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Star Wars The Clone Wars S7  In victory and Death


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Star Wars The Clone Wars S7  In victory and Death


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30 Last Seed 4E 201 James looked over the door once more and let out a sigh. “Okay,” He muttered to himself. “it’s clearly another puzzle. Just need to figure it out.” It was a circular stone door, very much unlike any of the others he encountered in his delve into Bleak Falls Barrow. In the center was a metal cylinder with three indentations near the top edge and a gilded design on it, a kind of trident shape with the three “prongs” leading into the indentations. Above that were three concentric semicircles, each with a circular metal animal icon stamped into their centers in a straight line with each other. The cylinder was interesting enough, clearly meant for a key or handle even, but it was something about the animal icons that triggered something in his memory, something recent. Specifically, it was the bear icons in particular that caught his eye, they seemed fairly familiar. ‘The golden claw!’ James thought to himself as he quickly began to dig out of his pack the curio he had


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Ghost Sea Raffle 3/1: Moonsinger Rising

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Star Wars The Clone Wars S7  In victory and Death

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