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Check out my Carrd! It's got a better overview of what to expect than just this bio-

Hey, and welcome to my profile! I’m Flamebearrel, or Kris Rosier, an artist, student, gamer and overall friendly person. :D


  • 17 years old - Born January 19

  • Female - She/Her

  • Lives in California, USA

  • Long-time Nintendo fan

  • Enjoys cartoons and video games

  • Catholic

  • LGBTQ+ Ally

  • Questioning

  • Pianist

  • A friend :>


I’m interested in a whole bunch of things! Here’s a bunch of my favorites from more recently!

  • Super Smash Bros.

  • Mega Man

  • Kid Icarus

  • Kirby

  • EarthBound

  • Cookie Run

  • Minecraft: Story Mode

  • Steven Universe

  • Animator vs. Animation

  • BFDI

  • Eddsworld

  • Doki Doki Literature Club!

  • Sanders Sides

  • Tadpole Treble

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s

  • Miraculous Ladybug

  • Undertale

  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

  • Spirit Animals

  • Gourmet Hound

  • Carmen Sandiego

  • Aggretsuko

Here’s a few smaller or older things that I like!

  • Warriors Cats

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Littlest Pet Shop

  • Challenge of the Spooky Isles

  • Drawn to Life

  • Frozen

  • Super Mario

  • Minecraft

  • Sanrio

  • Neopets

  • The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Fire Emblem

  • Punch-Out!!

Typically, I have different “phases” when I focus on one or two fandoms for a while. These can last from for a few months at the least, and sometimes I return to old ones if there’s new stuff coming out :0


  • DEVIANTART - :iconflamebearrel:

  • OLD ACCOUNT - :iconkris-and-totodie: (For art from early 2016 or before, gross :,D)

Besides DA, You can find me in a lot of different places with the username “Flamebearrel”! Here are all the ones I can think of!

In addition to that, here are my codes for my 3DS and Switch! Please let me know if you’re adding me so I can add you back!!

  • 3DS CODE: 4957-5658-8787

  • SWITCH CODE: 4881-5542-5705


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That should be everything! Thanks for reading this far, and welcome to my profile!! owob

Favourite Movies
The Book of Life, Wreck-it Ralph, Frozen, Steven Universe: The Movie
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, My Little Pony, Pokémon, Eddsworld, BFDI
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Plumb, Imagine Dragons, Mother Mother, DoddleOddle, Lemon Demon
Favourite Books
Spirit Animals
Favourite Games
Super Smash Bros., Mega Man, Pokémon, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus, EarthBound, Minecraft, Plants vs. Zombies, Tadpole Treble
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, DS, Switch
Other Interests
Piano, Writing, Singing, Voice Acting, Swimming
Does the app not let you upload to scraps anymore...? :
Just updated the app and... oh my goodness EVERYTHING is different Will it still crash whenever I go to my own page? We’ll have to see
Hey guuuuyyyys, I'm gonna be uploading batches of stuff over the next few days (including a redirect to an animatic pleaseplease watch it) :DD So keep an eye out!! I'm also reformatting things on here to fit Eclipse, it looks like original DA is off

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