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APH: Genderbend Spain WIP

Preview of female version of Spain from this design here by Himaruya: [link]

Pretty femme!Spain is pretty. oAo
I will not work on it till end of April. Just I did this because I first wanted to draw a matador Spain but ended with this. I thought I would lose my inspiration by now. ^^;

xD Pretty good, no? It's been awhile since I drew something so my drawing skills are getting a bit rusty.

Problem is I'm not good at drawing breasts and clothes. D8 *sulks* Must find good references.

EDIT: I fixed the breasts and the top of the dress. Now to fix with the whole dress. ^^;

Current Update: I need tips/help on how to draw the dress! D: I can either do a half body preview like the one I'm posting or a full body one. The problem is I can't draw clothes, especially dresses. Dx<

Here's the full view: [link]

I think instead of a dress, I should put just a blouse and a skirt? Yet again, I can't draw them either. ;-;!! I hate myself! What do you think?

Spain (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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Lol! Unfortunate toolbar placement makes it "pain as female." Lol, but anyway very pretty.
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Yeah. ^^; Sorry about that. I didn't realize it after I posted this On DA. OTL