITOR!! My blog must have been getting awesomer by every minute!

Germany: Stop that brother... (T_T) You’re embarrassing yourself (actually, more myself.)

Prussia: Bah! Stop being a buzz-killer West!

China: W-W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL ARU?!?!!?

Italy: Oh? o(^o^)o China’s here. Ciao China!


Germany: You see brother? (>_>) Told you it’s not nice to do such things.

Prussia: Oh hush West! And to China, I DID say that I won’t talk about it but what I didn’t say that I won’t type about it!


Japan: Ah China. Congratulations.

China: W-what? Japan? Why am I being congratulated?

Japan: I hope you and Korea will live happy lives together. I shall let the others know about this. Gotta go now.

China: Noooooooooooooooooo!!! JAPAN!!!

Italy: Bye Japan! (^w^)

Germany: Bye.

China: Aiyaaaaaaa. m(;^;)m

Russia: Nfufu. (=^.^=) Ivan here.

Prussia: Oh shit.

Russia: Awww. I would never think China would choose Korea over me. And I thought China would become one with me (like the others, kolkolkol). Oh well.... At least I’ve got the three Baltic with me to entertain. (^.^) Gyuhu <3

Germany: I feel a sudden discomfort right now....

China:........ I’m off aru.

Prussia: Y-yea... Enough fun today... Awesome Prussia is signing off.


Narrator:  And thanks to Korea’s request, Prussia’s blog got so many pageviews that its awesomeness was impossible to be calculated due to the extreme kick-ass skills of the Great and Almighty Prussia.

Title: Almighty Prussia's Quest
Author: :iconflamefox324:
Chapter: Chp. 1 - Prussia Awesome Mission!
Rating: At least PG-13
Warning: very LOW minor sexual content and curses
Characters: Korea China Prussia Germant Italy Russia Japan

Summary: Prussia is on a mission to ask a question to China. When he told him what he wanted to ask, the Chinese man gaped his mouth in disbelief.

Extreme hilarity and wtf moments on China and Prussia conversation about who he should choose.


Dai-guo : older brother (in Mandarin)

Chapter 1: here
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Chapter 5: [link]

© 2009 - 2021 flamefox324
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Gilbo... ILU ;v;
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You have to owe yourself to the awesome Ore-sama. xD

Prussia: Damn straight! -triumph-
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Prussia: Huh? Really?! Awesome!
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:iconblushingplz: *vital regions are seized*
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Oh. Dear. God. xD

Prussia: Our next mission: seizing that sissy aristocrat's vital regions! >8D
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:iconaustriaplz::iconsaysplz: W-whut?
:iconhungaryrapefaceplz::iconsaysplz: LEAVE HIM ALONE... *hits Prussia with a frying pan*
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Purssia: Dammit! -gets hit by the frying pan and knocked out-
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Prussia who can whoop anyone asses with his awesome skills. <3

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