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And you can't stop me by zarla And you can't stop me :iconzarla:zarla 1,755 231 i beg this of you by zarla i beg this of you :iconzarla:zarla 1,583 125 Not found in game by zarla Not found in game :iconzarla:zarla 904 56 .~Peachette stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess .~Peachette stamp~. :iconthepinkmarioprincess:ThePinkMarioPrincess 39 0 Fuse News by SnekWoman Fuse News :iconsnekwoman:SnekWoman 29 5 Watching you by Daycolors Watching you :icondaycolors:Daycolors 252 4 Forgiveness Is Optional (season8 finale spoiler) by thegreatrouge Forgiveness Is Optional (season8 finale spoiler) :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 353 27 Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 33 by TamarinFrog Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 33 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 229 81 Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 32 by TamarinFrog Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 32 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 358 102 Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 31 by TamarinFrog Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 31 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 390 126 Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 28 by TamarinFrog Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 28 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 412 70 Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 27 by TamarinFrog Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 27 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 457 110 Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 26 by TamarinFrog Final Match! Splat Jam VS Toxink - Page 26 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 466 232 Libra in some casual clothing by JewelManDLN-069 Libra in some casual clothing :iconjewelmandln-069:JewelManDLN-069 3 2 Virgo is my beloved OC by JewelManDLN-069 Virgo is my beloved OC :iconjewelmandln-069:JewelManDLN-069 3 2 Blackberry Cookie - OvenBeats Music Video Artwork by EezySeven Blackberry Cookie - OvenBeats Music Video Artwork :iconeezyseven:EezySeven 24 3



Flamebearrel's Profile Picture
Kris Rosier
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Come one, come all! Welcome to my profile! My name is Kris Rosier (whether that’s short for anything or not, you’ll never know), but most just call me Kris! You might also know me as Flamebearrel. I’m a 15-year-old girl who’s an aspiring artist, writer, musician and gamer. I hope to one day create something big, a story or game or series of some sort, that will inspire many people. But until then, I’ll be here, planning and practicing with fan works and chilling with lots of friends along the way.~

~G E N E R A L I N F O~

•15 years old
•Born January 19
•Lives in California, USA
•Long-time Nintendo fan
•I try to be as friendly and respectful of opinions as possible!
•I’m usually kid-friendly and don’t curse.

~I ’ M A F A N O F . . .~

•Super Smash Bros.
•Mega Man
•Super Mario
•Sanders Sides
•Minecraft: Story Mode
•Tadpole Treble
•Steven Universe
•Warriors Cats
•Doki Doki Literature Club!
•Five Nights at Freddy’s
•My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

•Spirit Animals
•Animator vs. Animation
•Kid Icarus
•The Amazing World of Gumball
•The Pals

•Gravity Falls
•Hello Neighbor
•Adventure Time

And the list only grows with time…

~M Y C H A R A C T E R S~

As a very creative person, I definitely have lots of creations. I’ve got a bunch of original and fan characters that can be checked out at this link:

~W H E R E I ‘ M A T~

You can also find me on...
And Amino!
Pretty much everything uses the name “Flamebearrel”.

Finally, I’ve got my 3DS Friend Code here. I can’t play that often, but just let me know and I’ll add you! The code is 4957-5658-8787.

~S T A M P C O L L E C T I O N~


Favorite characters - 158 - Totodile by Kyu-Dan 404 - Luxio by Kyu-Dan 184 - Azumarill by Kyu-Dan 181 - Ampharos by Kyu-Dan 492 - Shaymin by Kyu-Dan Villager (Classic) Smash 4 Stamp by TheTrueMarkyboy pit stamp by zanui numero uno by skystamps Matt - Stamp by Tamara-637 bookmark by skystamps Hellucard 2 - Stamp by TamaraC-Other sad yeehaw by skystamps Blues by MikubaStamp Rockman classic stamp by Cthulhu432 starman stamp by 3DSupermario Fireman Stamp 1 by NejiShadow Magnetman by MikubaStamp Lemmy Koopa Stamp by WebbiSnekki Bowser Jr. Stamp by Misses-Weasley [035] Toadette Stamp by rukia-stamps Starlow Stamp by KiKiD484 Prince Dreambert by Marlenesstamps Applejack Stamp by TheMoonRaven Pinkie Pie Stamp by TheMoonRaven Princess Celestia by Marlenesstamps Cheese Sandwich by Marlenesstamps Steven Universe - Pearl Stamp by Shadeila steven quartz universe stamp by catstam Holly Blue Agate stamp by snap-adopts Stevonnie Stamp 2 by TheMoonRaven Rutile Twins Stamp by TheMoonRaven thomas sanders stamp by briqht-star King dedede Stamp by HoshiiNoMaki [Prince Fluff] .:STAMP:. Bandana Waddle Dee Fan by C4RR13KRU3G3R Toy Freddy Stamp by MinoPastel Spring Bonnie Fan Stamp by FanDusk64 . Pepper Clark STAMP . by xBlueBear . Sunil Nevla STAMP . by xBlueBear . Russell Ferguson STAMP . by xBlueBear Manolo Sanchez Fan by Jocy-Chick Joaquin Mondragon Fan by Jocy-Chick Lukas fan stamp by StampsMCSM Olivia fan stamp by StampsMCSM Gabriel fan stamp by StampsMCSM Aiden fan stamp by StampsMCSM StampyCat fan stamp by StampsMCSM Radar Fan Stamp by StampsMCSM Vos Fan Stamp by StampsMCSM Warden by StampsMCSM UT: Sans Fan Stamp by Reykholtz [Asgore] Undyne by galaxyhorses I Love So Sorry Undertale Stamp by LycanTrin Handplates Gaster Fan Stamp by SageOfTheStars stamp :: toon link by kinies Bea stamp by Stamp-Master Demencia 01 by galaxyhorses Wander 03 by galaxyhorses [Commander Peepers] 052 by wnho 051 by wnho 049 by wnho logan sanders stamp - f2u by SquashyMoon Cuphead - Werner Werman Stamp by AnguishedEnglish Cuphead - Djimmi the Great Stamp by AnguishedEnglish [Larry Needlemeyer] Teri Fan Stamp by Jailboticus 039 by mapleshaded [Stamp] Sunburst by Tambelon Chrysalis Stamp by Tambelon 041 by mapleshaded Sparkling Cookie Stamp by megumar Mustard Cookie Stamp by megumar Yoga Cookie Stamp by megumar Mint Choco Cookie Stamp by megumar Cream Puff Cookie Stamp by megumar Chat Noir Stamp by sei-chizu Miraculous Ladybug stamp by migueruchan ML: Alya Stamp by SmartasticalArt [Nino] [Nathaniel]

Ships and BrOTPs - Lukas X Petra stamp by StampsMCSM Olivia X Lukas stamp by StampsMCSM Tom x Edd Stamp by kayaqi 055 (captain celaeno/capper) by mapleshaded [Analogical] [Logince] Miraculous Pairs - Which One Is Your Fav? by endler [SparklingMint]


Eclair Cookie


PET: Strudel Stork

DESCRIPTION: This nervous mailman works very hard to keep up a good record. Though his clumsiness can get in the way, he has been recognized for his diligence. Eclair Cookie was gifted the winged shoes of a messenger of legend to help him with harder deliveries, but he doesn’t find them very useful now that he’s dealing with stressful, magical packages.

ABILITY: Delivery Spree - The wings on Eclair’s shoes grow in size and start flying, turning him upside down and sending letters everywhere. Slide to have him toss a letter at the nearest obstacle, getting rid of said obstacle and giving back a bunch of coins. The amount of coins multiplies depending on how many you hit.

New: “I’ve got a package with your name on it.”
•”This one’s got a real long way to go.”
•”Don’t put wings on shoes...”
•”This’ll need a stamp.”
•”Is this your package?”
•”Where did she go now??”
•”I hope there’s no dogs nearby.”
•”Sorry, don’t deliver babies.”
•”Wish I was any good at flying...”
•”No package left undelivered!”
•”Come back and take your package!”
•”I’ll mail you some defeat!”
•”Sorry, but this is yours!”
•”Your delivery has arrived!”
Exhausted: “That was the last one...”
Raspberry Cookie


PET: Poptart Portrait

DESCRIPTION: Revenge was served to this cookie in the form of a cursed package. Not wanting to be on the receiving end, Raspberry Cookie took a little vacation from her home address. Now she tours the world with nothing but her trusty camera and a smile! Her goal is to see as much of the world as she can- and refuse any packages sent in her name.

ABILITY: Snapshot - Raspberry takes a picture, which freezes all obstacles and moving jellies. The corners of the screen grow fuzzily black. Things start moving slowly when she starts shaking the camera, and a burst of Picture Jellies appears in the middle of the screen as everything speeds back up to normal.

New: “Why sit around? There’s more exploring to do!”
•“This one’s going in the scrapbook!”
•”Everybody say cheese!”
•”Who writes return addresses anymore?”
•”One postcard, please.”
•”I haven’t been home in ages!”
•”My pictures of home help me remember.”
•”One day I’ll visit the oven...”
•”What a beautiful sight!”
•”Tell the mailman I’m not here...”
•”Can we take pics after this?”
•”I’ll run anywhere but home!”
•”Wait, where are we going?”
•”Come explore with me!”
Exhausted: “Book a hotel...”
I couldn’t resist making Cookie Run OCs—

These are Raspberry Cookie and Eclair Cookie! They’re based on a tourist/photographer and mailman respectively~ I’ll upload their ref sheets later~~
Snake on the Floor...
My sister asked me to draw a few people for her and I drew Baldi, Muscle Cookie’s broccoli costume, and her main in Brawl

That quote is an inside joke—
Hey guys.

You know the character Hellucard, from Eddsworld? The one that is always like "ey Hed!"

I'm here to talk about his voice actor and the things that have been going on for quite a while. Keep in mind, his character did nothing wrong and this should not change your views on him (the character).

(Trigger warning up ahead, pedo-ish stuff)

(Just gonna copy-paste this from my original comment on Google+ huehuehue-)

"Okay so

Man geez I wish it wasn't this way

Real life Hellucard - Dominic Charbonneau - used to have an account on DeviantArt called MrHellucard around 2015-early 2016. And he... was a creep. He would message girls who liked the show, requesting them to draw his character, and they would. Then he'd keep talking to them, 'roleplaying' in the notes (which are private messages), until the point that he asked a girl about her underwear. Keep in mind, these are MINORS.

I've got some links about it:… (read the description)…

People got together and talked about it, and eventually got him to delete the MrHellucard account.

Ever see discourse over liking Hellucard's character? That's probably why.

I heard about this months ago, a long time after the account was deleted and decided to ignore it, drawing a VERY LARGE line between the character and voice actor because I felt guilty about liking the character, even though they were barely alike. I barely thought about it later on.

But then, a few months ago, an account by the name of 'ELTheodore' noted me, asking for a request of Hellucard.

Immediately I had my suspicions. I looked into it, and I saw several signs, such as him being from Canada, asking for Hellucard drawings in the first place, and stuff like that. I agreed to do the drawing, (because I already had drawings in mind) though suspicious, and he only really talked to me whenever I drew the character. Luckily he didn't make any moves, or nothing worse than this (see the picture) because whenever he did stuff like that I'd stop responding to the thread.

I'm bringing this up because just half an hour ago, I got confirmation that was the real Dominic. Apparently he was back at it again, messaging other people.…

He's deleted the ELTheodore account as well, but this means he's still out there, and all the fans of the character have to feel bad because what the voice actor did put a horrible stigma on the character's existence."

This is an actual thing, which means that he's still dangerous and he's still out there, and I'd like to spread awareness. He seems to be focusing on female Eddsworld fanartists, especially those who enjoy drawing his character. Please be careful!

I also have the data for every single time we conversed, which I don't know if it would be that helpful but what can ya do-

Here's the link to the original post.… Stay safe! There's more people like this out there, just not as easy to expose cause they're not usually part of webtoons!

The Deal with Hellucard by Flamebearrel


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