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This is from the newest Pokemon episode that aired in Japan today! Chili visit's Cilan and they have a battle and well, I'm not gonna tell u the rest. ;)
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How bout "Y'all might if i T-POSE?!"
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Pikachu Learned SolarBeam!
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:iconspongebobplz: photosynthesis, photosynthesis
HoneyRoastedNuts's avatar
Photosynthesis, photosynthesis
Simply-Prussia's avatar
So now they'll all turn into Snivys and roam around Unova right?
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I thought when Ash and Iris let their pokemon do this, I was going to simply blow my mind for Solarbeam.
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Oh and neither Axew or Pikachu is able to be taught Solarbeam. But then again, it's the anime.....
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Did that at school, people thought I was weird, but It was worth it!
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photosynthesis... ahhhh-ahh-hhaaaaahhhh, photosynthesys...ahh-ahhhhh-haaaaahhhh, haaaahhhh..... aaahhh love thatt song lol reminds me of it
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This reminds me of that one spongebob episode where he lays on the ground and just says, "Photosynthesis, Photosynthesis!" while spreading his arms and legs... classic...
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That's where I got the inspiration for this poster
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To be fair, one of them is actually a plant.
Flame-Lampent's avatar
Yes and he shall turn the rest of them into plants >:3
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How? By using spores? I mean that's how fungus/mushrooms get around. But those don't photosynthesize, hmmm. A puzzle.
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That's everything but not a battle...
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Lol I love this picture. I drew a picture just like this with the same joke one time except it was with N.
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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ...Ahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha!
I laughed at the picture, read the caption, and then laughed again.
CreateInspiration's avatar
"IKR"? ...OOooOoOoOOo~ I know right, haha, I'm a bit slow. But yes! I do know! X3
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it kinda looks like yoga
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