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Last Goodbye: So I cleared out all of my art, got rid of my left over points, and deactivated my groups. On the last day of this month I am deactivating this account and never returning to DA. It was okay in the beginning, but became un-enjoyable fo
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I honestly have no reason to write this and can just leave DA, but I am going to anyway. I've been on this sight for years ever since I was younger. It was the first art site I found, that I joined with my friends, made friends on, ect. And I honestly would consider staying if it wasn't for this update which is just horrible. But this was just the last straw to do it for me. I am gonna leave DA and never come back to it. I may change my mind in the future but I highly doubt that. I have no reason to be on here. No one interacts with me and my art gets little to no feedback or interest. And I have no interest in fandom stuff anymore or anything related. Honestly this site just makes my mood worse and there is no reason to be on here. It is part to why I have no motivation to draw on here anymore. So I am gonna leave this up for the rest of the month. On the last week I will take down all my art and deactivate my page. I appreciate all the people who did follow me and actually liked
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I'm honestly debating starting over on here again. I rarely do art anymore or interact with anyone and I can never get my page to be how I want it to be. But I do not want to start all over again with all the work I have put into this page, but I'm a...
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